Eva Longoria discusses immigration memos and sanctuary cities

Actress discusses what she is passionate about and the problems with the path to U.S. citizenship.
7:15 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for Eva Longoria discusses immigration memos and sanctuary cities
I have thrived one woman empire she's joining us for hot topics right now please welcome the many many fabulous lives. What's Bradley. There's a even out. Yeah new studio news gradually shift out but you're all stealing raping me and I'm not for after the show it to you take it one big spank so except. All right thank god somebody's very easy but let it didn't if you bonds. You know we've been talking about immigration and action. This is something you can speak to that yet yeah I've studied it a lot I've been on the border several times and then Arizona. On the there's a couple think a lot of issues about about immigration. And immigration reform that's why they call it comprehensive immigration reform that is many tenants are securing the borders as the guest worker program there's pathway to citizenship and there's a lot. Of moving parts and so when people say get the back of the line you do realize there is no long. And that's the broken system is that there's you that you this line that you had that line but where's the law like I'll get in line but just tell me what time. I'm Nike because spank is today. And you said it to about about Sanctuary Cities and refugees. This is that it's at very dangerous and is just my personal opinion but it's very dangerous to deny asylum. To a lot of these people Honduras is the myrtle capped murder capital the world Syria is a war zone. So this isn't issue of Democrats and Republicans it's not an issue of trump for these people it's an issue of life. He did you know I I agreeing with width. We are law where a country of laws and that's really important to follow and I'm so happy that trump is protecting doc and up the children and the parents super important because he's a people that contribute to the country. But we have to be careful that they floated. And end what happens is when you. Vilify an entire community you know I'm Latino so people as soon let Fino is equal with illegal. And it's not I'm not I'm ninth generation I'm more American my goodness I'm Mexican American yeah yeah. Can't more than the funding of Sanctuary Cities because the local and state governments cannot have a gun to their head. Right. From the from the federal government of the funding and when you defund went went federal funds are taken out of cut of states like California's largest. Has the most Sanctuary Cities you could possibly be. Will use federal vouchers for housing you can be de funding the Los Angeles port that needs at federal funding for to protect it from terrorism like you can't just. Take away funds because you're trying to prove a point of an election activists and witnesses people should. Educate themselves and their home do the homework on was yelling not yet because there's a lot of fake fats rattled around him that that's not true messenger there's a great book called. They take our jobs by AB but Chomsky acts and it's the twenty myths. They don't pay taxes they do. They take our jobs they don't. Comments it's a really really good book if you want to get educated on in the senate is set. You're a star but the you read I indeed be the website I indeed they. And it says it's a web site that basically tells you everything about every celebrity including how old we owe a lot right. How they and there are people actors I guess who was saying hello take my Angel out there. But at the moment there's a ruling saying that they can't do that they don't even on the idea that might be overturned but at the mommy and leaving that would take. And mom not yet socks and. I didn't suck when you're like twenty year life. Now I'm not I'm over forty and I'm like yeah lets us take that down. Patent but now it is you know what is it there is ageism in Hollywood there's ageism in society yes I UH out of everything yeah right now. A lot of people looked right at that age yet I don't understand about nine DB and not informed about. Is there's a lot of misinformation on my page Millen even does this even does that it isn't and I got on it from Chicago get. And added it still has much of a lot of little but it did people end up in a load of camper you can upload information about I mean like it so it that's only thing is that a lot of misinformation on those pages down but you know what your age out that particulate. But they can find that I wanted and I'm not slightly so yeah. I Asian lion increasing IKEA does 986. Can't believe it and leave it up on the pale say she got a really good faceless. Yeah. Where I wanna talk to you about your hubby. The last time you were here you will you got married and human. Yeah. You've both been married before but neither of you want to get we get married but what happens because your weight now crying now. Yeah. I am now Miami now we vote they've been married and we just we just wanted to be happy and it. That's different things to different people and it just evolved into. We should get married an exit for you. Main let me what do you tell you about and then we did and it was it was beautiful Paris on these days the nation Patti Dion handing out. You're going to ya empire yeah. You're going to be any upcoming movie bull riders and public that you've also been doing a lot of work here behind the camera you actually just directed an episode a black ash yes and you said. Your good director because you're a woman yeah explains we Levy by well. Been a director at me as if to problem solve and answer a lot of questions and just hope things at the same time and so really only women can do that yeah. I'm asking you questions just problems all the holiday long but yeah I just directed black Asian heritage in the Burge and addicted devious and I just find because it's a show that confronts. Every show has an important message it has importance. As something to say. And it was one of my favorite shows and I called ABC nice that I interact on those and I love Anthony Anderson Traci Ellis Ross not just of me. Yeah the the main thing everybody was great and they weren't they it was a really fun shows I directed the season finale which will be really exciting that's the band's show.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Actress discusses what she is passionate about and the problems with the path to U.S. citizenship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45663276","title":"Eva Longoria discusses immigration memos and sanctuary cities","url":"/Entertainment/video/eva-longoria-discusses-immigration-memos-sanctuary-cities-45663276"}