What's On Display at the Los Angeles Auto Show

ABC News' Alex Stone looks at the future of luxury automobiles at BMW and walks around the floor of the LA Auto Show.
4:37 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for What's On Display at the Los Angeles Auto Show
Everybody I'm Alex Stone of the LA auto show auto mobility as are calling these preview days a show actually opens up to the public on Friday we're getting a sneak peek. Here at the shabby Booth right down one thing that we're seeing all around. They show this here and there are multiple walls you can see this massive one right here. Is it's all about. Compact suvs the marketplace right now getting away from sedans going more toward. Those midsize and compact suvs I'm tactic and a walk over here to Buick I was just talking the folks over here they have a new. Needs eyes compact SUV called envision that they are showing off we got it too we're through it a few moments ago it. It's got all the a coup for months that you would want inside the maker way over here you'll ceded to set up that the Buick pads. This is the envision their new. Smaller SUV one that's bigger than what they already had on the market. Smaller then what are their other products that they've got but today as they are are showing off but there are new products gonna go next door. To an Italian company Alfa Romeo that's popular in Italy they have tried to. Come into the marketplace here in the US state to have now on midsize SUV that they're showing up here at the auto show as well. They haven't had a whole lot of success getting in today at the US market as much as they've tried after getting out of it a while back but. There they're pricey cars in the folks who love the Alfa Romeo brands they know this Italian brand this is one that. There's a lot of talk about hearing the show a lot of people are focused on what they have to display as well there are new. SUV as suvs are why it's just about everybody here is unveiling showing off now by some accounts over 50% of the market. Is that the smaller suvs people don't want the huge gas guzzlers they also don't want. I beat the real tiny compacted essentially of a compact car but. Little bit higher up they want that middle size where they can get a family and I and they can also be comfortable but not. Guzzle too much gas locking up to BMW here you can see their display that they've got. Gonna meet up with rich back here. Talk about the other focus that beat LA auto show always has and that is when it comes to its a plug in vehicles always very green show this is LA we do a lot of driving here. This is something that. Is always a focus in this marketplace. He told Rich's GNU meet up with sun us right here we're gonna go find him. Is that when it's live its fact that you're busy manners or you do on our it's show me what you got here BMW this year a lot of plug in vehicles. Jessica look at his rent our your readers via RBs you know which is look. You six horsepower fuel onlookers while I drove all week next year wonderful books that should look. I had asked me that Jerry plugin but beautiful guard against rival here in LA riots. That is we will bring him. Guard performance. We are brand family which Britain and ours fleet deployed supplies and yards career after electric car. But we also have some editions were prevalent well available lectures. Here is our BMW. Our performance. Bridges to plug at Harvard so. Just order as well let's quarter travel search for some are multiple tanks. Collect power as well help us. And this. On top of what the I Ranariddh was his gives you that performances. From parts lectures 17. Steelers coach. Over the air as the producers plan. The seven series right here you plug in you're gonna get the help but he electorate Kirk torque throughout the trying acceleration agreed through. Some rich thanks so much like too nice dot experience who tracked thanks so as we continue on here. A look at BMW we've got Acura behind us Volvo there are a bunch of other. Displays that are on. You've got the green aspect of the LA show. You've got the SUV aspect this year plus everything going on inside of the vehicles the technology. A lot of the carmakers BMW included. Are now talking about they're teaming up at Amazon's Alexis in the car. You can be at home you could tell Alexa to do something turn on the car. I turn on the heated seats she'll do that for you and a few auto makers. Ford. Hyundai they're teaming up with that with Amazon on Matt so everybody's got the technology aspect of it as well Alex don't of the LA auto show thanks for joining us never today.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"ABC News' Alex Stone looks at the future of luxury automobiles at BMW and walks around the floor of the LA Auto Show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43584834","title":"What's On Display at the Los Angeles Auto Show","url":"/Entertainment/video/display-los-angeles-auto-show-43584834"}