The doctor at the center of ‘The Cave’

The Nat Geo documentary up for an Oscar shows the conflict of the Syrian war from a female doctor perspective.
5:28 | 02/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The doctor at the center of ‘The Cave’
Turning to the buzz surrounding the documentary to Cain the Nat geo film is up for an Oscar this weekend shows the conflict in the Syrian war from. A female doctor's perspective that doctors underground hospital saved. Thousands and our aerial rush up sat down with her shortly after she arrived in the US. Doctor at the center of National Geographic ponting Oscar nominated documentary. A big case follows this subterranean struggle of doctor a money galore. The first female position to run a hospital in war ravaged Syria. A region so dangerous according to the Syrian observatory for human rights. More than half a million people have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian civil war. The lord taking viewers on a chilling journey to a makeshift medical center they meet her miss each Damascus suburb of Elton where she and her colleagues secretly treated thousands of men women and children tormented by daily bombardment. A lot of the first full are undecided distinct so the doctor straight out of medical school state as her hometown was decimated targeted by the Syrian regime in a brutal chemical weapons attack. The lower sitting down with ABC news just hours after arriving in the US for the first time. This is your first interview beyond the documentary. Here in the United States what do you want the world to now. Her there until early next week when I civilians and we we want sent to leave as he learned since last summer when they move illegal cheap and feed them. The now 32 year old saying she was reticent to allow cameras to follow her. It's headed and hazardous because that passages in the and I swear by kinda think hospitals. And cable and video they can dance and light coming into their except that says to see it can get a fallen on. I was called this and that's her own net well it was camp Bob snow I was feeling it cost to help us so I wanted the system to stay. The film festival of involves my passing and soon somewhat different capital now. Below are ultimately risking her life to bear witness that this is our I was just Amaral and the crimes that against the you'll see why is it's so important to tell your truth through this documentary. This is important now because everything just for indicate is this for have been aware of Tallulah tool to end this practice how. And I salute and privacy. Yeah this election that ended with the unions at and he will probably see beyond and from the. Say if you move the community and I didn't manage to they'll and I. Barcelona doesn't shoot video and what to do and this situation underground and made it all the more complex bite deeply rooted rejection problem woman in the workplace. A notion to lower plot to change. How did you deal with some of the misogyny. In your environmental. I believe that the man is no difference between the two men and one of my wife gave to got to act and the hospital Lee we witnessed everything through that that so they're you know on defense this says that more pressure on me. I wanted I want gamers are of the hospital I want it to uncle does and that's what I think handle that because I loved the facts weren't. And that if I failed in this follows a certain that that wouldn't that affect all that women and they will vote them out although lemon that they can't sit citizens and found them. The first six painstaking years the aspiring pediatrician with stood societal pressure sleep deprivation trauma and heartbreak. Caring for her patients with compassion. Something city and that's been. It's and it's okay yeah. Thousand. One of the things and watching McCain's that struck me as your composure and humanity despite what was happening around you how did you maintain that throughout. I'd send it to save. Incentives to save people to Helms and that's why I wanted to stay because I wanted to help current I expect to focus on my book but it of course it's fun and easy. Global are forced to abandon her Covert practice and fleet in 2018. Now living in Turkey granted a visa to enter the United States just in time. For the Oscars what do you think it'll be like to hear they canes. Called out over the speaker at the Oscars Elliott at Friday coroner Philip true here that since tool. All of would be able lol what's happening in thinking this is still he is slightly entities nothing more. Her mission stretching far beyond a concealed cavernous hospital she help sustain. Doctor below are hoping to shine a light on the hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced in her country during that nearly nine year. Civil war. I tried to sell pork per cent to be their vice now because advice says. They need someone to talk about them to think about the bowl suffering so many have referred to you as a hero do you believe you're here and him underneath inhalants and that's why Condit provided because I've been even human team. Aerial rash Jeff ABC news. Our thanks aerial for sharing that story.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The Nat Geo documentary up for an Oscar shows the conflict of the Syrian war from a female doctor perspective.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68759305","title":"The doctor at the center of ‘The Cave’","url":"/Entertainment/video/doctor-center-cave-68759305"}