Homemade Ghostbuster Costumes Wow at Comic-Con

ABC News' Charli James and Michael Rothman talk with Ghostbusters cosplayers with homemade proton packs.
2:55 | 10/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Homemade Ghostbuster Costumes Wow at Comic-Con
A lot of money goes you'll Jonathan NN. And unlike the song it well you guys you guys are live on ABC right now. That is these somewhat homemade thousands these look like there's. Yeah that's right though we that's the plants in the Internet as the mastermind he yanks here the record. And I can't we build these couple years ago. Again what. Yanked. I forgot about a year over alike want to might begin. Under his supervision you've done it before calling it big. For start to finish currently batting hear me now Michael and an old quarry is playing constantly air replacing pain and upgrading the making it work I'll call. It's it's a never ending running things and it's impressive what compels you to do it. Let's look out of an obsession. I want to send video like every day from playing when I've been talking to know like. Wait schools to be watching the virtues. I do everywhere. It's just like. It was the epitome of much confidence. I felt compelled to pay one. How many comic con ENT I find every opportunity at any cost him recount York comic on every year it is our six. Hierarchy of the cost him like the home and I'm obviously took awhile and nightclub or what is going to bite. Yes that they're putting that person get ready now that you can I. But the only way to do this with only eight. Like that tiger is back on the. Leonard's fire again and like a more accurate passing. Today exactly underneath Santos and dealing paying out front seat ranked there are other. What you want. By some other you know fellow ghost busters and they're not light up the snuggling you. Apparently had. On their way you know like acting the mavericks' comments on here like I didn't have all my stuff up it's not like. That might actually is relied on non event contract was probably done it might again you know I didn't have a electronic stability and it's like unite the. Perhaps that you now thanks sell it back. Pain is is really cool. That was legitimately have been building gently to the actual business. Can't believe they built this I hand this very impressed. And that's and they got so much unthinkable here don't you got my. One thing to do it adequately. That you guys Oakland girl.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Michael Rothman talk with Ghostbusters cosplayers with homemade proton packs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42622528","title":"Homemade Ghostbuster Costumes Wow at Comic-Con","url":"/Entertainment/video/homemade-ghostbuster-costumes-wow-comic-con-42622528"}