'High Valley' on Balancing Family and Music

The group 'High Valley' talks balancing family and music.
7:20 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for 'High Valley' on Balancing Family and Music
So we talked before about your family's Tennessee is really important to you. Strike and at the time he's not before about how difficult it was for your wife when you guys were on the road and she happened to you Lebanon everything and generous as you accurately. So much can you make it work with your families and easy just east time. They on the road with you there they are a little bit but we do you fly home crazy amount of thousands. We could definitely is that you know we have like two days off for something you could just a go on though we've we've. And I've been known to one time as US football game his and few football and he was seven years old and went and ended literally. Ran into my vehicle and drove a little too fast to the airport and others 31 minutes before departure so we've we fight hard. Be there as long as office. Well. The cool thing about it. The achilles' that you guys are always with each other and you are like the pros on the group with yours you yes. You know each other's. Hot buttons that you wish them all yeah. Both the we say the best thing about. Yeah. The worst thing it's that. Oh hours ago yeah. You know our mojo is once this is sit together and airplanes. Or your business needs most. So more on yesterday. Wise wise it is. Accused of things you know when you flies they want to years. Of course that the news. We're trying to explain. When it reduces together Wednesday editions that moment. It oh I. Oh. Who lived through them. Also its support for use to. Me. Yet. Is it just the cost of the week Easter she currently receive or. I think people want. Real especially country music the stories that story on this. There's a lot of artists and music is about what's real to them might be different but through us we. We think it's. Wild and crazy. Probably wouldn't sound it's easily it's like she's here. And heard. About our backs it. Back and cider. Vaccinated more organic. Food and condolences. To you see that. I did you know Leo. Also my kids you know I love you know who is Ayman want to be proud of the music enemy and so it's awesome one. Us news he never it was a fan tail light. Music started taking off a little more now hall's sentence teachers school music. With. Oh those incidents. Captures history. A. But I do know that. I don't know if you order from collapse. You got it from the basement. His two sons big night. The bulk of that it's. So this. Frederic and it's going to be touring overseas not up or else there now. What I think is really interesting is even though you had this somewhat sheltered upbringing is your first time overseas you've been to Africa cup. Seven Africa we've been to believe many many times India and yet. And is our second timeout in the UK you get to see other parts here is alone could go to Germany which have room for. It's going to be amazing comments to me really busy two weeks and they say are styled music goes over well. See blue. I think it will just because I really feel especially in the UK that your music is really rooted in English folk music it reminds me a little bit so that I think that I think it will go well but tell me about why reunion and movies and an act. Are we done all kind of things overseas. We've we. Organization called Food for the Hungry Alberts issue after considering the Africa and there's a village there farming village that we gusts at some time and because we drove off arm and because farm village and we actually took pictures of all the kids there and gave countries and there chance to sponsor of these kids from this one's mrs. diligent. We kind earth. Yeah we we ought all the kids sponsor then it's pretty amazing so it's now at our own village that. Hideout responsible for me insurance guessing here. Tuesday challenges. We have a you know a lot of you know opportunities and. It's a good count for a these news that's her Pulitzer especially preaching awareness. About that amounts country music is yes kind anti proposition that's pretty cool. So we have time for one song which isn't all ivy. And oh yeah. As I'm looking you do not know what we're on the outs aren't you guys that continue. Estella IB UBL I saw that and you. Au prince is the problem and ends up. I'm glad I'm gonna yeah murder. Oh yeah. Lieutenant Fred is that we have all due respect to world performances definitely. And his friends could receive. It's. I I never France until. Is. And hockey game. Record when it is gone and the next day we were interviewed and people didn't know that we know all cultures. They they asked which which prince song inspired us the most him. And bra while I was trying to it's or we see here is an asset. Eyes as the curtain here are expected here is. And it was. Purple flower. I'm. And we are talking. We I'm sorry to bring up he's he's playing very angry enough notice county. It's actually directness. The why it's weird because when I. IV like just always UV and supposedly an eloquent about this decision time do you believe it is. It's probably out of all you know you referenced that as a foe kind of I've trio recently tires focus on this on probably has the most anything. Part of me thinks it's doesn't grow on I was hymns and some of those old ways of melodies and seeing those old songs I think imagine. And this song once again later Brandon disarmament it feels really cool to me since. So maybe it was as my head since.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"The group 'High Valley' talks balancing family and music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44813179","title":"'High Valley' on Balancing Family and Music","url":"/Entertainment/video/high-valley-balancing-family-music-44813179"}