Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on 'Here,' Band's Evolution

AudioFile: Alex Ebert, Orpheo McCord and Jade Castrinos discuss band's growth since 'Home.'
3:00 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on 'Here,' Band's Evolution
-- We are -- Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros. Yeah. Yeah. First album was based. Almost all -- You know that I had made. -- we would get called anybody who vote. People -- really -- this mean that we what we were really -- there's. -- The ensemble was. Formed through the process of making the first record. Whereas the second record. Read all you know. Come together to make peppers record needs time to go out there. All getting to know each other better and better through that process and I guess how many years later three years later. Between -- for making the perfect. Here's. You know -- a lot of experiences and collaboration. At this level. Going into the second here. Here here and what wasn't based on a bunch of demos and this was more like everyone. Ideas. More or less. And then sometimes -- songs but they weren't like -- were imitating. Demos or even in fact when there was a -- situation which -- man on fire when. That. So it was a much more collaborative effort and we don't really -- -- we're -- Think here represents a lot of what we came to us in the -- after becoming a band over the last. But she is and playing he's. I think these acoustic sort of things and playing in the bus whatever tourism and so I think so. Here represents an excellent experiences from -- lung disorders. -- -- as opposed to be riddled with. -- -- -- I am you can't you know leave can't. Yeah okay. Oh okay. Okay okay okay -- I don't think -- was the easiest decision after three years into her room and and all that to be like okay now we're gonna not be home again and don't make an album together and do this all together and yet. Finding. You know that you know ourselves is. To me is the most that's the most gratifying part of it is that we did it together. -- -- you know since. You sound all of us. -- around on stage no matter where you come for. The democratic. -- -- -- -- this is community is something that we all. Feels a little less. Where. -- -- We'll watch. -- You see it. And this like police. Hey there. That means you -- Connected with -- Making him this amazing fiddler heat heat. What does it unites states that if something other injured people carried. -- -- in any campaign -- phone. It's hard to know exactly who -- happen to see these older people in the audience and you know there's -- that hundreds of shows. You know and -- Witness like amazing music and then there like. You know having a really good time in the and and watching -- -- Watching play music and listening he. And and you do what -- I wonder why they're there while I'm violence thing let them -- And what's so cool that you're it is.

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{"id":18609857,"title":"Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on 'Here,' Band's Evolution","duration":"3:00","description":"AudioFile: Alex Ebert, Orpheo McCord and Jade Castrinos discuss band's growth since 'Home.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/edward-sharpe-magnetic-zeros-interview-2013-alex-ebert-18609857","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}