Fantasy Forecast: The Return of Fall Weather, Concerns About Tom Brady, the Vikings and More

ABC News' Melissa Griffin and Michael Huberman get you up to speed on what happened this week in football and what it means for your fantasy team.
11:37 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: The Return of Fall Weather, Concerns About Tom Brady, the Vikings and More
And meteorologist now and welcome it and it forecast live here with Nike Yurman AKA our NATO for the day. Everybody so we're very excited happy and the weather is going to eat pretty quiet this heat and football minds are meant exactly so we brought our own whether it is the terrifying weather phenomenon. This color and radicals they're excited about back. But it you don't have a chart NATO coming to your ski and you really wrestling. An entire country eight. On all temperatures are act it's been like ED is here so hot. It went people are late. On their baby in her beatings use on Central Park great. Is that is angry now it's raining it's disgusting and and colts. October when there is here is any it all and SEC quick shark you know chuck you know warnings are possible this week at any. So let's start. Which we talk about first there is an underdog and I thought ball last night you know. I've always said there is note easier back. Then betting on doctors. The week after he his play is me topic of discussion namely what's wrong. Week that happens once a year. And now it's good news when is it. His girlfriend. To Hollywood that is rather commercials I'd rather I'll I subtler thing that's said that he has not played as well. Since the flea since the plea because he gets that he likes the balls over the place rank and it's that since bald you know inflation and an issue. This accident that. But you know it's like sometimes you just have a back and he was great last name so the first half rain but it up 300 yards three touchdowns as a donor program Rodgers I was threat. You have to roll or if it's it's just at the top quarterback hearing your out and just one bad week is not room what's going to be. I want that we street but you can't yes it. Is not act. And I think it's interesting is. Currently use. Has. That we're looking at separate results that was how the white jury announced that he out of one birth and immediately. Well all shining are all looking great and what happened that is monitored. Who is probably the best wires. Is the best if you read Aaron Rodgers three in the past retouched the majority. I 75 yards. That's famous for it's it's insane now and every actually. Yes second regularly analysts' projections. And Heatley on IR and other parents and three. All. It injuries. Every eight one and on the rocks and not in any theories are off at hand and now he's gone out as well. What went. You know it's funny because this is we can for the patriots this sort of victory parade rob whispered institute for now its pre. There's doesn't have the same ring and wreck infuriates me around her in I was frustrated I I took him number one overall. He guided take number one overall you don't everything about pension going to. Right that's never it's always eat is part is always playing your number one act exactly. And western heritage in parliament when rob expert at some moments but. You know I think you gotta throw out there but yet known. A lot of this out of game just doesn't. Hopes up exactly. Is that he's passed eat it. And now it's a start and you know Nazis out for six weeks. Ago ideally he wears injuries. You loves being hurt and no matter I don't I don't think. On I don't think of route owners don't opt out. And let. It. Op are honest I think you're I write and record. It. And it's. I'll keep. Her out. I mean what we consider picking up cars. Ree weeks ago yes absolutely not happen aren't. At eat. And now we look slugger and you know him this week the Minnesota which is I mean another rough game and I mean. You know at this point first voters are rookies are back. That's great. I think you aunts or not even have winced when roster there's just too much inconsistency between them which is to be understood and he has a right. Exactly and eat he looked. I mean assert this Iranian threat interception he was grinding it out there and now he's looking more like the app ever since I eat. Once once these teams dictate on these guys are to figure out ways to stop him. Confusing slow down so terrific with Wentz pension. As the as a lightly especially this slate and it's like oh really monitoring options vikings defense. The biggest reason why it by the in that really lighter Ivan Allen indicated to lapse it's crazy acutely seen how aren't making that Spain beat the excite yeah and then again at -- has been great you mentioned that cell mean what's the what's. On back. It's not really clear when exactly right act media after the body that I. I think amusement it. I think you know they're a lot of Tony Romo Drew Bledsoe. There are so many people talking about Zack and proud history is that that that's high praise protect us. But you know it at this point how could you not to use our back. He has at any rate the team has been written there are other things they're two great running back in aggregate defense at the moment so. I think Tony need to be treated it and it and it's crazy thing that sort of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Exactly leader franchise round match exactly it's it's crazy and not do on how it's you know once he's back and healthy it's what. I do not envy that position Richardson's Hispanic a tough decision. It's so to. To try to figure that out because act passed at its oak and banging Tony Romo the cowboys. So it's. It's an exciting setting yet site yet speaking of exciting about it oh my ass outlet is an audit the audit and needed. Here it's told me that he would have caught a game winning touchdown pass that would believe that if you told me that he would have proposed a picking that. I also want to believe that given what you. Sheldon as young there an air when he did. His leg parishioners. The I try I I didn't mean. It is like a ballerina. Football player dancer perform. Latin Nazi you know he's not need you now illegal bats in Asia and actually that's very happy outcome was nothing but the back. We hope you in your natter merry happy. But seriously they don't from this in perspective it's like he has these games that are in oddly I'm a single handedly we knew he. And he has these games or doesn't really having huge numbers yes some sort of outburst on the sidelines. With the matter. Something always so there's there's always drop it is something clicked on Brinkley is pathetic for a team and he always to be exactly and giant bleeding and is yet. So in terms of New York City drama. On the other way and we have a life that yield our New York Jets. I played very well as a patriots fan I mentioned Marines very much but. What is going on. It's just all and and it gets an era that aren't thanks to my dad these are all the list all. He says are eking out. Sorry. I was born and jets and pats went and it. But it's. Our quarter acts what is happening it's starting this. Means. You know I can't see him deeply eating much greater than its Patrick. Patrick is eating meat turnovers. Worth three it is. And eat him for that. All the drop it at. About one year I'm glad I Britney year because this is. At its off while. It's interesting because you know you're one in 115. So this is and is technically not law. But it did tell us the loss it's it's getting close. I wonder though if it makes and Slaton had news someone knows what. Rights and is on exactly how are not so I wonder if it gets them when they say wait two. Months ago we have. To we have some reason Bill Lewis moved forward with it and we have to yet again this. And it's every. Every year needs and Mark Sanchez he and that 1000. AFC championship game you know at 18 years I was. One of my most exciting here. Patriots. In the plant it seems that that was until that was probably what apps is when the words. Great had a good and bad that I loved it but. It's. I haven't been happy with accents and and old court at issue is an problem. Eric Decker on IR Britain marks means what it and it would act at all about getting picked off. Or tank. Yeah I mean it's it's is it because. Good or bad news as a team that valuable. Eric Eck are written Marshall importantly how good player had the potential there right and and it all just aren't anarchy and it's natural in a note rushing game the right yeah it's almost spiraling. Down. And it stuck because now again from his perspective these guys are people humans and a friend of more missiles are. Right. You know Matt Forte nice and act that there's you haven't touched and you know he's really and Summers reliable right sell it. Well it's hard I had a lot of communities and now. On it's hello. It like a yearly ritual. Our great. We returns and. Exactly and every might be saying every year at all. As we say every think air and there's always next year. When when our year and this comes. With. It. It is coming from one of the and about the ins across the country yet will cap a winning within. Backing it up. Circulating causes me they are lovely check it out everyone again the only air assaults are tornado warning out they're. Scary yeah ain't that yet and I'm your odds it's now. Next week.

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{"id":42967952,"title":"Fantasy Forecast: The Return of Fall Weather, Concerns About Tom Brady, the Vikings and More","duration":"11:37","description":"ABC News' Melissa Griffin and Michael Huberman get you up to speed on what happened this week in football and what it means for your fantasy team.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasy-forecast-return-fall-weather-concerns-tom-brady-42967952","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}