Elizabeth Olsen on playing Scarlet Witch, social media and her sisters' support

On ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers," Olsen discusses her latest roles in "Wind River" and "Ingrid Goes West."
18:56 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Elizabeth Olsen on playing Scarlet Witch, social media and her sisters' support
Can't manage. For sure. Pertinent questions. Cory Lambert which fish oil is wonderful what. In this disease father. Dan. You don't do. Because. I'm starting at under these circumstances. Thank you and enjoy the body. I don't mean spirit and you can ask yourself. It better. It's been a good look worse if you the world are crisper. Bodies miles removed very convicted at a time. I thought the continent where birth records and so this is this is what it. There were ordered you're very good luck and putting them in people's front liked the tests just this speech is seen. Speak. Make it. Her for a big news time not from its station. There at Fort Lauderdale I'm sorry every keypad has particular that concerns for the courage he. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where. I tell you what's happening at the movies and my guest today well she. Elizabeth Olsen isn't content with one movie you know if it's going to be a month he says. Let me have to hunt now let me do wind river then I'll do Ingrid goes west and you by the have another ones CEO. So I don't know. That oppressed or. Eight in both of them and also so different in wind river which. I really love and so meaningless. You'd FB IG's. Hard hats and now I'm minute beaded dress you open but he can never wore a dress like that in the wind river. Now I learn this while I show it happens. Kitten heels his diet character enters having encore movement. But and now snowmobile. Snow snow out that since. Full time cynical that's what attracted you do yeah but it seems. Who blew up civilian government and I have is just too much for me he had me it's a great. It's it's a great story. That where they've been landscape as the world. My character Jane banner as an take place reservation. After young girls bodies hung dead. I jam runners character. And to if he's kind of the guy that. Is protecting. Bill everybody from animal yet in the land yeah mountain lions stuff when Annie is trying to protect people's like crop in picture that coyotes aren't getting that she says that half men. Sitting as a land very well. And and it's and it's and mystery crime thriller active Ted figure out what happened to this young woman. And my character last year and for help pencils reservation please and let by Graham Greene. And and it and all unfolds from there and we get a and authentic look kind of reservation went after her well that's what's. It's fascinating to me because. You're director Taylor Sheridan who is making his debut isn't yet as well as being the screenwriter. Had done two movies that. Brought him a lot of acclaim or high water and sikar. You know and so what you're seeing yes it's a thriller. But we're also seeing and learning and I think basically three you are character what it's like on that Indian reservation. Yeah it is not yet in the history of the wind river reservation benefits to ancient tribes have hate that had. Problems at each other for so long in our government put them on the same land together mean because we don't care. So there is a lot of gang violence in the same way that that we have gang violence in our own culture. Did that that's there's bits and pieces of that with her phone. Yeah but you see you're the feds you you. We got yeah I'm the white line down left and honey okay I'm GI FBI I'll take care of everything they've. Hers mine at a little sound that when you basically known nothing yet another. I think about the people will hold here and that whether. But in it's her first time on them on it on a job. Being on a crimes night and and day and I and I think she's really highly trained and she's really editor job. And she's also Smart to station needs help. But I think in any other situation. For by the book at pictures of this officer everything pretty quickly. But this is that navy that the job that way and asked her in her job of actually for the rest of her life. Well yeah yeah you as the woman coming into this you have to be the control yet the hard ass yeah. Yet though one is the top guy. Exactly yeah it Taylor Sheridan said it I need. With the Olsen to play. This fact he did but she knows had a slap guys ran. So crazy get ailing now what it might work. Made him think that I that I should play game. Is grateful that he thought that I am I think I ran. Historically sent people at hear me just that that I am this strong personality. And and I happen and an inner string. I had to learn a lot about shooting guns at one clearing house days I just those are things I've never understand it's always scared. And they and now it's that becomes a part of making news skill that you can do you. Have you learned any kind of martial arts he needs as well I was doing some point tie his thing now that they raffle. In in the federal training and now that there is grappling. Needs like one grapple I don't really want someone like arm pandemic phase metal iron and some office phase. So I did my time which is like a pack. A she and I felt that and just. And also evenly. That non verbal self defense les that's to do before you. Before it turns to islands and to defend your you know. And that prevent violent that if things like that I I felt like I just should learn in the person I trained. Fran in Los Angeles Mark Bradford is a former law enforcement officer for seventeen years and like an Alley during riots and it was a plea thoughts and riots and then I LC trains. In Utah with the former green beret who served in Iraq fort but. I thought you were gonna say that tea assured and said I want her to be this tough heart that's because he saw US's. Which. No I think everything and what's wrong. Well I never use them being in with that I have ever read it's got the red you don't get to where the cost him. Ideally it costs and bring it new one down. Again who really comic book version. No and I'll I think that's going on that I Wear a leather pants it's like the only thing that shelling inflicting. It's not okay so it becoming we'll get a conflict than a leotard yes I know that not Brett and I on the. Recent that's what he cut but now she couldn't find me do it. But that's another there's a purely entertaining yeah yeah oh avengers. Captain America kind of began an entertaining to work you who I first met during your. The Indy triumph in one man hat yeah. It was. He get involved in this kind of thing how and suddenly scarlet witch. I a unit while it started. Because just needed one meaning I that there is that there is it time and you said yes I have let's see. Yes fifty I have. Did it but not al-Qaeda link viewing. IA. I know there is a part where part in my career where I was thinking why am I not being seen her bigger films because I grew up. Being obsessive Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Why the public why can't these. Like why can I do that as welcome and I am my agents or managers said. It's because people don't know the human it is just a general meeting with different big studios which doesn't actually. Matter and the hand because the director picks then the actor and good but you at least here name Karen in a pot. And I think that item and the reason jobs sat down with mean to talk about Ireland's. And the reason they got Villa that was like Gareth Edwards flooding Marc Summers mean lean mean that he came from the world that jobs. The losses a fan of that and other other work and so. It was just a conversation and I read the comic accidents like this woman is kind hidden issues and she's. She's insane she can Alter reality and she counts of her own reality this is a fascinating Karen hunter actually has lately and motive. Character you play if we choose to go down that in the future. And we did you sentinel on and they do you use it in ways. For character are such I appreciate so I found it to be like a fascinating characters get him. It's not just likes. A very strong super hero it like a weird Achilles heel if someone who I think is is driven by. In him and deep dark ocean of Heath complicated yeah yeah that's live that's why it's like that sounds like I'm going to be part of one of these. This is the right things you part. Will there ever be a scarlet witch movie on her own commodity him. It's that we I mean it's time is really explaining it's time he had not knowing you'd go with that but answer someone configured. It'd be I mean it's there's an alien or five decades of comic book. No did you go to. Yeah I mean I do I think he's amazing so it it'd be very dark it happened in darkness. Can't thank them. The hardest thing had to learn to do was that the hand thing that should think like the hardest thing physically it's been just hang out alliance position all. I'm scared of you now I'm you all our goal is went. You can lunge is a I get constantly evolving plan ready this that you attack me first I think. If you just didn't like something I said we just throw that at me or would you just go for the throat. If hearing to hacking and probably trying goes. For hearings and no invite them make a pure eyes water sentencing me and the senate could run away that just wouldn't kindly by U notes it. You know and it's a good distance from the start which could have done this now again I could I couldn't I could just put up an energy she hopes. See that's why we all love that I think you all you want adding I don't mean. I was gonna make it all go away and make that. Which is you know it's another thing when this other movie you have yet as with every pots and I love those pictures of the two of you wearing. The same draft. As. Yet it was well sought a picture look all they did and you see the movie you'll find it both. How adorable he both look at how creeping up getting anything really it's really creepy but. In that and Ingrid you're at her I know you are this social media. Influence. What's what's the name ten what Taylor's killer slow again who is in C Grammy everything in saying everything is mock. And the best. And it means and doing it and port Ingrid. Is just fixated you know. And probably has some sort of border lying oh it's more than in a separate brownies and ours is pretty scared yes he is something a little off she's. She's not the greatest audience parents to grammar social media. Inkster has been event she she comes and and stocks may but I just think she's just like your friend who. Until you're on to the next thing again back to think about social keep the end and tell us she's just like behavior out like and now like let's have a party. This is so different from your FBI it. It's up I wanna do spoilers or anything. She in her own way. This person that your play isn't in a way as screwed up way. As it were angered us. Truly be kids I I. What I what I think happens with happening in society you rate now at the siding with happening with the social media culture he is that. We all just want to be seen we all just when he noticed. And what they're Catholic committing something like that's an island. And or posting you know. You looking great by would be checking people just want to be seen in notice and it's. And we get this new satisfaction from it and I think that highs there's something that's that is really messing with. How we in the world because of that I don't think it's all negative thinking their there are positives. She man. I just recently joined an I'm trying to figure out how you're new to this I knew after this movie I you. Because they've never been on before on from the Thong as Taylor's line. And that now lights lying. Because that it honestly seems like it's in better form of marketing and away. Then getting an ad in the newspaper or day to newsmen yeah. Where did they go yes and it's it's it's about Embree thing. A new direction in and it business mindset. And I think. And I think that's I think that's a marketing let's go it obviously is there. So I I mean it's it's that the weird bounce consultants do you think what you're feeling yourself that's private that's personal. But I. But it but it UP viewers treaty. Professional about what you I can unite behind me everything it kind of Blake with a link like I trying. I think emote he. He brands like I trying to get joke of most of that not like a joke of it but I try and bring humor. And two things like I mean for instance was doing a press junket yesterday in LA and of course what things so I I have there's a picture of mean airing parent hits out. In front of like hand dryer usually attract that yeah that's what she got it there I think it's Adam and and there are also like really horrible photos and from paparazzi at eating and I look. Discussing. They're from years back many years in these photos and so now I'm done PB Friday's. Let me just looking hideous. I think those kind of things are just and now I'm trying to figure out how to bring my personality. Q it. A lot of the roles that you play. You know Martha Marcy may Marlene is your age is that of a cult you know. And yet you starting with your sisters Mary Kate acts and in those wonderful little. I wish I had occur with Fisher and of their little bitty well they're so great you know they just made all those wonderful. It at something or how the west was fun again. And I remember seeing that clip review and look like you were two years all yeah airing at your big sister Maryanne who looked like they were four years. And seeing what am I chopped liver. And a company it added that. Out of you build history to hit the home won't. It was at any little. I I mean I was the girl who would sit in front of my mother's vanity and I would I would try and read play. Something from Greece and I would. In my head I've played me believe an average is being mimicking something from Gypsy and I I do everything to me. Waves make believe so I don't I didn't eleven like a comparison of what they were doing. In my head as much as it was I would like lived in my own little world and that I had a group of friends they still have beaten. Since elementary school and we all lived in our own little world and we agree. Live that it hired I hate that we can't find what I mean he's got something on every other legal and I can't yeah. Except it with. On growing up we high at a really creative group of friends in need we spend spring break sneaking beans and mean we meet every. Oral presentation in class play in musicals when they're like you have an oral presentation about immigration and leave late. Had high water line dying on the boats Alice I land. And they're singing songs and dancing with the ghost like these are things that we created my fifth and sixth grade just for our class. So I I think. You were lost to the cause I won't lineman goes yeah argue it he added had to have been a day it. So I your sister's down there. It's generally support and he and I. I I think it's hard. I think it'd be hard for them to give me like some constructive criticism. I think that's hard you're doing little Italy is darlings to do so but I bet they are always support. But these show the show always and song yes an icu. Basically now that you put that image in mind again this little girl again singing something they don't get. So just do wrote to pray and what about all I need a little section of something. Thank and I live you ways for having me and I could stay together and do next I was is as we thank and that night. Saying that asking for and then snap as fast ascent and having and nothing that saint west. At an analyst is. Up it's great thing. He's so much. Thank you so thank you angry seeing you again.

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{"id":49143736,"title":"Elizabeth Olsen on playing Scarlet Witch, social media and her sisters' support","duration":"18:56","description":"On ABC News' \"Popcorn With Peter Travers,\" Olsen discusses her latest roles in \"Wind River\" and \"Ingrid Goes West.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/elizabeth-olsen-playing-scarlet-witch-social-media-sisters-49143736","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}