'General Hospital' Celebrates 50 Years With 'Nurses Ball'

Kin Shriner and Genie Francis look back at their time on the iconic soap opera.
4:09 | 04/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'General Hospital' Celebrates 50 Years With 'Nurses Ball'
Today April 1 marks the fiftieth anniversary of ABC's hit show general hospital. And to help mark the show's golden anniversary they'll reprise the immensely popular nurses ball fictional charity event. Dedicated to HIV aids awareness and join -- to celebrate and talk more about this. Milestone for this amazing show one of the most popular couples Lawrence -- -- -- what's known as genie Francis and in trying to thank -- -- being here congratulations and in fifty years. Do you look back in his think how could you even possibly part of some Clinton was so -- -- -- -- legacy. Yes it's huge thing and it's actually. The longest running -- -- currently on the air and the third longest in history. And over the years you guys have obviously had your rough patches but we've also watched to see. The relationship kind of weave in and out of the good the bad times and exactly. Yes that was -- we are already saying that right one time we were very happy and his unhappiness and we're trying to do. Happiness back again. Whiplash because the fact that it does change so rapidly and so often. He had. Does you know sometimes you just wonder what's going on you know things. Different writers come along and change stuff and you know and then reinstate stuff and changed right. Yeah they definitely do it it it's different each time there's a change and love the current regime. I love how much -- -- the history of the shipments and want to bring back the core characters in and let us come back to work and play and reinvent -- for now. Which is kinda cool Annette Lawrence -- have found their way back to each other right at this day. Well it's also -- obviously when you guys came up with -- far which is obviously in conjunction with the nurses ball I mean. Part of this idea even come about. But it was so -- analysts created a while back. And the character Lucy cold on the show and -- -- support. She started this -- this together and it was a big thing in every year wasn't this celebration of the aids cure I never performed in the ball because I have no visible talent. -- So -- and durable right see there's a lot of thinking there's love -- off screen as well yes but no so everybody complaining all the actors on the show that he. -- some sort of you know. Singing dancing -- perform an economy and some -- -- -- About and I should know that I know you guys and he obviously you like a group of writers that your working with right now but -- -- -- every record amount of course that's that's that summit that. But have come across the plot -- -- -- -- this is this is just too farfetched as is not what these characters would ever do. Yes sure that does happen did happen too often with lower I have to say writers read. Generally right on with my character but when we did -- when Luke and -- we're -- The second summer on the run where we're supposedly because -- and I was freezing the world in the could learn where to save the world I thought Kate -- it. We've gotten -- I know I related and and then I was so people -- And anything anything is actually strike USA there's no there's no way Scott -- this is not in his character. That I've done that whatever -- a look at that this is you know even our most dedicated viewers I don't think even I could pull this off. No you know on behind trying to -- -- -- the -- -- so. Just. To please definitely. Was succeeded but I don't think I'd give anything that was way out few words like NAFTA and the this character would never do that. How about the best study Baldwin moment at all you know when it got the boot to -- -- -- there is no wedding. Yeah six that obviously and a lot of love. Fifteen years or -- of course congratulations to you both and -- the entire general hospital ballot obviously. We're keeping us so entertaining enthralled on the edge of our seats and of course -- -- have a special edition of 20/20 this Saturday. General hospital the real soap dish with Katy Kirk at 9 PM eastern thank you so much for behind us and congratulations. Thank you.

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{"id":18857134,"title":"'General Hospital' Celebrates 50 Years With 'Nurses Ball'","duration":"4:09","description":"Kin Shriner and Genie Francis look back at their time on the iconic soap opera.","url":"/Entertainment/video/general-hospital-celebrates-50-years-nurses-ball-18857134","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}