The Outrageous GloZell Green on Her Interview With the President

YouTube star talks Cuba, steals napkins from the White House.
7:47 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for The Outrageous GloZell Green on Her Interview With the President
It's one. Your first wife eat my we're I mean I mean if you know something I don't all. I don't look at Wellesley are. Maybe. I'll poke at the. I'm sorry what did cheat the sheets add to the commander in chief of the United States. Yeah she did the outspoken YouTube star known as glows L green had so much more to say and needless to say things a little weird it when I'm Dan Cutler in New York blows out by most accounts the most followed after American woman on YouTube the president. And a new attempt to win over the YouTube generation at all came together and she's doing is that a talk about this interview goes well. There's a lot buzzing this morning about that big interview with the president I mean you've got to ride pretty high right now. I. How messed up big time credit in outlet. But for fifth at the fact that had you been practicing that I mean did you come but rehearsed the line that you're gonna say it's supposed to sing First Lady was first wife. That was gonna do to stay in with the went down so I guess I shouldn't have right now is if you're the night at the it wasn't me hard and aren't quite while outlet lot of time has given a list and outlet now. Britain may back to listen but you were still you were very gracious guest clearly because you indicated in fact that your mother told you never come to someone's house without giving them a gift and that it was very thoughtful very jet pack at your heart and anything than it did the first wife the First Lady that she did she dried on any response. I will love this they had in the the First Lady and the Staley and an increase listing that'd be amazing that know me you know we go. How. I didn't how does mad at me. With the figure. You either I don't think you I don't annually on the bad side no curtain and apple. All right so here's the thing so you have done on of pranks on YouTube the whole sentiment challenge right. The outwit and yet know about that this is true this is not this was not a prank in Vietnam. Resident can't l.s that was that is how I just listen I would want to put the blanket disclaimer out there you are not recommending people tries to get them now. There that would do it again. But now you've also on the ice bucket challenge that was an and that you were good sport about that that was fun. I was thank you know all they'll see that makes. It's amazing what damage and all over which we did in LA OK so Glen MacNow I have an excellent pay down. Which I think I think it liquor either way means that. Britain regards you're doing these things that you think that the back your mind yak as a unit you've got like three million followers. Eventually it'll lead you to the White House. A million years late may the White House don't watch my videos and I don't think in light. Dennis they know that anything out they know you know I'm still and that is that it has thrown you know someone. House lying detonated. Acts I don't know. Okay well Joyce in Napa. I'm actually because we do have to improve access. To go. Taking a lead that that's what about what he has the White House the Atlanta OK now don't you. If I think you know it's pretty and White House. Close out what. What do you plan on doing with those fifty napkins. They're allowed to rail line and you know and then maybe isn't I don't know about how I'll go way out. Today they went there a pet and if that's what it's based outfits. You you're you're a little your little souvenir collection I hate that that's what. But but illicit act after you did that though when you sat down with the president that you actually had some three substantive questions that you were asked. Where did you get all of these questions brought. These questions came directly from the fans and then of course that's gonna. You act in question that was definitely from myself and my my family my community Sao. That's when it came from bullet came from my community is different aspects. What's coming just ask you about this because I know oftentimes like you know the president he's a very well spoken man. It can you can sometimes be that day that you can ask a question you might and it's really get the response that you want were you happy. With that with the answers I mean was he pretty direct and pretty forthcoming. Wasn't free direct some of that the questions the answers he wasn't allowed to go. Too much Tom because of time I am. And I guess security reasons but if you answer I'm very eloquently he didn't and did the questions before hand so they don't. Lou well well well one of the questions that you ask is you wedded to sort of diplomatic waters so to speak was about Cuba this is what you asked. OK OK I don't know. Have a lot of friends. Close friends let Cuba amendment rights and apparently stolen of that him leave. It's Dave being and some of them they needed making it succumb to United States for a better life to give away from the Castro. I mean that dad. In dictatorship for ad time to. Understand. How to how do you justify. Dealing with it. The Castro. Well here's what's that we we've had that same policy since I was born. Which was we are gonna have. Barbara we're gonna cut off all contact or communication. And nothing changed and you know I've said this before. When you do sell them over and over again for fifty years it doesn't work it's time to try something. Glows out. Yes I love you three I have three million of your followers look view. Walk me through the thought process when you think it's okay to drop a four letter word that starts with the DNN's with a K in front of the leader of the free world. How. His right now I'm just talk like hey you know was out and it ain't so maybe it out. Albert look at those those that Matt it and that's how that mountain is when that band behind the rebels' side. Did you leave aside from them. Well let in I dig you know as I'm Google has been. I'm lieutenant Joanna. I believe on it is okay now that they went there and eyes. Art let's I mean it listen difficult atop this month but who is that thing interview list because I mean once you get the president yeah exact. Is it that. Yeah. Let's exists is stand out like MI you know France and you know Francis Cuddy didn't happen going that route. I don't you think it. I'm being as a candidate that level in ultimately with. Shoot for the stars absolutely am I glad that I think I think quite frankly I think you might surpass Barbara Walters that's here. I don't know again the problem I'm not a lady I and a bottle while opt. It because they'll agree that is that what is not and I hope we appreciate it. Thank you can't let our keep up with this there are real time download an ABC news apps on the store works with and updates on the go for now I'm Dan where in New York.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"YouTube star talks Cuba, steals napkins from the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28431503","title":"The Outrageous GloZell Green on Her Interview With the President ","url":"/Entertainment/video/glozell-green-interview-2015-youtube-star-president-obama-28431503"}