Holiday Gift Ideas for Pop Culture Lovers

Sheila Marikar shares some ideas that are perfect for the entertainment junkie in your life.
4:13 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Gift Ideas for Pop Culture Lovers
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the pop culture lover in your life we'll have no fear ABC news dot -- Sheila mark -- is here with some ideas. That even Russell -- -- -- -- -- you see you things are having me still. He's fabulous vintage -- faster -- over here I just love this one from -- Yes this artist has been working with -- dot com which is -- site has tons of quirky fun -- Unique gifts that you can get for people in your life. And that she's created these vintage looking movie posters that. You know invoke the kind -- that we used to see in front of movie in there's one's for John as. She's also done some of the more modern movies like anchorman. And summer yes there is you can go online and had to pick a favorite movie -- the person that you want to get to end up and that's really. Cool collectible think that -- on them off their real needs of the -- for -- and all from about dot com you've got this amazing I and covered yes yes you know government has to cover their technology don't want again anything cracked or -- -- and that have dot com is working with in case. To develop these Andy Warhol Marilyn -- iPhone cases and Mac books sleeves now -- -- you can kind of coordinate all of your technology like that that's fun sort of stockings -- war. Someone who just got a new life -- wanted to cover appeared at a place that an apparently well price and cost as much as the coverage exactly exactly it's 3995. And you -- and you know check it out however you want to -- what. Between that and the case love that that of course everyone loves coffee table across my favorite. Fantastic yeah I think you could tell -- the -- happier. So this book is from Marcus and -- on either fashion photographers that have been working in the industry for almost two decades. And this book has 250 of their best most beautiful portraits of stars and they've got people likely god beyoncé David eight Naomi Campbell. These are photos you've probably seen in magazines on album covers but now they're -- kind collected in here. With anecdotes from the photographers about their best moments on sat. And what these people were really like behind the scenes it's just words as icons of Iraq for the pop lover and isn't exactly a fun thing to thumb through -- on the coffee table to -- in -- office you really can't around a lot of people on average -- speaking of that you I love the fact that he can choose your. Favorite celebrities. Beauty products just by Albert fox yeah -- fox dot com has this celebrity curators shop called art of analysts see him and all. Proceeds from the shop go to -- -- this -- it. And people like -- well as Aziz ansari. Amy Smart have all picked out that favorite things that they were alive in their medicine cabinet -- -- in the morning governor Ellington -- And you can buy them on this story now they're giving up their beauty secrets exactly is -- you -- -- look exactly like those people but you know it's it's kind of fun to -- -- medicine cabinets and do. Things that for the celebrities actually there's some real surprises there. Well I love this flat and that rumor Willis apparently swears by it's it's. You know this kind of fun -- -- that you don't normally area that's that's usually sort of boring -- you tried it works well I have not -- yet you know island -- exactly and it's almost as animals -- -- bargaining banana coffee table and you know urged congress raising fees and nursery -- efforts to bar and speaking -- -- my -- take a look at that it. We're talking -- earlier it looks like. The fabulously expensive yes but not so not if you believe it or not this is 84 dollars for both analysis and the angles -- welcomes from Bobble bar which works with designers to create. Lower and versions. What you're seeing on the runways and on the red carpet. So -- the award season coming up we're sort of -- sounds like this at the Golden Globes at the Oscars and this is sort of giving someone a little piece of luxury that. He would often see in Hollywood I ask yourself big Ling is now paso. -- bigger -- playing every. And up. Thank you Thelma thank you --

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{"id":17966667,"title":"Holiday Gift Ideas for Pop Culture Lovers","duration":"4:13","description":"Sheila Marikar shares some ideas that are perfect for the entertainment junkie in your life.","url":"/Entertainment/video/holiday-gift-ideas-pop-culture-lovers-17966667","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}