Hundreds of Londoners Wait to Get Mystery Tattoo

ABC News' Lora Moftah talks to people in line waiting for a chance to get a tattoo from artist Scott Campbell.
2:20 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Hundreds of Londoners Wait to Get Mystery Tattoo
So you're the front of this line. Yeah we might have to cut the softest got about the finish but you're at the front of this line I know it actually doesn't matter where on this line you Larson the lottery system. But what's. And did you get here today I hit seven possibly affect the hand. And why exactly and mean because I think both agreed that once inside the room have been locked street graves. Twice but didn't realize they'll be like the how the whole street. Give a chance to walk around and see how long it's several times and it's quite. Quite surprising I mean people's minds up. Quality. That's. A few of the chance I mean how would you feel actually stick your arm and not line. I would love it means for these despite the law I'm getting them for the everything freedom as well. Olson but it doesn't scare you this is permanent brain cancer everything's all right days. It's within the log walls muscle. Then mom of the month. So. They. You don't get hysterical. If that's an okay okay so how long have you. Since nine and why because these simple you know. I mean Bob originally thought that. Hot item that is we don't does it note. Go to Google is got to be an answer you're a fan of his work. I am that means you have got to the apple evident that I excellence indecent this would either because when it began. And it doesn't scare you that you might wind up and promised that I had and I done it was coming terrific and why do just that. Let's going to be on the but it. But the money to its memories know about yet this means I want. It means you won so. Only six people actually have a chance students out of this line how does a lottery process worked out here what's that energy been on this line. The statistics cure and no great. But let's not been Hinkle a one number I'll. One. On the cause of any.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"ABC News' Lora Moftah talks to people in line waiting for a chance to get a tattoo from artist Scott Campbell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42644593","title":"Hundreds of Londoners Wait to Get Mystery Tattoo","url":"/Entertainment/video/hundreds-londoners-wait-mystery-tattoo-42644593"}