Go Inside the NBA House at the Olympics

ABC News' Charli James reports from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
22:23 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Go Inside the NBA House at the Olympics
I'm outside of. Yes yeah. We need in our community news. Let's Brazil was a world champion basketball. Way. We're resumed hours volleyball want to. But now that's what's coming back and that's our job here to make best more popular to get the best. In the hands of as many kids. And that's a series and open technology. To get on the card games. Help us. And they are very. Active on the social media and they call us and they see our games. Okay. We live them. Is that an older generation. Back from the Jordan Harris parent has to live with and we had again. Generations. And there are he's. Let's and I. Addressing. Everything I'm hearing on the other players are playing pretty. Right now we have in this. Baritone. It's not very open all those guys he's one of our most popular. Exactly and on and the other players are. Right now. I'm probably wouldn't ask. We all become. I don't want warmly more resilient place and something. Going yeah. I know. Oh yeah it's. Larry it's either can. What we've all the skills talents of. As night. We'll have him back on their. When he first. Seven at night. We'll invite everybody. Come to get out. It's. Okay. It's been. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Having air. Yeah I'm. I knew. Oh yeah. Here all right. Evidently we. Yeah. He. An area. I had yeah. Com. And so. Yeah. I. Sorry my. It's. Yeah. Yeah news. And beaten. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Point. Karen yeah. Another area so you. The Amazon com yeah I'm here at the end me. Right Karen yelling yeah we're. Enter a period. Your basketball experience. We can't not. Okay. Now. And that I'm I'm okay. Army. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. The yeah. Think that's involved. That's going. Okay am. Or. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Did.

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{"id":41425557,"title":"Go Inside the NBA House at the Olympics","duration":"22:23","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-nba-house-olympics-41425557","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}