Is Hollywood Bullying to Blame for Lack of Celebs Booked for Trump's Inauguration?

Bill O'Reilly accused Hollywood of "reverse McCarthyism": blacklisting celebrities who support Donald Trump.
5:57 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Is Hollywood Bullying to Blame for Lack of Celebs Booked for Trump's Inauguration?
I'm proud in many celebrities are refusing to take part in the trump inauguration. And bill O Reilly claims that this so called Hollywood bullish. Is what's keeping people. Act title. Ruth is that there is reverse. McCarthyism going on in the entertainment industry. Remember that in an ID fifties who Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy started accusing people in Hollywood of being Communists. That led to a black list where people were not hide here. The cost McCarthy smeared that. To me it seems anti trump zealots may be doing the same thank your trump supporter. There are bad person. At a number of entertainers believe their careers will be harmed. Should they associated with the new trump administration. What I'm Bennett activists say about that. If you Don golfer people who don't support you you probably won't get. Turned down as much now I know that one of the people that supported. Donald Trump. Was Ted Nugent. So why isn't Ted Nugent performing he's money your big supporter couldn't read that. When you say things like that we don't need beyoncé to come out for us we got the people. That's what you said Donald you send you had to people and you didn't care about other bulk sales are not and the left is to companies are. They just going to be and a shift to. Do we laughed I hope not but that's not the point that I might as but the point is. If you want people to support to go after your supporters don't go after the people who clearly did not support you and that label bad ever get. Don't even have the real center of this conversation is to compare what's going on to my copy is what that's the other people did Google McCarthyism if you wanna and there are movies I would suggest the front with Woody Allen you'll say it's a very entertaining will be about the subject. People's lives and what should strive yeah. I don't think that anyone's done it can't commit suicide because Garth Brooks doesn't want to strum on his good track. I mean people committed suicide and by the way hit he neglected to say that McCarthyism was directed to the left. That's silly liberals yeah this is not the same you know nobody's and white kids is being threatened no they don't like I don't like Leo and intimate and aren't happy now you know and blue would you like I don't know how he would call them friends of a bits of group of conservatives that. They have a 501 C three for many years they've gotten together they come together they have meetings that conservatives on the actively to localize that they feel. That if they want to come out in support of not necessarily trump a conservative principles. Or beat up public advocate for conservatism that their jobs to be in jeopardy I can't tell you how many we could Kenyon in America are now I think now we aren't terrified. Went outside knowing you you can't may I just I have had celebrities come to me when I worked at Fox News. And whisper and say I love it worked on passage don't talent wanted list are five to play that day because they lack you know people. Listen Elisabeth Hasselbeck sat. On the shelf what thousand years she said. Much flak from people like she stood strong and she stood up Nicole Wallace did the same thing through this is bringing yet these are. I'm so many conservative. Okay so what's he got that did choppy Fraser well not at what's though Kelsey Grammer. Drama has been a conservative for ever he doesn't stop working. And backed bail. That's got bit well I don't know I'm. But there are a number of conservative. Actors who did not animal are clearly out I have always been not and they work when they want but the idea that people are saying I don't know if we do that kids and it doesn't make any sense to me like this argue IQ would dozens and I see that there are people that can happen if you watch even if you watch award shows sometimes when the political ideology is injected it always -- black eye can see how that's not the money without having not for a but that's not the point baby what he is saying. Is that people's art three. To come out and stay art cannot walk out on the diet I more I noticed it yet what that's a different that to mean that some very different thing when you're talking about people coming to do an audit rates. Which is what he's talking about when you say it's like McCarthyism. After EL BS I don't. It's not yet it's not I don't know how Riley may decibel I need to do it go arm in the yeah. Yeah yeah yeah to a dramatic reading from killing Lincoln. And now they are not there aren't enough you got out. Not that entertainment holidays and I. Bill O'Reilly is assuming that there are people that are conservative that have been asked to perform and they refused keeper or our sometimes I think which is why I am I'm glad you did it right waiting to be act I've got agreeing with him I'm not comparing it to McCarthyism all I'm talking about is that there is only it isn't as a musician I don't know that crap right a lot of their all public on the right now right. All whaling. Want to know what this is a problem. So let me it's like it's not that bit about Hollywood and Ali lived there. I I've met people in the middle on the signs. Up and down and everyone is an act and you have these conversations what you know watt. The biggest problem is if you're not up for that specific job you're not gonna get it don't think anything can happen trump supporter report in the entertainment business and came out with. What were vocal about it well don't feel that that would in some way about us not to the billiard shot Hud budget. I. Yeah.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Bill O'Reilly accused Hollywood of \"reverse McCarthyism\": blacklisting celebrities who support Donald Trump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44552765","title":"Is Hollywood Bullying to Blame for Lack of Celebs Booked for Trump's Inauguration?","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywood-bullying-blame-lack-celebs-booked-trumps-inauguration-44552765"}