Football Fever: Barry Sanders Interview

NFL Great Barry Sanders talks the big game and new projects.
10:22 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Football Fever: Barry Sanders Interview
It is not every day that we can boast upping join in the studio by arguably the greatest running back in NFL history for ten amazing seasons. He electrified NFL watchers nationwide and abroad. And now as we are cut and receivable 49 who better to have with us today in the studio and and it agree Barry Sanders thanks for stopping by my blood. You are here for a very important cause of his dead obviously is important to you a lot of the people in the NFL fidelity to that in a moment but first scene but all in was talking about right now in the talk about football they're talking about. Deflate game they're talking about these eleven of twelve football's. That we're within the New England Patriots. Possession that were under inflated. What did you think when you first heard about this just as bizarre story. You know I know that day and if they'll get to the bottom of it and you know you hate to see this. You know happening as we prepare virtual bull. And you know hopefully. You know hopefully they they get to my move in and they shouldn't happen again. And is a distraction any talk about you're focusing trying folks on the game itself that but I mean that something like this comes up I mean does a sideline. You know what players and the coaches should be focusing on. You know I think the teams who remain pretty focused. Would I'm sure that they are has been some resources. Having to deal with this. You know and in civil they can be a good thing for the patriots right now in them I'm sure that really takes the mother comforts of home. Anything like this ever happen in the with the lines. No. Not that I can think of you know that who does thing do we solve you know some guys like they have balls looked with the Mosul more worn. Things like that bit but nothing of the scale. And this is had a very micro detail of being able of the plane performs cement that. What about punishment Armenians are looking at possibly when he 5000 dollar fine if you know someone if in fact they did under inflate the balls and mean is that is that appropriate that the that's scaled to this kind of an offense. I don't know I would think that it would be a greater sense. You know and and it will be in rison just to see that language you know they did deals with with on this particular offense but I would assume that it would be more than one. So I wanna talk to you that about PBA which imminent threat pronounces correctly it's pseudo pulled bar. Bull bull bull bull our kids in the global war what we. What first of what is this what is PB yeah is is certainly some. I want to raise awareness for and it PDA is is. You know something that you know we're we really want to do this because so many players are her an individual or suffer from this would basically it is. The inability to control laughing and crying and in certain situations. You know when and so. You know come from hit injury comes from. Certain other neurological conditions like dementia or alzheimer's. And no more than to me in. People were so suffer from this. And we want people know that there's certainly help for them swim in for me it's personal because. We did a recent survey gridiron greats formal football players than we sold it you know most of them are are suffering from hit some gonna hit entry. They have symptoms of that a similar to PBA. And they haven't ticking with the doctor. Sold that they go and get out today is that there's website you can go to you. It's tackle PDA. I doubt or and find out more about it you can actually also take a they assessment test to see where you war. And see if you need to take it further so what if you for speaking with some at this even existed. Well obviously the discussion and hand injuries. His men and in our discussion for a while now. Bullets. Put as far as this the specifics of PDA. Only recently in and only as the gridiron greats conducted the survey. That and news of effecting a good number of of their members. And and so on being a former player. Knowing that these guys need our help indeed our resources. To do to make sure that they can battle this is something that's very treatable. And and so you know this this kind of outline I came across well that's next question and what what is the treatment for something else. Why I I couldn't get into the treatment not McNabb in a position obviously. What the best thing to do really is to go. Two the web site. And tackle BBA god or. Get that self assessment test. A lot of the things on there that did soon. You can you can look at referred to in and really this lead to the ground still. You know between Olympia city. He assumes will. To get the word output but the best thing to do was talk to your physician. If you feel like you're having them in any symptoms and in go to looks like India really getting behind this game rate raising this awareness. Well I think gum. This is done not necessarily within NFL obviously that they're doing. Many things you know and in the voting. Resources to head injuries and and in investing dollars in in things like Denton in them I'm happy to see the thing that they and the bill has done over the last couple years. You know they certainly put the money with a mouth is. In this is just one more thing. You know this is basically done by. The group gridiron grates which is headed by. The great coach Doug dome. Dick Sargent. That as his two and and so you know it's not really in a bill based bullet. It is very essential. Yet having spent ten seasons with Detroit I mean that kind of voice and then that kind of a legacy that really lends itself to the it to the to the strength of being able to get this kind of message out I would imagine which is probably why PDA want very well we'd why this is. It was important and you as is upfront there and getting people where well you know I hope so yeah hopeful because. We wanna do what we can for our players did did have played this game you know and also a woman wanna make the point as well that PBA can can impact anyone. And might as a sit before. Individuals that may be suffering from dementia. Or alzheimer's diseases like that that impact the brain and as well as those who have brain injuries in that that's not limited to football. But certainly we we did see in this survey this so a lot of our you know gridiron greats are having symptoms that are similar to. Two PDA and so. I sewing little in my voice to that you know love these guys are. The guys that motivated me to play football and you don't certainly coach Dick was that that I looked up to and I love the work he's doing with gridiron greats. On the slow on proved to do. And Ayers and very place for Stanford. You missed the game. You know I'm just parts of it. Yet as parts of the game I'm on the kid did. From as early as I could remember I had a passion for football and competition. And and played every year as a kid in. And to be able to grow up and play and colleagues and has the tell us who are ahead in and that I just had a college Gregg had to have been enough with a view to go to an NF fail in head of the crew ahead there. Is is still seems amazing to me. And so Ansonia you know the game's been been fantastic for me. What about me you were loved you were killed in Detroit and and really even for those that weren't minds fans. You know your ability and the field was respected. Did what was your response I guess the backlash. When you quit. You know it for me what it was. Honestly the backlash was understandable. And you know in and is certainly with something that became I don't know where. A lot of fans. Mattel in think about it for awhile. For a fortnight both they sold almost a salute assault and certainly do in my last season and it pretty good idea. That it was probably going to be my last. You know and and didn't quite an audit. How to handle it necessarily. You know and sleigh load. Those of us that live in Detroit we noted that the tourism has been affable tan. And that the best of the wall region in and so. But all is forgiven now you know I still live in Michigan is there is still my home. And you know we had a great season this year. In the hopefully when these days and will become of the lines going to suitable throughout. With the so this speaking of speed of great Michigan Anderson a challenge to you talk to him once and something cute said if I could change anything in football. It would be how people worship the athletes. You think that's changed. As it got worse I don't know I. I think that may become from a very young Barry Sanders perspective. Real I think you know we. We receive. Great benefit from play in the game. I think is up to you. How you handle that I know for me. You know it was difficult for me. All the things off the field you know coming from Oklahoma State. And not really deal with the media that much. I think with some had to be used to. And and deal with fans it was some heading used to believe. But at the bottom line is if you play professional sport is the it is a unique privilege and pleasure every day is icing on the cake. Should be something that you cherish. Every moment in and try your best you can to enjoy the parts that that might be a nuisance. Well listen we all loved watching you play and we will go on to tackle PDA. Done or this or I wouldn't be it could be that or we will thank you we will get informed Barry Sanders thanks much stuff right appreciate. Police would have me.

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{"duration":"10:22","description":"NFL Great Barry Sanders talks the big game and new projects. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28410231","title":"Football Fever: Barry Sanders Interview","url":"/Entertainment/video/football-fever-barry-sanders-interview-28410231"}