DWTS Stars Maks and Peta Spill on Their Engagement

The stars talk wedding plans and their first dance.
3:45 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for DWTS Stars Maks and Peta Spill on Their Engagement
You guys you'll know where that isn't me. Evening and hand them here and tell us your relations yeah. Over the hearing on the I'm. He needs. Then I'm glad I'm anything that I can't hate. I'm went immediately I'm. And I don't think anyone just minutes. Kelly thanks Jason Hudson and well I will dwell with them and craziness and glad it's been now I'm just I'm taking my time. Within a company that. In my the first. You tell them I'm hearing into the clinic I'm gonna and then let the baby's coming and no I mean that coming to win. Yeah. And we all over the country I and it didn't look like yeah. I thank you. It's not just because I'm gonna need weddings. That's next coming week. To grant me. Natalie and usually they'll be thinking fairy tale of being trapped in the home. Yes I think like I don't honestly there's maintenance area audience that Clinton and again thanks. Not and here and yeah. Currently on an up coming up. And here I go. We thought everything was not. Yet no way closes we'll tell you would have he and what's. Larry and Lance friendly. Hello we're here ideal Leningrad on them. I think anything she wears. Your brother Gary Hart and art. That you're dancing would start again. In part a slightly better than humans in the. You know became close friends and fourth and then me you know we have. Nobody they mostly everybody likes he. So as you do massive massive. Then he. And that any chance that will mean India reality show around you guys there I'm planning and every a lot of them. And I don't know how in this. I notice something's something's. Something's up front you know and at some memory and it's something that we wanted to do we. You know nowadays you can't hide from social media anyway. So there's going to be a lot of things that come out but we we personally don't wanna be dot com. Atlanta. Always game. There's something something to stop this. You never know maybe mumbled and and that's it's never going to be you know nobody's ever seen. Any idea for you guys in the first anti a lot of times people mountain letting me can't. We're out there aren't other wedding. Let it be thought your first stand on its last help everybody in the audience will be. Instructions on what to do and went to do it hit and then on to everybody gets up slightly in them. Now.

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{"id":36428425,"title":"DWTS Stars Maks and Peta Spill on Their Engagement ","duration":"3:45","description":"The stars talk wedding plans and their first dance. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/dwts-stars-maks-peta-spill-engagement-36428425","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}