Donald Trump Fights Back Against Pope's Claims That He's 'Not a Christian'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential candidate's religious views.
7:18 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Fights Back Against Pope's Claims That He's 'Not a Christian'
I let's get right into Donald. That Donald the Donald says that he is a Christian right yet it's not and they all say that except the Bernie back to the Jewish one a resident of Christian representing. But it. One of your top Christians at the world they beat the top. Well the top Catholic the pulp. He says that. Donald is not really a Christian and certainly this is his quote a person or thinks only about building walls and not building bridges is not Christian. So are you comfortable with the Pope saying that as Christians youth survey. Really think I mean yes have a Christian I don't really think that Donald Trump and it from a Christian perspective. I don't think most Christians view him as the beacon of christianity if you know what I'm saying they soundly Evian if you look at the pew. Religion poll he's considered the least religious out of all the folks that are running so I I think that this Pope was dead on I mean he is. A religious leaders so who better to be able to spot someone that is not following the tenets of christianity is getting into politics some people sat what do you say. Well here here's what I think it's hard evangelicals. Voting for trump I think there supporting him because. He hit MPC and they feel like he's the boys. He's a voice it's gonna be hurt I don't think they're backing him because they you had at the spiritual what I hope not but. Other concerns. Yeah I really damp. The pub hadn't been speaking metaphorically and not literally because there's nothing in the Bible that's heads building bridges won't need to salvation. So I think the point the Pope was trying to make is that we are to be kind. Two people to build bridges in our relationships. And art and a net and as far as building wild west and the walk walls are. It's such a huge part of the Bible and the whole city of Jerusalem is built around a wall in those walls are so significant. In the protection Jerusalem's gotten. I Annan and hugging a note into Trump's Mexican law anytime soon like you do it the Wailing Wall but I have to say it. It's interesting that the Pope who is the most beloved Pope in eyes are door you know I have a little else is all I adore the Pope. And I mean I can only imagine how bad of a person he needs to be to be judged by this Pope who was like the most giving. Wonderful generous nice spirited guy who is so beloved. And I just on a plane coming and if you guys on the cover of the New York Post today it's complete genius I think we have so please let's look at that. And low. I can't even solid yet they both look pretty good there I accidentally bomb my feelings are confused looking up about. Challenging I don't think. I think he heat you might think he's beloved by and a near times hasn't telling numbers back in September that only 29% of Republicans have a favorable yield on this particular clothes that unlike Catholic by halftime the resident Affleck and I'm very polite and let us. But a million Catholics and an illegal Alex he's beloved I think I'm on by the Catholic community but I think to make it generalization that he is beloved. Amongst are Republicans or amongst all Democrats I don't think that that's your what I do what you are very progressive Pope and honey I Lafayette he really has taken everybody under his flagrant kids. You know I don't really I you know I I think. Think that it's important that he said. A person that builds. Bridget you know builds walls instead of bridges isn't acting like a Christian there are walls around Vatican City and I've been to the bad again but there's a what door that's wide open for anyone that wants to go in there and what Donald Trump is proposing. It's exclusion he's you know Jesus was. I think that the tenant for Jesus was let me bring you your brain your tired and your op press that he embraced the pork that he and embrace the. That's correct actually think you can't be like you can't trust you can't be that you I really didn't have been stopped if you're keeping people outing you're excluding you are right I ask is not funny thing what butt whipped in a walled their art to be doors. And then the door should be opened and that's what legal in on immigration should be considering how they enter it. And I carry building all benefited moreover there are heaviest night and I'm actually out and illegal immigrant hit honey like. Roberts' response because as you know he didn't like it lacks the Pope said something to the effect that may be Donald Trump is a Christian or religious leader. The question a person's faith is disgraceful. I'm proud to be a Christian and as president I will not allow christianity. To be consistently attacked in weekend. Unlike what is happening now. With our current president first of all there's a little hypocrisy of there. Because he says about Ted Cruz how can take crews BM at evangelical Christian when he why so much. Crews hose up the Bible on many lies about everything that's number one. Exxon isn't religious I'd get that thing you know he's saying you saying you can't judge somebody else's religion well you know. And I was as the DUGU. I can tell you that I have I let me. In a lot but anyway. The U I assure you that I have had plenty of rabbis judge me I feel their judgment of what I got lengthened the lives where very judgment homoerotic people's. Did happen sometimes and I actually don't. All the Pope more judging trumpet because this is an and you can see can clear that trashed out of the way and see what some would end. Said some of these so called Christians want more guns. Got to cut food stamps don't help the poor are. Boys and people living in rivers in the middle of the country's not I'd paint out Jesus couldn't win this election. Do says himself. I'm brush and well I'm not every light and joy I travel I didn't I say some of them who are running so many and I think that mean I'm like yeah I'm Christy I would. I will say this I was on the train to Delaware yesterday and my mother who's you know devout Catholic she calls me she's like. I'm do you mean a high near me on I was like what's past is like. Donald just talk about the Pope and I literally thought he was gonna call the Pope of the desert are some big reality and you're my brother will write this article about it. So I think that there are Catholics and Christians that are really affected by the fact that he. Sit that the that he called his grace disgraceful mean that is really significant got to wrap up after parents to have no matter what he says can he rises and appalled whatever we doubt the tonight it. Some strange about it I think some people out into the air last night because there is after those comments at the town hall this is what he said I don't like fighting with the Pope like his personality and I like what you represented he's clearly trying to step back and eighteen active. Because he's losing votes that's why you Catholics don't like well what I what I always gonna save any candidate across the Bard. Ben Carson out quoted this so did Ted Cruz but. We won't know them by their fruit so you look in Matthew seven we will know everybody every Kennedy I'm here seem trying to prove crew is talking about it. Terry Katzman notion yeah disappoint go ahead say it acquitted even here you go ahead say it again thinking. We will know the different means we can look at their their record their history of what they voted on where they stand on issues and that's how we know it's candidates. True heart build walls and so I think you are hey everyone can make that didn't than judgment and discernment for themselves aren't.

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{"id":37059318,"title":"Donald Trump Fights Back Against Pope's Claims That He's 'Not a Christian'","duration":"7:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Republican presidential candidate's religious views. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-fights-back-popes-claims-christian-37059318","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}