Eric Bana's New Role Changed His Viewpoint on Snowden

Actor plays defense attorney in British terrorism thriller "Closed Circuit."
5:12 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Eric Bana's New Role Changed His Viewpoint on Snowden
It's actually quite convenient to be on the surveillance. -- We're only getting attacks can be quite difficult this one night. I see using all the -- -- now. It's a good idea it's. -- -- Apparently I'm paranoid. He plays a paranoid attorney in the upcoming British crime thriller closed circuit actor Eric banner finds himself knee deep in terrorism surveillance and security issues in the new film. And he's here to talk with us all about and -- thanks for being here pleasant congrats on the new film. So this this is a movie about two British lawyers they're defending that is suspected terrorists in high profile case. What's it like to play lawyer defending terrorists. Possession a lot of a lot of pressure my father in law is a retired judge and -- system was embarrassed to -- -- this one time. -- -- baggage but it there was a lot of fun I love the genre. And you know it's it's a classic adults -- -- in in the world of the British legal system. It looks great looks high action. And you've had some experience with these sorts of roles before throwing rolls where did you try your inspiration for this particular roll over there any real life cases of lawyers defending suspected terrorists that you can't have a little bit of time in pre production series two. It's been some time in the in the courts are been you -- but essentially this script was -- very very well written. And character are -- not -- as someone who is brilliant 1000 presents very confident into the world but in reality -- He's going through a lot of his personal life and -- just -- that juxtaposition is if people who -- of them. There's a contradiction in terms of -- -- presents that was. And good acting challenging interest encounters. Terrorism. Big government surveillance conspiracy certainly big headlines right now the NSA surveillance scandal sort of broke while you were developing the film. How did that what was your reaction to that did your role actually kind of influence how you viewed these world events now -- it was sort of unfolding when we -- in parts production as -- film was thing in its desire. I mean selfishly it's probably a little bit of abundance that the films coming out at this particular time and -- It does that does touch on all of those issues progress in the wind -- she's collected and collided in. And ultimately how it's used and how can be used in these sorts of Tyson's. The story and the -- -- actually from a lot of frustration within the British legal system about that is that is closed sessions and the inability to cross examine witnesses. -- court. So we -- and quietly. Thank you find yourself after this although -- trying to conserve activism in this sentiment -- hear about your politics play out and watching what's happening is they're kind of -- collision here. -- Changes your viewpoint not necessary doesn't necessarily -- you. You know want to bear arms but like its. It challenges and used forever -- but you know using Darwin when I was in Blackhawk down it was a similar thing it is sometimes -- -- movie. And -- using these afterwards whenever something is reporting news -- taxes on the subject matter chimes that forever. So there's not doubt that that the -- it's going on right now. With -- Julian Assange I mean it does it does -- you your viewpoint just looking at it from a different angle. You. Been -- a similar -- before in the movie Munich you've played the government assassin. Steve do you find yourself drawn to certain types of roles is this a role C a decent B which he played in star tracker the whole coming do you prefer this -- -- -- Sidrane -- from enemies the films that I draw upon. That is the films I love to see a win win win -- -- at night. The Hollywood doesn't ten's Mike a lot of these movies sell oil and and Bryce the opportunity and it was a very -- one side. Yeah I I would say this and we'll be in Iraq -- that the -- and while I feel comfortable. So we were talking don't have a ton of free time but when you do you've kind of been known to be a race car driver race car fan. And he spent a lot of time driving ever get any accidents yeah I -- into the casual casual wreck on two wheels and -- but. Touch would have touched lightly very fortunate have never actually myself -- I don't do when I'm shooting obviously get it done -- -- from one -- -- on the strike movement. We're live in Melbourne is it's at right back it's. It's its request to play and -- yes and yet another film coming up tells -- about that. -- Somalia which comes just before Christmas which is the story of -- the trial. It was -- united Seau who survived. A mission to Afghanistan which -- forcing a lot of nice -- were killed. That's an amazing story of survival and -- -- Marcus is who -- earlier in. Peter Bernard the director called me up and asked -- playing Erik Christensen actually -- not one of them -- aged characters in the film that is the mission commander on. Immediately jumped on board because someone to be a part of that story of the things home. So that's another film coming down applied for right now are excited about closed circuit comes out that August 48. Aircraft -- thanks for joining us -- thank you.

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{"id":20005728,"title":"Eric Bana's New Role Changed His Viewpoint on Snowden","duration":"5:12","description":"Actor plays defense attorney in British terrorism thriller \"Closed Circuit.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/eric-banas-role-changed-viewpoint-snowden-20005728","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}