Demi Lovato opens up about overdose in new docu-series

The singer shares new details about her nearly fatal overdose and her struggle with an eating disorder.
5:45 | 03/23/21

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Transcript for Demi Lovato opens up about overdose in new docu-series
I wanna bring Yale University psychiatry fellow doctor Amanda Calhoun for more on this tactic Calhoun thanks for being here we heard there. Demi reveals a lot about her drug overdose in this new documentaries so what can lead to that kind of substance abuse other things that. We can look out for particularly when it comes to a young woman in the public eye. Yeah guys are having me Diane. Great to CEO you know we think about substance use disorders and you know I honestly psychiatric disorders. Chronic stress and pressure exacerbates those disorders and so you know when you have someone who's under a lot of pressure on a lot of straps so for example steam. Imagine celebrities status. And that's going to increase your risk of developing. Psychiatric illnesses and mental health problems and you know we see dad and not just substance use disorders but it can happen. But in the form and eating disorders. It happened in the form of depressive disorders. And so I. Latin as far as things look out for I would definitely say you have an individual's under a lot of pressure that is really not feeling a sense of control. I would be concerned about an individual potentially struggling for mental health issues. This is not server Demi talking about the pressure that she face around. Body image and eating which I imagine for someone in the public guy is is even harder but I think it's something so many people particularly women. Can relate to what contributes to that and how much of that you think. It's contributed to by the images that we CEO of women in pop culture. Yeah that's a great question and you know it's trended to decides to plane I was actually recently published a paper about the impact. Celebrities. Disclosing. Come their struggles of mental illness. And actually if it's done in a way that you know is really kind of talking about their vulnerabilities like Demi has done. We'd actually is seen a lot of the TD comfort matzo. Basically you have a celebrity you look up to who basically reveals you know I been struggling with depression I've been struggling with the eating disorder. Should lead to people sometimes seeking help for those. For those conditions. Now on the other side of things that you talk about body image and women in society. You know that you she annexed. We we don't live in at that he'll need a where people live in societies and in cold servers and in this current culture that we live in America. There's this game is ideal I mean the classic example is thinking about somebody like a Maryland Munro who. You don't really wouldn't be thinned by today's standards but back. Demos really consider the ideals we seen. Model celebrities they have been getting thinner over time and so you know we've done some research and looked into that. Girls who look at images of celebrities who are very stand. And respond positively to those images tend to have lower. Self esteem and lower body image. Probably because they realize that that then this ideal is not an ideal that many women can average T and definitely. Probably can't it she even healthy way and so when you think about the impact. You don't even little girls and elementary school looking. You know what they are supposed to aspire to be liked and knowing you can never really reach that I deal. It can lead to a lot of over unseat eight years. Now we also heard that Demi had a whole team of people around her trying to work to keepers over into keeper healthy. And yet they still happens errors so. If you have someone in your life that you're concerned about either because of the substance issue or because of it eating disorder or any other mental health issue. What's the right thing you do how do you help that person. So I think that you know it does vary widely depending on on the illness I wouldn't say back. Reducing stress would be the would be nothing that would be wonderful and really thing he about the impact. Com you know that really thing about the impact on us this idea on that person and also thinking about the root of the issue and so. We talk about eating disorders. Struggling it you know striving to be then maybe part of day. But it man beat a whole story you know the person may be struggling from trauma the person may be struggling from feeling like it here legally control their life and so. I would really honestly say getting the person connected to that there are open to it. I'm dear appeal bond seeing a psychiatrist. You really need someone who's trained in this work meaning and mental illness and substance used in eating disorders. To really help you because family and friends and a team RC berm Orton and support networks are incredibly important. But there are certain things that your family your friends might do. Tim May Day. Talking about you know a solid. Talking about food it really talking about calories and restricting what they eat is really not a good idea. And oftentimes you know people made maybe do certain things trying to help the and to regulate their eating behaviors and so. It is really helps to have been connected with the psychiatrist. Who knows all these triggering statements and concepts in days and will be able to steer that he should they or their family and support system away from things. That may be triggering to the purse and that there be alien friends just might not be aware. Now sometimes we mean the best it doesn't always come out that way doctor Amanda Calhoun thank you so much we appreciate your time today. They he's a much anatomy Dianne it's our pleasure.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"The singer shares new details about her nearly fatal overdose and her struggle with an eating disorder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"76633497","title":"Demi Lovato opens up about overdose in new docu-series ","url":"/Entertainment/video/demi-lovato-opens-overdose-docu-series-76633497"}