Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger Talk New Joint Collection Debuting at NYFW

The supermodel and designer sat down with "The View" co-hosts to dish on New York Fashion Week.
5:38 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger Talk New Joint Collection Debuting at NYFW
Not until he had heat and the legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger are than dream team of style where I'm feeling their hot meal line at New York's Fashion Week. Ten and Eric here today with a sneak peek. Please welcome GG IDs and top. Tell me you have been so incredibly successful in the fashion industry for over thirty years. And GG you're only twenty whining you are the biggest super model around. Global ambassador you're on the cover of vogue and you landed a coveted spot in the Victoria's Secret fashion show so. How you handle all this all the six sacks at such a young age. I just. I used to take it day by day as as all of you guys know it's a lot but I think that is really important to. You know know yourself and knowing your pushing yourself to hardly able to be honest with your team how people support you and know that. Your mental health and well being is just as important as physical and that's just not turn focus on its kind of sat with us now I'm the end. That's coming. The UN GG. Designed and a collection together called Tommy X cheesy yeah and it now. And I'd love it and what wasn't and I want wasn't about her in this and yes this this is the ones. She has this Southern California. Cool style and she has said. Probably the largest social media following of any model. She has an incredible fan base. But she also stands for great American values acts and that's what my brand is all about. So when she came into my design studio after we decided she would collaborate with me. She actually designs. With me choosing the buttons the fabric that thread she was supposed to say two hours she spent eight hours. I mean she's been and fittings she's going to be going back and forth right teams she's a base. Good morning Aaron yeah. PD some former supermodels have said at times that you didn't have to work as hard and it's only because of social media until he's just lost his initial hit. A I. What do you yeah fifth pick it. What do you say about that I mean. A lot of them haven't met me. And haven't spoken to the people that I work went and so therefore our judging me for a tool that I think would be dumb not to use anything social media has been. Given to our generation to make us a different. You know generations of models and yeah I think if you talk to its diners like you work with they all know that I worked really hard and you know I always say be kind of work hard make friends and analysts so that's all I care about and if other people have to be negative to get through their days in. Don't know where and I don't he has no it's now is that Naomi is very supportive he's seen it yet I think those teaching. Heck I don't look for the Viet show she invited me to her telling me did practice run when he walks in the hallway. I wanted to do that they aren't you. Yeah yeah. I didn't get what you think we might view that activate in Africa. In your new line Tommy XGG will be each night at your fashion show it's gonna be huge carnival down the seeds or can you tell us a little bit about it. Well we decided to open the show to the public. And create what they call behind nowhere now he acts as opposed to showing clothes on the runway in September and then delivering them to the stores in March. We want to have instant gratification for the consumer rack we want an incredible experience it was going to be a multi media. Extravaganza. With the riots and. Hollow halls and hamburgers and that's all. Exits Theodore cardinal that's right great but it's also it's it's really launching the GG. And tell me who figured collections this you know I'm op act insists I just want to say is fantastic and the fact that you. Always find the right way to stay Malin I love you for this because it is. But yes I didn't sound so I'm and we have been surprising audience with tons of fun today we're gonna do it again if they're Sierra Gallagher an idea. Sara gallop this. Or. Holly and I'm a huge fans of GG and Tommy so Tommy would you like to tell her. Your I yes OK so. Would you like to come to the fashion show tonight yeah. So I. It's so my.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"The supermodel and designer sat down with \"The View\" co-hosts to dish on New York Fashion Week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41979062","title":"Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger Talk New Joint Collection Debuting at NYFW","url":"/Entertainment/video/gigi-hadid-tommy-hilfiger-talk-joint-collection-debuting-41979062"}