One-on-One With 'Dig' Star David Costabile

Former "Breaking Bad" star David Costabile talks new show, new projects.
7:39 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for One-on-One With 'Dig' Star David Costabile
A woman just back. This time tomorrow. The other two. He liabilities to be. Heavier boyfriend. Anyone who is laid eyes on apple. That a very dramatic scene from the on the USA network conspiracy thriller the agents a special ten part series. And today we're lucky enough to have what the stars of the show from that clip that we just saw right there in the studio with us David constable went for stopping by today things went congratulations on the new show deal. I mean is it Yemen busy enough you've got you've got now of this at this prison it's been it was quite it was quite a soldier in the we went through to me telling you tell me illiterate has billing and tell me about this because of that being a cult leader I imagine does not affect. It is not a character that often can't usually get to my members to let it had you're right I don't expect to hear an election ballot could have that unless we. Well when that helping. At Kansas and it went in Minnesota. No so lightly I've ironic hopes and where we are all in Mexico. And part of what's revealed in the show is that. They are one aspect of this larger conspiracy. Two. Try to bring about it tackles. So when you come occur he sees script like this week is that seems. Who will you mentioned in those terms that's at the cheating put a very accurate description on this inflicted it seem a little far fetched though because obviously you wanna be believable to your audience I mean when you start doing the research and when you start looking into what's happening in our country. Because you know so much of the story while it is fictionalized. Is based in reality they are. Very many deeper. Truths and lots of facts about what is happening in our country is there a thought as good as anything that you based the south of the choose that that you've been basing your character on the Yemen is it that the writers and and I had long discussions about. Who they had in mind but it isn't it is not one person or one thing or one group OK but it is a larger. Sort of field. And there are many people who who believe and practice this. Particular kind gospel Christian he. It is in the hope that that's the apocalypse will come now did you like it now right today tomorrow like percent of Nevada do you do as a preface I mean obviously we're occur. Lark or for how much research you've listened trying to really do the conveyed the old there's a lot out there yeah. And there's a lot of Reading them a lot of the new materials this incredible documentaries about. How people live moves moisturizing. I mean that it's happening. And that that I think the biggest surprise is the connection between evangelical Christians in America and ultra right. Jews in Israel and the amount. Monitor support that goes to them. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars they're trying to help people create settlements and later. Speaking at this is not shot on set this is actually shot in Jerusalem time we shut the pilot in Jerusalem OK then on the working. And then we sort of two camps to different parts the world someone to Croatia and then we shot in Mexico. And Canada so we went all over the world and it's going to be amazing and as a certain amount of. I don't see believability but it bit but it just adds that real bonus to each scene that government is definitely fields that the depth of place understanding and and you know when you look act when you're walking all just down the streets in Jerusalem and you see. There's an excavation right there and they'll say well that's the Roman road so the Roman road which is twelve feet below where you're standing just looking. Hall is necessary. As it gets lost here in the United States that we we don't have that kind of and it was easier for me then because I was that until that I was shooting was primarily and New Mexico so. We were substituting. The Mexican desert in four or those that did see desert for the Mexican desert which was actually quite Patrick. As much offset the events that happened and abuse is that real knowledge much hotter and couldn't literally feel the your eyeballs drying. In New Mexico no and that 00 and and that gets it was a 115. By 9 AM. One day. To its top that that that's Malia and that's and I don't kill people say whether it's dry it's. That's just hot tea and red headed popular live in those ears that's outlets dry yeah now 115. Is as dry incredible uncomfortable regardless they were you put it. So whether it's going to be it's tad weather's going to be the wire whether it's going to be breaking that what is it about some of these characters that just seems so out of the box that appeals to you. You know it's it's your country for this this cliche it's true before but. But it's the right but you're you're attracted to reading your attracted to people who are writing characters that. I have or at cross purposes with themselves for what with the world they want certain things but did it isn't just. You know I've played I've played many villains but it also played many non villains. You want something that isn't right on the nose that isn't so predictable that you look at it and be able to. Put it on the shelf like that's a bad guy. And in this one you're like who is this guy what what's he doing he's doing some pretty nefarious things but he is also. Deeply dedicated to his religious belief he has a deep. Well for trying to achieve this particular goal. And you want it to end and he's convinced lots of people to join this cult which is. At cross purposes with living. Unless that the life that you want to achieve is the life and have an after and that's that's that. It to heart it's a higher bar to inspired me. Very very complex very complex and in the meantime though in the downtown you have to be watching bitter cost all right or suspected. And that's where it's half way is there. It's a fantastic show. Well what would do whatever your thoughts and I mean. I mean to me it's Lakewood what that might hear part of it is it's like it's sort of like we can all come down now after. Having gone through the and what you know literally and ready to psychotic it's not so terrible thing isn't it awfully. But you do get you'll get a little taste hear and narrow like Ono Bono. Ready but then it'll just eased off. That's a great ease it's sort of like snuggling into a couple captures just. Was academics. It was so Sosa before you two company in New Mexico than what's next what's where what's ahead for you. I'm going to be doing television series of billions which is on showtime. And it'll shoot you with poaching money dunes. And within influences inscrutable right hand man. I guess where little suits. Very mobile it was important that in the meantime we'll check US and dig at USA network did constable like that much atop my pre K program.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Former \"Breaking Bad\" star David Costabile talks new show, new projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"30069469","title":"One-on-One With 'Dig' Star David Costabile","url":"/Entertainment/video/dig-star-david-costabile-30069469"}