Dynamic young stars of 'The Lion King'

JD McCray and Shahadi Wright Joseph bring the voices of Simba and Nala to life in the Disney remake of "The Lion King."
17:32 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Dynamic young stars of 'The Lion King'
Hello everyone welcome to ABC news glad I'm Kimberly bronze thanks so much for joining. People always asked kids the question. What do you wanna be when you grow up what appear are any killing it before you've even grown up that's exactly ain't. What the situation is with that you're right here JD McCrary to Heidi he. Right Joe's says the boy's. Sam Mack and Allah young Sam by young Allah is our ally in me minimums fish except in. Which isn't out in theater that right now taking you guys tell me. How you're taking this moment in its today it's happening act it's really exciting I mean we've been waiting for this film ever. A pretty long time about two years so. The date is finally here and it could not come any faster cell I'm really excited for audiences to see how maintenance moments well. I'm super excited because it's a good week for me and big rankings coming out my birthday was yesterday in the race is today unlike my husband is in like a week. And in this it's it's a good month and so I just feel so blessed and so honored and I'm very humble adjusted. Be a part of I'm humbled us at home. Anyway yes I'm just. Really honored to be a part of a movie like this it. It's incredible end in addition to the movie coming out ask beyonce album and again yet came out. And you guys are on the album yes I really am did you know you're going to be on now not okay it has happened so when you saw that would you think. I was flattered yes I was very excited I remember my parents asked this morning she was like she was like did you know you're on the album. And publicly no I've met I look at it ends. Actually heard our does an atlas. It was really great and super cool yeah me on an album thinking I think it hit the Cessna say he's cool though and Amy didn't say that we've come lab. Patents detected yes you can definitely can ever in the city had yet we examine in the lap of the opera and absolutely bring things say the so I wanna talk about the movie obviously. I want to start with when you guys first learned that you got the part yes. Won't learn that you're going to be in this major major adaptation he was like almost three years ago. This I remember my agent called. And it was like may pat I think you're of the day yes you always remember that yet. My ate it called like tiny man. Ended she was like she just screamed into the phone. And my family and we were just so excited we jumped up and we we were just screaming and it was literally like the bass moment ever and real. When I noticed that I know when I knew that I got the role on I was sitting down I was. It was a Monday to set the house I was send yours in I host a tree and it come on she comes up to me and she said. JD guess what economic. -- mom. Guess what what in the she said you've got the thinking and I'll I OII. Did it. And we prayed about it I thank god. It was. An amazing game they'll partying and uses. Nearly cool it's really unbelievable because. The thing is is the Lion King is so huge but you guys have already been doing so much you're in the movie us yes you've been in hairspray lagging and then all of these in the thing is I don't know people know this but you ready plate now level four on Broadway yes I have eaten so it was so what was it like in your opinion to go from. On stage to now doing voice over. Oh well it feels really really amazing I mean I had so much fun doing all the projects that I've done so far. And mostly excited right now underlying key to come out and I'm excited for families see it you know. All the audience members just because I had such a great time at the premiere with bull with. You know a really big audience cell I Kelly together actions. Yes and he said JD I wanna know about his voice over process because you guys are so animated yes so much energy so what is it like to only be using your voice instead of people seeing here a liar your movement. Actually really cool is being in the news or voice because we were in like human into different places me in a boot. Yet we were in a black box theater will be able to move around in walk around in. Be scared by Cindy. That's scary actually she knew she was in it on and so we work. Actor and feel like we were in the movie in. Real lions and so that helped a lot of brought on energy on my boys but when I was an a both I was just hang in south. You know spending Arnie brings up the best energy yen you know it wasn't too bad it was really fun it was a great experience and I would. For sure do it again and and and how did you prepare for this did you you are already playing now like I said but I did you do any other extra preparation and in getting ready for this. I mean not months I feel like if you're doing a remake of the movie you know the best possible review is freely. To just watch the original cell that's what I did I watched the original a couple of times. And I helped a lot with their performances I think. Just because. You know the original is such a classic and I think that everybody is really going to love the story in the message and the more relevant yes. Yes same year. What I did for preparation I didn't thinking I just watched the original X three times before the audition the self tape in. Well yeah. And so I got the raw and that's all I'm really had to do just to figure out. Similarly was just to refresh my memory me know the story as much as I counting the iconic story that yelling I'm exploring just. As the Solomon took yes so when did you guys meet the other people that's in the cast Donald Glover alone beyond saying GAAP. Billy Wagner a lot iMac some of them acts. Altogether as a cast but I'd man beyonce after premier. For the first time for the first Staten Island about 9% meaning her. On the and it really just take a moment for that yes Jack where we're just gonna rush over that the first time meeting beyonce EEI mean epic right yeah it really was she's just such as sweet person. And she's really really talented itself. I mean I wind definitely want to work with her and mr. don's Abra again. Your honor album so we've really got to track and idiotic battery acid rock are pretty. Were invited to Thanksgiving yeah today giving we're going to be there. Actually fighting because then yeah I think so so when you met beyonce went beyond say it it was like. Few months before well. Yes he was before the premiere. And it was like the end of the night I was getting ready to go but. Hansen was like you know she leader as he sons justices wonder about it like did you should meaner and with how. I should meet and so adamant that he says Sheila hilarious and I made my way over there was really crowded there was audience tables around and whatnot and it. And it hasn't segments make my way through there could make it. We eat ever together right seamen are not the time I don't I was not myself you buy your album is so saw Nancy she was right in front of me. Smelling nice if you tell all really and my nose and I think everyone wonders that yeah inhaling its. OK so she's like that. After initially very lightly it was it's still just tap was not a little not just what does it tat was just. Yet because I do with queen it wasn't the wasn't our site you. Aren't around Susan hello would so unless the junior wasn't so beautiful and you just complimenting me and do you say unlike you so does this for you and he'd remember. The it was it was. Really awesome meeting her because she knew I was I don't she is obviously. And let me Nottingham was amazing amazing night for their army we've been best for him. Gun battle ready for ever caught easily weaken India he talked of Blue Ivy yes yes I did she's. Really really sweet you know she has such a kind heart and she's been. She's been raised well cook cook yes definitely so what I want to ask you guys obviously your 12 right I am twelve you're twelve your fourteen and you're still in school yes OK how are your friends. In school. Taking the idea that their friends are. Super stats. Well you can't. Go home school it and so you know it's. Little different yet I do have plans other than that usually my friends are my friend Louis heat he's always an exit an exception. On and my cousins my two cousins Louis my brother so yes that's like my circle that's you and they don't pay her name really important within why am I and those of America minnow be like yeah. It's not like aligned blank. Knoller and said that you have low rent and a friend that you couldn't then and here's the real supporting these super cool but he is this not like whenever outlook in the stories like you'll wouldn't finding what happened in the. Again now hasn't yet in your family. Ending years. EI yeah. I friends yeah yeah really excited for the film yet pressure. So you guys saw the movie obviously yes we what did you think when you finally saw your your years of hard work come together. I'll it was just still amazing I mean I loved hearing the audience's reactions. And you know seeing the cast. Enjoy the movies some of them sought for the first time some of them are eighteen but he was just. The feel like you're ready active and getting exactly yes dating and it is feasible way I did it. It's just completes. An amazing. Allard a marvelous. Happy it's horrific it's up in the mountains. And was really amazing thing and libelous hearing mr. No not just to cover all mr. not. Yeah and he didn't mean Donald I have a what did he say about your work since you guys where older Simba and younger some. I thought was it like after the moon me I'm sure he says something like. Hello good job man on prodding you good job you did your thing I've probably said you didn't think this week. Now we did our thing and then those yeah he's doing everything together and that we now. Island is together don't yet so you definitely have an ongoing non. You is also have your own music out yeah like you pass you have this movie coming out but he also had your own music you've had a EP out our guys I have the right but this is just. As single and I put out. Just a couple days ago let's call skin and then. And that's just got exclusively debuted by billboard a couple of days ago me I see guys can check that out on Spotify. And I'll streaming platforms and what's that song about so it's basically just about self love and not changing yourself for anybody year Annie and absolutely yapping. Amazing amazing amazing and your EP I have been PP's in the mid shine. Check that honestly want it totally your choice my birthday was yesterday so you you lowly and let's end this here for them. Yes this is my first 1 but I am coming out of the EP pretty soon. I using say after the release of a line came without now so yeah it's so how'd that feel to have your own music out ultimate thing yeah it's just like a dream come true because I love music. I've always love singing sounds signed to a record label and I have music's and and what's your sound and lake what what is the type of music. That people can look forward to it. Well all its. PG music and get sick and I don't. And I guess I could to say that well I know I could say that this is music that. You would you just want to listen to just feel good news and yet motivates yes and also three singles occasionally about every single Sony. I have a single out the name of it is inviting all of you it just just means that everyone is welcome here everyone is welcome to hear me saying have you heard it hear me. Yet billions yes Q. I think should do want good songs Vincent yeah take that haven't spotted yeah. I loved. You've not heard any other guys in so what's the other two singles. Keep in touch is the name of one pilot deep sometimes you just have to keep in question is just about. You know staying in touch with everyone that you love and just making sure that you remember them yet and last and final one that I was sake is mining. Not a little and in the name of his mind me now it calls mining yes just about. You know letting people know my talents and just showing the world me. Yes I Altria does my favorite is in the same arrogance and your name into it via yet mind you what do you guys looking to do next. Think what's on your need an award them yeah and Broadway you get a blockbuster movie that's out today what's next. Who well I huge names about what I can do I want to win a Grammy yet want to win Oscars again any I want a winning a war yet I want trumpet award announced a mean they aren't simple yes. As the most critical that's offset I think there that's just a court. I am nominated for a Saturn award comply. Yes. This is news dealing. The navy and he could not they just happened like an hour Sutton ago earth I don't know. Amazing but that's pretty exciting I think my dream it's a play princess TR. Really I one point miles rounds of the money he patents and miles era this season are some this that spot and into spot Evers movie. So I'd want McCain move when he if he did not look thirteen I didn't like sixteen and I thought yes we saw. He's yet. I like have a huge growth but I'm glad he's thirteen pretty close. OK so is there anybody else that you guys have it ready. Beyond saying okay like when I think Dion fan Mike Dunn period finish here but anyway moving beyond that is there anybody else that's on your wish lists to work when. Yes zoo I want to work with. Logic because I know a lot to pass Menem has since she wouldn't it will get through an exit. I was collapse Reebok Iverson let me make. Look at look like pat but I thought. I would love to work with the director even DuBois and yet she's. Skinny she's really really talented. And I think she. Great story isn't really get perspectives on the idea that looked just wanna say it doesn't his logic watching I don't -- and let him rent rooms is because it could have been saying that I didn't I don't even Australia Ireland not a leg my my eyes and I think I didn't meet him you know this might I think you guys are inspiring a lot of kids a lot of people a lot of kids of color like that your intention the Oilers gap that lets England when he yes yes. What I want my legacy to. Transpire now laugh and I just one inspired us this. I think I definitely want to. Leave this earth was something you know bigger than me that I you know let people have a good you know. Celek feel like our brands and you know social media they're being used for good causes and to really inspire children who won. You know start acting learn. Her out that they want to deal I think that it really just it works for us. All right guys before we go OK or we go before we go or we go out. We need to gain a little core is open from. I just can't wait to be king but it's the thought I'd say that she may cocooning a time. Dream but I think I think we should be indefinitely and it still gets sacked Fran. About the apartment where movement should we start in the beginning. Do just earlier on an. As yet. No one saying dude this. You know and sand and. No one's saying stuff fat. Yeah let's say seeing. Me yeah Janet Reno no new ground. We know it. How then. Me. Moon. Wow wow wow wow I can clamp itself. Yeah. Yeah. The scenario does Heidi and me is paying him sows sows -- so proud of you guys. Just enjoy all of it. Taken all Lynn there's so much. Morning come you guys are amazing thing you only for coming in my hand he. Yeah we're just today in theaters everywhere and soundtrack is out of you one here beyonce Donovan meet her. The actor Seth Rogen all of those. Today. At eleven guys on our music. Is front month Brent Ronnie. Are you can't you so much got this.

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