Fortnite returns with ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’

Digital Trends news editor Matt Katz talks about the recent launch of "Fortnite Chapter 2."
3:40 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fortnite returns with ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’
Over the weekend of fort night had in the gaming community flustered after they announced a new season launch but instead. Left players staring at a black hole for 48 hours so early Tuesday morning the wait was finally over the company epic games launched. Fort night chapter to a whole new map new tools new moves and I want to bring in digital trends news editor Matt Katz to break all of this down. Matt Matt I just want to tell us about this new chapter did they need a total make over. You know life. Think that it was a great idea on their part to completely revamp a lot of parts of the game. If you remember this is pretty much the most popular team in the world and people are playing at all the time so things get old pretty quickly. When they revamp the entire game or in many many aspects have been added a whole bunch of new features all the sudden everything is new. Yet do you think that that black hole it's pretty interesting I mean and made for pretty buggy re launch there. Yes I I think that. No one has ever really done this before you've had games go offline because like server problems and things like that. But no one has ever taken one of the most popular games in the world off line for 48 hours and we saw people essentially freaking out for a lot of that time thinking that the game might never come back. So you had all of these people really paying attention to essentially a black hole for two days. Yeah it's also interesting because there's people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Playing for a night and so this sort of gave a look into what it would be like if there was no game what do you think there futures light. I think they're gonna be OK you had some of these people that actually spent 48 hours essentially freaking out on a camera watching this black people. These people really there audiences are there for the personality not so much for the game itself. So they can move on to other games we seen that in the past they've gone from other games to fort night they're probably going to keep their millions of viewers. After four night is no longer as popular as it is now so I think they're gonna be okay it was interesting to see how some of these streamers were able to take advantage of the black hole to even bolster their audiences over those two days. Yen how off. Anything that at big games as going to need to do this moving forward I mean indefinitely. Caused quite the star. I don't know if they can really pull this off again at least in the short term this was a huge deal. But one of the things that's really exciting about four night and something that we cover almost every week at digital trends dot com. Is the changes that happened to the game small changes things that are introduced in the map. New weapons all of these little updates happen constantly so there's always something new for players not quite on this scale. But it is something that keeps people coming back week after week. Yet and I just one I just want remind people of what. Everyone was doing in the meantime we talked about this the other day people are playing pick she married. People were saying that they finally had time to come spend time with their kids so this game is like. All consuming. Yet there are people that play this game 1214. Hours a day. There are professionals they get paid to play this competitively. And they have to practice it like almost any other sport. So this is something that is a huge part of people's lives and suddenly for two days they got kind of a mandatory break where they could do things like you said play board games spend time with family. It was almost like having it a couple of days off for some of these competitive players. Tirades so Matt Katz news editor for digital trends breaking down fort night. They re launched thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Digital Trends news editor Matt Katz talks about the recent launch of \"Fortnite Chapter 2.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66322309","title":"Fortnite returns with ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’","url":"/Entertainment/video/fortnite-returns-fortnite-chapter-66322309"}