Extended Interview With Cast of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

Producer Kathleen Kennedy and director Gareth Edwards reveal their excitement about working on the project.
11:42 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Extended Interview With Cast of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'
Things. It sounds like this. Pair. They are really hitting the war home. I I think one of the main jet successes of style is in general Tuesday some mix of genres. And that it's never one thing and I think that's the mistake a lot of people make when they try and imitate those films based essays like a scifi. To west in space but really it's it's a whole collection things and George are always went back to the original. Mythology. And you can say this Weston's this summer films that is swarming bees. It's. Spy movies mission of these that's kind of where we're gravitating towards. Yes and I think definitely wrote one. Does step outs it. Certainly let everybody has come to know what the site tell us and I think stepping into these new genres and exploring needs news tone realities in Star Wars is definitely something we're dealing with Star Wars story. You. We're. Com. Or or. Well I think all Star Wars movie still at at their heart and soul. Their stories about aspiration. So even if those stories tend to get someone end here slightly darker. They maintain that things are worth. Yen. I mean. If you look at the originals Clayton in one's way doesn't suit them speak an action that analyze what happens in that. That big epic themes of the hot stones and I think is more about how you do that as a child growing up today. I kind of sales of sex and it's it's. I think I think. Kind of got a piece descriptions. My brain and didn't that so it's. Us. We hear. It. No I don't think we have that. Challenge because I think by its very nature being standalone movie. Means that it has new characters. New places. It's a completely. Stand alone story that isn't dependent. Necessarily on the characters become more what we're doing however where we're definitely looking at where these stories may fall on the timeline. So for anyone who knows in the talent but college and Star Wars. They're definitely didn't have a sense. Of where these stories and in a climate what's interesting that the court had fencing have any problem with this at all. Of the mini mention any little kernel. Of what feels and looks like Star Wars fame thing pretty much knowing they are so. That's an area when that happened he. Are. That. There. So it is really hard to explain to people you have an illness that is that when you first see a very iconic character. From the navy's for instance. Nothing gets my continent are afraid of when we would we were doing this because operators actually. Into the filming is got more in common with a an automobile in terms of the way have to like him to be showing us. I'm and then he meant as a yet he lets the camera test the very first time we have. Did this is really we were in the middle of the things are feeling lots of stuff and trying to things are sending our member of my schedule somewhere say it hasn't thought they'd its estimates of and I forgot all about it. I just woke countenance that. And turn the corner and he was just that that this in the lat and it's such an iconic image. And they even had that sound effect plane just because everyone could help themselves says the kind of a all. And I just reduced to be indicated an analyst at old wrest the crew and everyone was just looking like they were four years old. And rule really nervous and going to direct him was by hard. When Karen. You can post he hadn't really timid around him. And then it's really strange things happens that after a day analysts he's just stop Ada and he just thought back to get more and Shawn Davison and it. It becomes normal and and you have to check you sir you get my god by. Suddenly realize when this and he stuck to the sharp look on the monitor and you get these poems to gain. And you realize like Mike this is something that. Forty years from now on and remember that an amendment have some announced like in my life where I got this opportunity it's. But in the moment and comment back that paralyze me because you will get to function antsy have to keep going on the day treating it like normal but deep down your life. Company we get. This is I think. I don't get paid they and that. It is clear and stairs. Seeing to alert. Here. Yeah. To say thanks things. I'm and I spike. Every single day on this though. In any of the life but being the biggest day of your life of an answer real dad your life and it happens every single day. And just when you think you've hit the limit the next phase even more crazy. And I remember filming particular scenes with T and someone nice Meehan and way too Long Island. Communities Skywalk. When slipped across Montana posted on sat next to Kathy. And I've never met in my life and I grew up wanting to be Skywalk hat and is my hair. And just so that gravitational pull him and I look closer had the teacher on which was God's Hillary just from the don't want them for why. One learned of the fact he shed. Not like human skin and doesn't have paid into wearing something and and then is that. He was talking to me he's a very sweet very light he makes you feel Easter Wayne mock. But all I can remember what I was saying what he was saying it is an all time. Just as he was tagged as looking around doing please someone please be taking picture this no one's gonna believe me and that is Skywalk that. And I did actually text one home that night she was like yeah camp and I had a haven't had meanwhile. And went on to them welcome Mike Woods and explanation. It. Actually I didn't have announcements as. You. And happy units are. Yeah at phone line. RO won't. Those who can beat him away for care act here. It. Well. I would say this that at least the characters. In what is. Truly an action adventure story are going to run into some fairly. Complex obstacles so they we'll confront. There will confront things that may result. No little dissent. But a lot of hope. Sorry. Here remind your captors and anything. We're. The thought of anything okay. And what their own they didn't sad thing is that when you make from this person teach you can believe in line and the Internet is full of ideas and things that might be NFL one. And they've been right with a few of them. What can say is probably is back. Industrial light and magic. We'll be doing repair and maintenance yeah. At me. If god. Sorry we can we did and now is that. Because I announced. There. Are. Oh. You know. It's interesting actually him because I think within India and Afghanistan. These. And the Star Wars story idea. Is that were not. Necessarily doing these movies in creating these stories around pulling lots of different. Familiar characters. Into the story we're actually creating lots of new characters and news stories and so yes we've already talked a bit about Darth Vader but I would say that. Darth Vader is probably. Where the key characters that we brought into the story because it leads up to new hope. And Vator with section significant. Character and new home but we haven't really done a great deal of that in the rest of the story. I mean first senate and externally especially someone like me you're can candy store has a new did start agreement regarding trying to grab everything in. And then he really. Think about it and everyone and everything has to and its place in the story. And and there comes a point where content and select. Just add service or karaoke number. Have films gory enough this we. Very quickly. Stotts to realize like this film and and the goal of this maybe was that initially just like me being tracked through the idea of this made me the aliens tracks it's like. How it might connects of that favorite films. Then you start watching and then have yet set it and forget what you can carry and you skip who reads these new taxes and needs it on the east unions ride with them. And maybe it's with the end just when you completely gone up in Preston and in what we have been going into the equation. Little things might happening and you'll be the icing on the cake that is not. It's not the reason for that films exist it's is purely. Trying to find a story that owning sighing like you've never seen any of its star systems. Like deserves to exists. And and it just so happens how things passing through it that you might be from. Street I'll find you.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"Producer Kathleen Kennedy and director Gareth Edwards reveal their excitement about working on the project.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40657123","title":"Extended Interview With Cast of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'","url":"/Entertainment/video/extended-interview-cast-rogue-star-wars-story-40657123"}