Donald Trump Refuses to Release Tax Information

"The View" co-hosts discuss the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.
3:57 | 05/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Refuses to Release Tax Information
Donald Trump sad sad. And I doubt he will not release his tax returns yet. Not interact to explain. Why the grant and subsequent to. He said that day you don't tend to release your tax returns and back you know I didn't say that and I'm being audited. A mandolin and what about returns that are beyond the years and oh yeah link but it goes way back into our back in the united I don't know I have to ask but what of a long enough that it would matter. And it is a link between that and other things and Susie what is finish I'd love to let just library a relatively simple and it. He's not saying he's like he's living EL believed you. And you don't because you can be audited and sagging tax tapped client acted and am I defending what are we gonna find out we're gonna find out his charitable contributions were gonna find out how much pain and act big Al's desire has an ambulance right that's not the only people who don't do what everybody -- post to get the job on dictators. Dictators like their own what is hot and it should be life you're running for president. Your presents a candidate should be. Law and particularly to his particular case the guy is running on his record as a businessman we know is not a politician we know he's never run for office it's about his acumen so let's see it what you did she have a different. Every. I have my. It hurts them more than it actually Olson. It will sink because you know everyone has you know last time news and he was also my taxes when President Obama sells is versatile that was and running eleven okay Obama showed his barracks at it again just now cannot think. Obama was stillborn home why do you not been changed. So I'm not shut yet we think we. It is not so long time now like what's happening is fourth I'm yeah I saw it what you're not on the net and a little not a problem banks and high tech. Getting advice and that's they met Robbie was saying doing so there's a Bobbi sound and it actually hurt him when he released his taxes four years ago but I do wanna say this. We knew that Donald Trump was meeting with members of the GOP and speaker of the house Paul writing that meetings happening. But a statement from all right and he just really said the US can't afford another four years of the Obama White House which is what Hillary Clinton represented. We'll be having additional discussions that remain confident there's a great opportunity to unifier party and win this fall in here totally committed to working together to achieve that goal. Averaging I've heard so far about this meeting is that it's going well enough I would not doing well do not. I think that Obama was a good enough president people who aren't doing well thinking was that's really Bob lots. Okay. Okay. Hear yourself and everybody is writing this and Greece and after every four years that is said about the last president. Every single time I have no he let me let me remind us let me remind everybody will we were when you spoke off us. Not pro ordinance I'm saying more you wanna bet a spot usually not financially. But it was not I don't think we it was and it breaks my so you don't want. If nothing else he pulled alcohol on his out of the fire. People's yeah hey. Okay. Can you do it yet he didn't sit around and do nothing unemployment is might as. After his people cannot I think it helped him out some just some just not blow out there wanna bulk but not the truth of what this and then again about how my opinion do a bit you know. It is not since then has facts and more effective is reading that people go to Trump's people and say let me check these facts they don't even respond to them. Well you know I don't care about accepting.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39071801","title":"Donald Trump Refuses to Release Tax Information","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-refuses-release-tax-information-39071801"}