Gretchen Carlson Discusses Empowering Women

The former Fox News anchor spoke to "The View" co-hosts about her experience and how she's moving forward.
6:06 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Gretchen Carlson Discusses Empowering Women
We have a special guests here today we have as a college she's gonna sit and for the whole show. She is a former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson ask. You're a hot topic here. When you sued I thought you should OS Roger ails. Office sexual harassment everybody remember that story OK now I know that you can't talks of maybe but that doesn't mean you camps. Maybe you could just nods yes or India now less fat also must sign language form of yes. So you're writing a book about it. Well so I'm reading a book actually to empower all young women and young girls on this specific issue certain playbook of sorts because it hasn't really anything out there like we might do if I'm facing illness at work right and it's also a book about empowerment in general. For young girls and women to stand up against bullying against anything in their life where they feel like they're being demoralized us what would what's your top tip. Well like hot tip is to find out what the laws aren't your particular state. With regard to a gathering of of evidence. Or just you know feeling empowered on the issue because it it parents from six but I mean but let's say you're in the work US. I was gonna say yeah Kerry and I also say. I just think that you are incredibly brave. Think to zoo to do with you could come. Prosecuting sexual assault cases and and working on the front lines of sexual harassment that it sticks with with women it it if it. It sticks its starlight Italy and there's a certain amount of shame that comes with Jack just want to say that I have heard from. Thousands of women across this country and it affects you in every walk of life it's not just media. I mean I'm talking about members of our military. And police officers and firefighters and Wall Street bankers and oil rig operators and teachers. So this is an issue that remains pervasive in our caught up into Maine what I was teacher. Outside at all yeah paranoia has the story out yet now I that is I wake up every morning out thinking every woman has a story if I can help just one of them or not doesn't have them feel the confidence you have to stand up and speak up for the so what does that I was harassed as a teacher though was when the floor you know Roe vs. Wade it was before everything you know that we have now and yet. But you know so I would like to know from you ladies like its looks fury my beauty parlor your hair or hair person. Stylist and some somebody harassed as you wouldn't you have the ability that you're not a lawyer you not a media person you don't. You know what do you how do you Hinton live in the moment. I mean I would Chris number Brooklyn girl was announced I would push back immediately and then go get myself a lawyer and hold them accountable. What would you say in the push back heavy do it. But together they do what if they say something and I wouldn't about a watch him now from that I'm gonna. I'm gonna have forty minute my day yeah I mean honestly it depends what they wouldn't let David Moss what if it's usually at new you have to. That's one thing that I have to say about the story we people who worked at Fox News together. And I don't know if people realize how great it was that the Fox News PR team is pretty intense and I know. That you had to know that going in that you were gonna get pushed back and I saw a lot of women. You know give you pushed back a soft fans give you push back I saw people wanted to protect that branded you push back and even though I didn't have that experience of Roger I was out there saying. Don't judge somebody because if this happened to her and she's brave and asked enough to come out and speak. She's going against a whole teen people are out to protect a brand a protective per cent and you have to empower people so whether your an ankle or whether your hairdresser or whoever you why if you're out there and someone is mistreating you speak up speak except that I I just can't resist but. Eighty. Are typical for women to come for which is licensed or so very brave because. You don't want to lose your job and saw a lot of women or are willing eight. Because they cannot Willy but they have to sort of plea nice they do and also that you feel if you're type a personality. And you're used to achieving. That you can change a situation yet again so you keep fighting it harder right eye and somebody very well known said that well this doesn't happen to strong women. Well guess what. I'm a strong woman yeah. Anything that was a very strong woman's look at the way she handled Clarence thomas' situation she was a strong woman and a lawyer people ask you still have we should say they'll massage else has denied all of these allegations percent of. Lee during these times I think as a woman on the heels of everything you went through me. Some of those audio tapes came out of president trump speaking about grabbing women by certain parts and then you can do that when your in a position of power your celebrity. How EU how did you react to that at how does that make you feel I think some women have a hard time setting that aside. Well it was so Roth for me at the time because I was going through all of this personally as well I think for every person out there who has children. This was an opportunity for us to have a great discussion with our kids about how we should act in treat each other. Inhumane way I know I had to have this conversation with my own children and I hope that every other parent out there did the same thing. You listen. We can't treat people with disrespect. And most important thing for me is raising our kids up in a new generation to respect one another I often said. I work more for my son than I do for my daughter. Because I want him to treat his female colleagues in ten years when he gets into the work force in the same way in which he looks and respects his mom but you know what they say the fish stinks from the head. Well the culture of the organization all right comes from the top down enough for and a big part of section of agony like Lenin. It's enablers have tens so you know had on that tape. Had an enabler said something different and may have stopped him and I just under Roosevelt and updates right. With you there wasn't a trial or anything like that there was it was a settlement. Right to another big please resist its hours arbitration everyone should look at their employment contracts to see if you have forced arbitration he signed on as Harry port.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"The former Fox News anchor spoke to \"The View\" co-hosts about her experience and how she's moving forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45093747","title":"Gretchen Carlson Discusses Empowering Women ","url":"/Entertainment/video/gretchen-carlson-discusses-empowering-women-45093747"}