Fall Out Boy on New Album 'American Beauty/American Psycho'

The band discusses their 7th album and their summer tour with Wiz Khalifa.
8:51 | 01/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fall Out Boy on New Album 'American Beauty/American Psycho'
That my friends is follow voice on the single sentry the band's newly released six. Studio album American Beauty American Psycho already streamed nearly sixty million times on YouTube and Spotify. Sixty million. Put your head or on that it's just that now. So how does that make the Banfield and find out because Pete Wentz Patrick stump artist Judy woods they got thanks for stopping by entrapment aren't so ESPN our sister network picked this up to play for the the the first ever college football championship. It's been clear that the VWE I mean is this song easily the single has. All we take on that kind of like commercial significance that come blow your mind that you prepared for that. Not at all and it's really crazy for me because. You know I. I'm band kids so I didn't really wasn't even that acquainted with sports like as back and it's been like a crash course where you know we've been to so many games in the past year to it's crazy if the up at the end Katie Connecticut thank you stick their religious you know playing in. Punk rock bands and stuff like that you know that was pretty much are put all my eggs in the basket and then really have any time for any any other hobbies you know so. So it's been kind of wild like he's been having no like you tell me some of the rules and. Stuff they. You can get what David yeah maybe that's that's native to spell that's a tutorial out ominously you know sports instruction work well. Itself. Could be good you're good Bob that could be that the actors on spotless and that you see though the studio in your record in the semi you have in mind you have any idea than you know what centuries is gonna stand up or like Uma Thurman which is another trapped in the sand out a few what's the when we. You know Hugo it. If Clinton arena is neck and you know and it's like we. We do try to write songs because we're a band that has played in fact please vessels and planes -- than want with stadium necklace theft. We try to Arthur Guinness writes on that are given sound cool those environment booklet you know kids interactive stuff like that. And the default. Thing that happened in the pleases its sports and stuff like you know Knight can so we're we're like. It makes sense to us you know and in that way but we don't write it with that expectation. That it is the a byproduct of the if we're trying to write a song for like at a sport and you try to write a song for anything usually doesn't work out that where it's always the ones that surprisingly I actually respect of his earlier I am terrible at picking that being like any time elect guys I got the -- is going to be the one war blank whatever it is radical as the sun didn't make the record you know. So let the oddsmakers in Vegas and goalies go again against me I'm the co. My take care how how how does it get determined that from what's gonna make the cut then is that the vote is it just sort of like it vote and then there's them sometimes there's some. Persist in its nagging high. The light argument in drag you kicking in spring the usually by now I'm certain and certainly did them okay I've got. Republic who clearly you've got to trackers that if you agree. The tone the sound the style is is a little different little a vault. Describe that. Will. I mean we we wanted to just kind of keep. Lauren to continue experimenting and C and and see what happens and keep the Constance. You know Pete clear they think are very definable I guess my voice is pretty definable. Keep those those elements you know at the forefront but change everything else around and see what happens and and I mean I think it's always exciting when we when we starting a record is we don't know what it's gonna so I can read. He we were fighting to be the ban on radio your arms and like it's like. Austin one and a half other bands in dams and so I feel like hopefully this record. There's kids out there oh here. Centuries who then here's other songs on the record and go discover other bands because about the validity gateway park press select that's headed the charge because you still wanna be loyal to your base but the same time attract new. Well and yeah I mean if we hadn't we grew up. Two bands like that we grew up on bands that you know broke through please bring their McAllen it doesn't change class and change it's like hard I mean like. Hitler's in the same record over and over again forever now. So when the tracks moments aren't telling the story but this and he just color and say hey listen we're gonna do a song in this is the usual yeah. Okay it do deep do do by the way. Yet well so we. We wrote this on we originally we had a monster sample and people kept saying. Of it content you know poppy excellent people mistook it for the Dick dale fines and pulp fiction I'll summarize it and read about whom they're meant to she plays. He's kind of like legendary empowered women especially in kill bill I think it's just awesome. That we reached out to. Term camp at least and that one of the names on this American got her bless him for that that's cool that's not two straight to imagine that she might. She might occur with I picked at a higher I think when you get sixty million street the sixty million hits. There's probably a good possibility she may think it David Gergen David something that's enough that they're probably wanna check into that our C talk with a by the little bit of the influence that. Yet he either as or both fathers congratulations three months old six. Influences to change the way that you guys are going to the studio is a change when you sit down and right. We're definitely much more relaxed than I think as you could have been fired just. Forces a lot of patients aren't you pick in. I was at a maniac before Libyan media line at Starbucks in typical raise unit Latin person ordering fast but let's. I'm having a child especially when their top rate you that quickly realized that you can. Be patient enough with that then you you can handle it might start. Of a rock bands like that death is. But I in. Five month old as well and it's just it's so interest in C they're all interest in phase. It is. The crazy as well because of these 33 month old and an F five though that's a very very early on in the stage and kind of you know there dystrophy in their way around in the world you're guiding them but you're also on homework duty as well yes that's that's the coolest thing in the world and that Pete Wentz has. As your deck and a checking over to make sure that your homework done here's here's that. The best part about it is that Mike heated. I'm literally he's the only person that I am absolutely certain. That I've Justin's dad like he's liked what he wanted pictures with you inequity we get up in the morning he does what want to talk to negate the good. Doesn't matter look or does not there I've seen a team decided to stage like you know what they'll be at a show Libyan you know parties label and he's on the side of the stage play. They're like put back youth advocates like. The penalty you if it's like. Another level of humility but then that when I go to his school and they're talking about what they wanna do it he's like I'm going to be a rock star Michael my god thank. Break a to have wanna cry that so amazing if you little for so he clearly he clearly gets it he just hasn't gotten caught bluntly on YouTube but. If it. He's got a few years that had to learn the lessons and there are some that. That's also congratulations big announcement boys of summer coming out pet co headlining with wiz Khalifa as well this yet we're still for that that tore. QB and amp theaters tenants a chance for us to bring out a really big production and playing with winds will be equal with hope we will build a light kind of croft on Nader do something together that you know for the fish to prevent me as we cool they're called for an import of that what else Communist if you don't have enough going on. You know damn lesser theft at. At its rate you your kind of this like could be. Wednesday Saturday that we do this around the globe so that we will next will be oh we go to Australia and it has been good do this in Asia and then. Eight somewhere Morales that they were Rivet benevolent groups however and after cardiac health that. Nice job check it out American Beauty American Psycho Pete Wentz Patrick stump guys thank you so much you guys thanks.

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{"duration":"8:51","description":"The band discusses their 7th album and their summer tour with Wiz Khalifa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28431772","title":"Fall Out Boy on New Album 'American Beauty/American Psycho'","url":"/Entertainment/video/fall-boy-interview-2015-album-american-beautyamerican-psycho-28431772"}