Director Guillermo del Toro talks the making of 'The Shape of Water'

Del Toro appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his inspiration for 'The Shape of Water.'
22:18 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Director Guillermo del Toro talks the making of 'The Shape of Water'
Card through security. Just one moment. Security who secured. And securing. And it. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers in this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and I'm telling you there's a movie now called the shape of water. Directed by my guests the amount of Toro who is already in the beginning of the year winning awards it won the golden lion at Venice. He's just won an award from the Los Angeles film critics for directing it and it's one of my favorite movies of the year so I think I'm just thrilled to have. You hear the division greet you but you're feeling good about shape award on. I know because I'm in the way you are making movies for everybody is a film on European foreign use of biography. From the moment they chose whose shaved. Which will miss him by many as completely insane I'm sure bad. Again continuing doing major movies which were already under way. But it was a very personal position out of a crucial point in my personal life and I said. Let I'm fifty do mean let's go where it is not say. You know let's go there we got me and I think they'll have a general moments. Other assorted other where you find him so to speak don't gold. When you do find the gold but even describing this movie to me music critic and writes about it that's based. But if somebody came up to me and said watch that I see and I said to me. Shape of water. They would say what's that about it now if they want about this woman's Cold War far she's a cleaning woman. And she falls in love with the creature looks a little like the creature from the black lagoon but they're doing experiments on an and they go. What it's all about music. It also. It's got dance it's got everything but how would you describe afraid they'll for troubled by. What we got the troubled times. Well I think I think that one it is is I'm Mormon right now on the line chosen to do because bush echoing things to do. And I really intriguing way you know we are. And a time when Cold War is all on again the first of all the default clock timed is very divisive. Is it divisive partially because of him and Joseph the camel and America the idea element again in regular was great news. Is crystallize as if you do before Kennedy it's murdered. And A did. Before and Vietnam escalates. And is is Chris Logan is in Baghdad the suburban Barbie Q jet fan cars may have. But if you go back in time my window and the movies music is have a divisive time and is among the other demo is a month empathy with the other. Yet empathy sort of lacking here call everywhere you look at a turning is very oppressed them. I thought it was kind of great in in the LA. That you shared an award with Lou could go to Nina for. A call me by your name because shape of Warner and call you by name are the two most romantic movies that he had seen anywhere. And yet people don't understand why is this romantic there's could reach her it. You know while the immune don't follow. Changes the embodiment. Of that other men as India's. And the Mendel rivers gone from the Amazon's. That's on seals beauty. And some see. Stupid thing between them is to be studied and torture and camps and bay. What I did under the inning as I glad to follow form two. Bases and we took. I don't the piling on while I'm 1950s movie. The hero. The squared jawed agent from the Mormon women impeccable soon and I gone who would have been the hero by then here is the and then. On the image for a time below vote creature of carrying ago which is an image of war in the fifties is here an image of unity. And I'm Daniel day although of Q is and you turn them on their. A new Saint Louis but this is important. The first step to that is to say okay this is the starting now through the main door com all the alpha male. Agent assigned and now the law and to the story through the service and go with the damaged cars the cleaning woman that's wrong and that immediately. Made this story it far more interesting to. And what is fascinating too is that this cleaning woman played so brilliantly by. Room and a blessing written for. Yes she told me that you came up to her one time instead this is it I'm gonna write to a movie and in pockets they work. But in the funny as I when I started writing and in planning and well before her it to me for years to the supreme. I said to her I used to call her Iranian intent on writing a marvelous sound and then when I met with Ali a couple years later I fed. I read a written this for you you believe. Silent cleaning woman but you get a mom alone and that song and then of them. Thought that that number yet you get everything get to eat hard boiled Baghdad and you get to fall in love with a creature that everybody else is care. It is beautiful there goes. I wanted to do. The Bill Bradley among them is arguably faith which is viewed and the bees won't they can begging the thing that I don't like Al nightly normally. You have a perfect. Princes and a bathers fell. That is intelligent and days and that and beautiful and you know forthcoming. And I fed numbers may give. Somebody wins and is an and then send them pure and then let's open when. Routine. That is she doing until water Mulder for them what are you cancer shows both the war somebody that you can actually. CNET studio in must. I'm them find the extraordinary. In that and and the bees lives log on form. That led love than the other for its other. Not in this mountainous vitamin more accurate and defiant recognize yourself and you know. You have Doug Jones who you use in a lot of the beast and asked looked like two for him to play this role. His head isn't really the whole thing meals nothing in this. You creating not agree that you agree and am leaning and so we did three years to do it. They use and design won Europe's called them claiming illness holding the creature. Now that's all of these you know you put it on doubles home. And you made up performer for as Doug and break through all the ladies on the acrylic over wearing serve of them over the yield. The lack of this eluded the regularly eyes you know. And an annual Goodwin a real soup Nazi to deliver real soon and then. You asked that reformer. Now you don't act and he's gonna act album did. Some of the bulk actors in the world for me Richard Jenkins. Michael Shannon. Tallies toolbar Octavia. You know you don't hold your own. It won't comment. And I'm a good thing dog is the rarest breeds. Of actor and performer. Let them break through any about it I put on him and found my grand and did. In the hell when movies whatever we moved to. You put him through hell I didn't I am doing I don't know what that he gets a call from you telling me in my work needs don't album here. Do it but I I had I want to emphasize without giving into Wayne it's a beautiful. Love story. Do the music that she did because she'll come in that's cleaning woman lies and she'll say. Here's a hard blow that here's some Glenn Miller to licences and meanwhile she's upstairs in her apartment. With her friend played by Richard Jenkins some pneumonia. And there watching home movies on the top. An unbelievable cinema yeah but because the movies a love letter to classical tenor. Mob muddled and cinema just send him he meant they've because of that and we M and thrown. Citizen Kane or singing that I know where and owning some labeled. If he was nine. Film is great. No matter what film grand film lo film medium film my abdomen the matter at hand them the way a shot at them what. People they'll let Obama be the news body I paid the ones you least expect. I studied Douglass Erik. Michael Powell I started. He founded on them when that Weiner in. And one of them we don't have a fluid camera and the game was floating in water. That is constantly almost. Choreographed. You feel the gutters are almost Ronald Reagan Dulles on them. And the idea was Peter I I think it sometimes you think in some funding terms. When I'm thinking is that when I made his movie a song. Love song that people come on harming. Via field within the moment. I think in all your movies there's there's some there's an affirmation now of what humanity yes supposed to be here. And what it is to be human which empathy comes. In terms. You view here and weather is devils by one in which all the kids means to come together literally. Hunting for Marty. Due to kill them that honest or whether it is something else. Overwhelmingly may have Pacific Raymond which. I was scared girl lives in the hard Deval grown woman that lives in the hard about. 25 story robot and the only child they have over Miami and empathy between do. People that bundle standing he. This is opinion on my nose and held wait there's a beautiful mind my name's Ted Ginn who holds an amphibian Matt all women or those really be saying. I don't know how this is gone and but all we all all those free his age mutant and other arriving wait week. The overwhelming idea. So I have to ask you in terms of you. You've always had any and interest you can even call and an obsession. With the other yet with what handling then. When that that's the Hartford. Well you know a lot of people think all of the Foreman Diaz and Al board feature you know and you're lacking an arm or your known of course that is the most David them the most. But there is also. You can give your soul fractured then. And destroyed or burn. And an early age in an invisible manner physically. And I think that I had. Fractured wrong from and I mean when I was very young you know. Through many things Catholic dogma. Mid oh a little bit of stopped long. Rather an indication of of this bands of school and home you know this is in Mexico bases normal heart disease before it was born. And I remember. All's on mug fulfilling all the expectations. But what I healthy. Happy child was meant to be eaten. And I menu you feel. Very much. Fractured. And you'll find. But you're invincible. You're alone. Misrule and then two family to your friends who do most of little world and I think that. This circumstantial. You start using create them. And in my case I find think I'm family and his mom I'm loving facetious it's truly at a very spiritual level. And monsters and and here's the there's things that Mexico dollars one's mind has been gone with the government religion we do I think that Muslim them Reagan did which is called single it is. We grabbed the the dog mouth Catholic and we do or elder myths and we married them together and made. Something thing granting of that that's what happened to me with the Catholic religion. Monster and fantasy. And they do I join them few of them and his movie. Has a lot of Catholic. Undertones and the story of sounds on on the Lila which of course was fascinated me lurid when you were a kid. The idea the fish has assembled an on the go explain the good fellow he's got but also the idea of the humble messiah. The messiah of palms and the Schaible most fumbled poorest. Smallest of creatures and gets beat and torture of and then rises in the end he you know. There's I think there are still remnants on my and labs gathering here is some of their married intrinsically. With the universal monster movies for example. When I saw the vision of trying things because of threshold. And whale's Frankenstein. I saw a marketer. I saw remember him he's just somebody that I could identify with in the van when that I I was asked to identify with the with the marker. Martyred images of Jesus that are very glory and measured and religion. So something very strange happened a man and and I and little by little. I found out I'd crawl of the world. I finally yields methods. That I wore weird that I am friends with writers and right now and director of producers actors and you know. People don't love and I'm and a new Bill Reynolds. Moral or so. But did your parents support you in. What has the seemed to damn a strange way. You looking at the world that what they supportive or not. Well I would say them my mother was also its. Also restrain. She reads the event at all cards. To those plans things he would rid them this is on the history. He leaves whatever he's a painter you know. My father was and is they square man you know I'm businessman car dealerships and so forth but. They didn't oppose it. My father again in my personal grade camera. My grandmother elbows and a lawn but but but only because she really font. There was some evil agent Jeanne. Propelling me do the grotesque on the horrible and when I was already doing make about face and sculpture on the on the it showed my grandmother my name my name. And portfolio. And what you as almost in her dad this Susanna and old folks home and should look big and just started crying he said. Why did your mom do anything beautiful way there have to move is you have touchdown on the horizon. To me the kids who viewed it is beautiful here and I live in knowing preventive ideas bitter professionally. I understood and one dragged not out of stubborn as of about all pure belief. We always hear I always hear about the three amigos Stuart you stick your buddies Alfonso corps which are permanently to write yet. Suit you could I support each yeah. We have a hard time did you. Brilliant nor Yamon that would weigh this they wanted to ask you and we know it's your turn out are not generally does it matter. Or not and it honestly I tell you we have we failed we did I really historical commitment. Form a foreign country where we said when Alfonzo one. My mom called me on the phone and in the Moscow's relations. Kanye be your brother one. I said absolutely and in I meant it. That I think lift when he won and then on how the husband wins over and gates got too like former it and as its or office. And I honestly feel. Dubbed the the most rewarding thing if I get one amazing I'm under the habeas I don't know about. This is the important thing. I'm here and the conversation in the same way I was when bonds Ireland was me he's in my own term. Newton I didn't make a movie on the life of Louis buster you because I like my other grown up all. I am being mean dog allowed. For a movie I wanted to me and the strangest arms puffy. You know and that's Dodd's web. As a man. Makes me happy. It should. And what this movie is is I know it's funny I CU in both of these terrorists there and out of a might give thing yet today. Because I've always heard this one day I'm in Libya now away and force myself it to get into your fabulous UT have one house or two houses that. Two houses eleventh elsewhere for you know. Weird stuff weird stuff is an apple apps movies. I'm art so wife and kids aren't in that's not now are they allowed. It is there's and not do my Sankoh. No minors Angolans. Is is how Lucy good positive things lining the bookshelves on. Rain wrongly it brings them and they. But of more hours and they that we you've got to Iranian and it is it has an division I designed and installed. Undergo predation and a window surrounds this. But but. The man cave dad this is yeah. I night organize health a medical leave the Bozo to go in the movies there are 7000 movies. Thousands of books. 151000. Mall and so magazines and comment on this and is as a knowledge sender is a blend Lincoln research. Oregon organized as mentally Armenian public library or my own youth. Create that inspire you to everyone and an end to do this. Is there a moment in this movie. Because that's filled moments for me and there has to be to you because you're in the editing room watching it over and over again. And it's unfair of me to ask you to pick one and I don't mean favorite but the one that resonates with you every time you look at. That you can look at it and it may be even wipes you well when you look at you. You. There there the ending he always gets me. Does he writing of a live. This government. The mom although she had a few he gets me. In and talking allotted. Because this is is exactly what I feel life is on Molly's and you know and I think dubbed. Right now we live in a world where cynicism so bland and intelligence. Where if I tell you bitter objectively I don't believe in love you think I'm of hubris Smart guy. I'm very sophisticated cultured men. And Adobe don't have his beard fully believe in love you think I'm naive. And I failed hunt and I mean losing his four years I'm a united we say emotion than upon. Because of most dangerous place not just a storyteller Devoe. It is at least popular is the one that is seen as. Counter. And Ezra and while Omar Oracle a blazer for more from them monologue. Which I rolled. To function and three live allies and we need to Z the actress. Because this memorial. Wards are not enough. You know and so she. You see her emotions when he's seeing them and they are are being an on the wars and you hear of awards is saying. And there are cons of them are very personal to me. And then you see Giles Richard Jenkins repeated those lines and you're seeing how. And I. Moment of realization. Of who he found what she is one low relieve. Plea the fifth and three level from his thoughts from beautiful. Piece. That. Sometimes I cannot discuss. I have to that you go but I don't want to make if there's haven't even started with their bottlers and I'll get it would just starting but this show first time he'd been on the ship. Yet as ends in song. Always undaunted debt I don't care what it is although I'm. I'm I'm hearing you'll never now in my head because how can not after seeing shape and water to no one's income I'm of course he did you can do it your fearless. Today I love Seattle without morning and fear leads only known him embark on the role. Wound by the bill heed those manuals. So you Anatolian though they're columns bundles. How long you've got where's the musical. Figure they. With you bring me I'm a magic time maybe admitted to. Do thank you I've been unit.

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