GOP Plans to Defund Planned Parenthood

Things heat up when discussing Planned Parenthood funding.
8:16 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for GOP Plans to Defund Planned Parenthood
Okay. Asked us critical of the house Paul Ryan says the part of the repeal obamacare includes making. Plant act a federal fund. Do people still not have their facts straight about who's going to actually be affected. By plan parent whose removal while they had no tax dollars ever. Go to a question in our plant apparently don't know line item in the federal budget goes to plan apparently not I. Federal dollars lost federal dollars both blue Planned Parenthood via Medicaid. 75%. Of planned parent it's public funding. Get you know any issue is that they do have abortion services even though no taxed out was paid you know attacks that I'd tell me just say that again because admit. Federal taxes paying for abortions has been discredited extended a million times all those videos you keep saying have been discredited. Lest we realistically only people who want to eat it. Well Japan parent who goes away a women who need the services. Apple that is an issue because again they say we're gonna get rid of it but they don't talk about what they gotta replace it went and you going to have to replace it was I'm. I think often times plant air but is seen as synonymous with abortion and what people don't realize is that. The majority 75% of their budget goes to Medicaid reimbursement and US -- qualify for Medicaid so the people that really going to be affected are the ones that need these services more than ever -- we're dealing with repealing and replacing the reporter once again hanging out to dry the poorest among us that so many women yet women are blowing admitting it but nearly 80% of the patients are well under the poverty. And east critics popped up because there weren't clinics in -- world yes son's service area Axl again people are focusing so much on abortion but if you're taking a religious stance on this. You have to weigh the lesser of evils is that small percentage. Bigger in meeting people out that don't happen how that don't have money or services to help them and only problem is they're talking not talking about whether Planned Parenthood should have a right to exist you're talking about what the plant parent has a right to taxpayer money. And just because that money doesn't directly go into abortion you're talking about an organization that gets 13 of its clinic and comps from abortion. In 2011 Planned Parenthood plans and I haven't 2011 Planned Parenthood provided 334000. Abortions. They did 88674. Women received prenatal services 2300. What it will referred to adoption agencies. 13 of its clinic and calm comes from. Abortions and now they tell me it's not fat dividend my bride I don't caught we're donating to an organization. Oligarchy or even more religious are donating to an organizational at eight field condolence and support something that they don't enter your money. So they're saying look you have an abortion. That's your rights your body apparently not I don't think why isn't I don't know why didn't why don't you wouldn't give a crap what the Rodney Allen a watch they don't I don't like my life. What do you subscribe to people having abortions and that. Should have nothing to do with what I deal but what I need a problem -- conference and I've been raped. You don't have the right to tell me if I should happen. You are. Federal money let's I want to pay for this new Walt that suddenly we are now paying what that Mexico was spotted. At a different that's. Did not got caught and don't it sounds different it is hot dogs to listen not really just my religious backgrounds says. OK I. I'm supposed to. Make show our. That people are serviced that's my religion says I'm not there to judge got judges and got hasn't issued new avenues would back. You're not here. His student who have these problems. These problems are not their problems they are my problem. And got says it I have Misch not talked and got I don't want to talk to you and so you into Mac you I don't have one. Clearing with this went Planned Parenthood does so many other things one the pool lot and none of these people ever talk about what they're going to replace stop what I got you I'm yours out all but the essence I think when you talk about wars is the constitution. Says that the job of the federal government is to protect its citizens by nature of defense now while the job but not what is old boy am that I did something. Up to the blow already protected to not get onto the ability and I don't think when Donald Trump was elected he said. Mexico's replaced a lot about Ortiz said he yeah which which we also add that he's and Mexico would be paying for that wall. Now he's saying that as a taxpayer I'm want to be able that different as well that got an idea of hypocrisy on them are many kids like wait a minute. It's near want to do that yes. Then we wanna have to do an extended gains the company and first up I don't want if I don't get for African want I want to throw you don't get out it is day. Good thing about it doctrine doesn't pay taxes periods of yeah. I had 75%. Of Planned Parenthood budget it's 75% of federal funding. If the Medicaid reimbursements but it in for again using the queen of this that is less about abortion it's at a house prevented if they're still answers creed I ask people that we talked about get a -- a week on emergency -- of people would embrace their -- didn't have a availability that these are clinics that are teaching that we off so if you're thinking at all the numbers could not keep enough concerns while also about Planned Parenthood hasn't organization and you talked about the videos that some feel have been debunks that a lot of media. This is yeah. A house. I'm so. And I do this anymore you I can't do well statistic here that is good about my pets who is our vice president to let Freddie get away OK well I'm. But in neat thing about he was the governor of Indiana and now under his auspices. Bird the HIV outbreak has gone up in the last couple of years because he shut down Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana. So who suffers from that really a portly people. Yeah yeah and and it and then aren't waiting second and then it overwhelms. The medical. Facility and then you have to pay any seen beating a healthy gain look I'm sorry but we can't deal on this morning. Just recently the house Mike Connell and analyze them that we have you don't this organization and hit a hairless mind and I. Assume I can't help. I thought I sent residents just you know you say it's not the bonk you believe that. Okay. All I'm saying is that there is a segment of the population that is yeah it is too they are religious people yes saying look I don't care what you do it's your body. But I don't want to contribute to an organization that condones that this isn't this cannot be compared to defense it is can not. And yeah. I just personally use today I don't want to pay for your war. What I do it because my. Saying with America is everybody has the paying their fair share I don't like. And stuff they do light at my point is you may not live up watching don't have one you never have dabbled what you have to understand. There are people who don't have the money and ankle did it I DNC like all the people music on all I would never have this and they don't get Indians and cause is not all of them watching. Let's be really. Draft. I sat out back. Now that I personally. I personally don't have an issue with some went to someone chooses to have an abort sit I personally. I I was you as you approach her personally I am pro choice and I do on Saturday and I do understand what people are saying when they look at an organization. That has these questionable things that come out when they look at an organization that sank a very small part of what we do. 3% is related to abortions that statistic is false that is not an accurate it's a minute and take it rinsed it is not into it and I think I'm.

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