Harvey Weinstein resigns from the board of the Weinstein Co.

The board met today to discuss a possible sale, among other things.
2:09 | 10/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harvey Weinstein resigns from the board of the Weinstein Co.
New fallout today for a Harvey Weinstein we just learned in the last half hour that he has. Officially resign from the board of the Weinstein Co. today's decision came during a board meeting in TriBeCa and Eyewitness News reporter Kimberly Richardson is there would only be. Gamble it. Well they've been here outside company had Cortes it's relatively quiet but in item firestorm. Harvey Weinstein was on the board of the film company he started TWC. Released a statement late this afternoon. The confirming that development which were significant and it's in no way the end of say. Late this afternoon not the ending eighteen wind speed it hoped for Harvey Weinstein high powered attorney patty Glaser. Leading the company's midtown law offices refusing to comment on reports. That the disgraced mobile resigned from the board of his own company. Behind closed doors at the Weinstein company's headquarters in TriBeCa that unfolded during a conference call it not clear if Harvey dialed in he's in Arizona getting treatment are among other thing addiction it. While the top secret drama goes down. A growing number of people are now joining a movement that is gone viral on social media simple post with a powerful men women coming forward. Use the hash tag meet to. Indicating they dealt with sexual Iraq. Or solved. In less than 24 hours they have been over twelve million post on they look and 150. Tweets on Twitter. Actress Alyssa Milan and started that campaign writing quote. It all the women who had been sexually harassed or salted will meet to act that we might give people a sense of the magnitude. Up the problem. So what's next how Y seems attorney patty Glaser wouldn't comment today. But she has gone on record saying she believes what seems termination from the company violated his contract and she's still bowels. Just like that so far since this broke and came forward more than thirty women hunt claimed that were senior these sexually assaulted harassed or even write that. Now we're live in TriBeCa Kimberly Richardson channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The board met today to discuss a possible sale, among other things.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50543756","title":"Harvey Weinstein resigns from the board of the Weinstein Co.","url":"/Entertainment/video/harvey-weinstein-resigns-board-weinstein-50543756"}