Why It's a Good Time to Be Ice Cube!

Actor and rapper Ice Cube appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about his new film "Ride Along 2," his music and his big hit "Straight Outta Compton."
16:19 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Why It's a Good Time to Be Ice Cube!
If you know what it she should be a plus one for the way. You know work you she didn't cool I need to get somebody we need didn't cause I like typically given smokey bones into. So much disrespect coming it was fun to attend the press the gun. I detective Jill segment about equity professional hitter on the inflow from the witnesses and I'm driving no you're not I don't Odyssey dance rhythms of in my case wasn't classified by until this thanks. That's not tolls if there. We'll be fit the hell out. I'm yeah. Yeah. Presently. I'm out. Do you have any idea which is short going to be. Think about brought up troubled. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is happening. At the movies and there's no pioneer happening right now than a movie called right along to. Starring my guest today ice cube along with some guy named Kevin Hart and we'll talk to them about on that. But cubed welcome to the show thanks for have been dying to him he won in time to do it I mean he. But this year Rica. It's safe it's just everything yes you know and street at a Compton you're watching your own life yes with your son playing. Now you're doing a sequel to re successful comedy the first ride along so how you feel a feel great. You know this is been a you know phenomenal year. All levels. One of my best years ever as. Entertainers so. You know this is great you know I hated to see when he fifteen go it is expected it was so nice. It was nice. But it'll continue to be nice but I got to ask you right away you did right along one it is true we watch straight out of Compton. You concede the young yet is he the guy turning now gangsta rap saint. Police and. Your kind and had this happen well just then the. This movie magic it's with the hair yeah without a doubt. You know. Me when wrote the song you know leaves but. You know an actuality you know we we don't hate all police you know we we just wanna do with bad ones you know only due to bad apples. The was that. You know step out of line abusing authority that's who talk about in this not a good ones good guys out there. Not asking you in vessel we always been down ways as socialism you know me. And you know we just hope they point out the bad ones are did get commodities and so plan a cap is no big deal to me. When I was you know we used to play cops and robbers and sometimes Ortiz plated cup you have a good relationship with police snapped did you do ride alongs. Come up. Not not official ones we did an official round back in the day and coastal trees. But it's a pretty efficiently edited it definitely definitely has faced how to do it. And you know what this movie is light. This is fun time in those it's not a serious. Drama. About his slow you know saw why I'm wrong way. Well when Kevin Hart was here he takes everything really serious got to do right. He needs us that is. Stop released at this he takes a while but what's he works it out. KUK. Cutting off how do you keep them in line Livingston. He's funny he's while he's crazy life at a party gab but it's been professionally he's he's a guy who's always long time. Guy who's always ready to go with extra material. So you know I feel like you know he's always pays so you know you let him go off you know little B. Your room and instantly. What kind of great push your character. It's always this good brother and loss is now walk yes even though it's not official yet not official at all it's not official. But you've got to keep him in line to you got that face yeah that like. What the hell are you doing. Yeah you not think is the face of the audience in 86 people listen in audience. If they were in their movie they'd have this phase. The united I think that's wire works because though is always keep the sentiment. An audience him. And you know given agree reactions. Well they get. Well yeah hey you know this is a great ride. Route I want so we went bigger. And the low better. Around Miami now we've that is in zone. So arm makes you know you put him in the backseat in. Hijinks in saloons and they think he's it and and and you know you had to live your mind. Benjamin Bratt who exist for some reason this season Miami you know I mean he just looks like Miami. You know also we've we've tried to update and mean accidentally Atlanta. To my hand here protested the change though he. It's definitely. Six era what kind cop movies did you grow watch. Everything. No lethal weapon lethal weapon. Dirty hairy you know back in the day. I just love 48 hours. Hills he. These last one addams will back in the day what he. Three campuses. While your gums yeah yes not been insulin. Forever. And you know when one is don't well. It's great. What happens though in a year like this where. Your life story basically comes back through this man. This isn't just a really good industry to come that it's a really successful one yes a lot of musical bio pics had not done very well this is the exception to that. And army you know it's the cycle whirl win but is great on all levels you know which dramatic Compton. It was a variant or move visas. To produce. Did. It was taxing physically. All one our directors. Everybody involved so we had a chance to exit. And releases initially it. And in the so you know in Vietnam of these award whispers. Our justice you know we over the moon you know we thought we have them do will be. The core audience when. And maybe would be you know. Maybe some state you know people that was intercepted and Baldwin to get everybody you know whole gamut of the industry. Love in this movie. Was. You know more than we expected them and injuring come true. With your own son. Yesterday Jackson junior and that's the best board isn't the best that is what leasing. A main you know. Work hard do would gearing those unknown and and half. Let represented. You know you read rip is enough rambling. Rep was in our legacy no pressure Q. Now we are represented everything. You do is all I do not both I want to put that pressure on B. You know it. People do two things when we come depression is that they crack artists well so I want it to see. You know which when he was gonna do when he stepped been so proud. And have us. Especially on. Because he did this for me and what grew from the movie and he sacrificed his so. And sacrifices. You know as privacy. These famous. No more going bags. It is being junior spent and on my money now. He. Reminded that he's. You know now he's a famous do's so. He did sacrificed a lot and I'm proud. He's not calling himself by Hugh not you now he ended the real name did this this ice cube. I'm a brother Damien and then when I was in I was. Up 123 team. He's nine years noted in me. And you know around that time income and into puberty him you know mom kind of you know rated. Rivera with the world is all about. You time and he was never at home in his girlfriends would always call and I will pick up and try to. Talked songs were at it convinced them to leave D'Amico me. A castle man will be Wednesdays and me no way slam you know refrigerated nomad affect the Serbian freezes pull you out when your eyes you. The wanna when outside their damn communal Communists say and one. It's cute guys do you a twelve years all toy is all you know you gotta have a nickname and it is not know Brothers Lehman. Hey back then a minority he slipped him you know you know look as good as me. But then comes and it's a little bit in straight at a Compton we see this we see boys and and there's now. That's classic movie. That's just the major thing but it's you it's the first time yeah. First time was. It pretty good first time they had spent his life at you know definitely. The best rise you know rookie could take. Because. It was just the perfect movie at the perfect time especially for me. This was a movie about how we do. In our neighborhood and this was really the first time -- has seen a movie due with. The real sausage you know you had colors and he's the thing is doing would just gang has split this was a movie dealing with the people. Inside. These. Gangs or oh. Inside these areas on a more human level understand and there plight and so it was as great. Turnout you know then. The best thing that happened to me in my career because. Please send me off on this movie path. And I'm very grateful and thankful John Singleton the director who telling member Thomas Meehan. Thank you thank you thank you because the weather for him slim uptown it. And knowing that act could do it on the big screen when decent way he knew it he knew it but we did you know you can do you know. I didn't I didn't even think I was qualify when he axe house line not acted picnic not even look in the B actor. These price by somebody who went school you're known and and really study. And he was like no one that's while like because you're not that I want and wrong of one point two feel real. Street at a Compton ends at a certain time you you leave and W way you have your battles with Jerry Heller you're sand. I'm going out on my own I'm too I already did boyz in the hood and of course Jerry Heller was not pleased with his interpretation in the may be less. Non I don't think you will. Nothing seems reasonably about. What doses and yeah and he. You know I think Lugar is fear. I I put it this way. Losers lose. More fair would hand. The view is he was. So you know we if you really look at it there. Note area that was was a champion. In WA for. Us the gates the world. But the deal would assume currently. Is a nightmare and so. In it is what is happening now. Happened and he got you out of him to the next yeah it would also. Are kind of thank him for would be in the way he was beat. I witnessed stepped on and move on and you know do bigger and better things so. And money's coming on the show us and so. I have to ask him that way here from all of you know he was our anchor he was our. It was our veteran and wrong you know we had a lot of new talent. And Paul was actually very vital to show the type of Halliburton we would try and portray. People scene Paul in the movie. They knew it was a movie they check in might be so good because if he did it. It must be it is so. This has to be some have sensitive. And and so we no law that so to have him as our anchor we lose you know more than. You know happy news X that he was like you know we've the anchored that is more. Your father for yes. You can't escape it there's your life story on the screen they're seen. Without most of us fathers don't eat. I never did that yes you're right up there there looking. Would you not think that's what Mike is respect me it is because I'm real woman known. More hide things from. Ex bulls and so the world. You know age appropriate you know they. Nine. Or hand they in my whole a couple of things bad weather as they got older and and started to wonder what was going known in the world aisles all is. So Rios greater weight room a human. That's a good thing you know you have to be as the man they. You have to be prove who. Now they critical. Enough to you when they see your movies did they say I like that when I didn't like that when are they laugh and. Right along get a laugh in Iran along you know they'd they'll definitely tell me if if if on this. So. It's cool you know because I have a cool critics corner right here if you do an in house definitely don't have no problems in the past present my wife. Away who has no problems it. With telling me. That would not for what's her favorite you on screen. I think her favored me is off story. Well hope. Flat out there as well in the of those records actually care about have been. Maybe the ice cube characters in Africa. Was to think you. On screen. Me and I love. James Creighton. You know rattle on visas he's tough cookie. And you know electric Friday cabinet barbershop still buoyant note you know it was great he gave bellboy you know he's the master of Ramon. Well. We and the shots to first time you've been on. And it's got a great for me because everybody that's on here gives me a little music they give me something that's in. I don't know what's in your head now. But it's just a little taste this. Matt straight out of Compton creek. Minimized you mean Bangkok and it added to move on called off got a saw wrong with the cherry and biodiesel on all YouTube what it. We've me and please the can be viewed we all feel as best I'm going now. But upon. Oh I bet that part epic acute. I'm sure Giamatti when he comes index it's not that the but out initiative would originally.

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{"id":36314802,"title":"Why It's a Good Time to Be Ice Cube! ","duration":"16:19","description":"Actor and rapper Ice Cube appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about his new film \"Ride Along 2,\" his music and his big hit \"Straight Outta Compton.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/good-time-ice-cube-36314802","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}