Go Inside the Spy Museum's Secret Collection

ABC News' Freda Kahen-Kashi reports from Washington, DC.
17:55 | 11/02/16

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Transcript for Go Inside the Spy Museum's Secret Collection
I'm credit hostilities he is it's all here today at the spy museum getting eaten very secret look at there. They're false. Objects he was saying that aren't are going on display wit doctor didn't and you goody or target today we these are not residents who furcal objects that they have already on display in the museum. Like this. On our mind me. From all right passes the Asmara and he fired from goaltender was the quintessential bond are wondering when things we think the blog car. This one was actually made for them legal drinkers it's not just don't read reproduction replica. It does all the. Same thing is that we'll wanted to. Tire shredder southeast Texas sealed suits his yet that is assuming every time that we lost value the ejection seat but. Machine guns everything from top to bottom this was built for the movie is so. This car so that more than likely it will wanted to move you through memorable finger it supple bullets it runs into a wall Milwaukee false cars that's not looking here. But in many cases and in most cases when you're filming her car chase scene in a movie though makes 6%. Cars so that they're not position where. Earnings reversal. 36 months news that this was made for the movie obviously wasn't used Nazi with a car runs through wall. This was and original Aston Martin DB. Here. This bullet. Mostly Shia then. The real turnaround scrape the tie and fully functional up believe it would doesn't have the oil slick because again we went to him before all the time. By doing that and you can actually see on the route veterans with the injections it is but. B two Parker. No I would be really cool active we college apps on insurance issues to people projections. And yes of this this. Whole area that we're in right now it's called the school for supplies and released on a lot. The important. Gas or allow people to use the technology assessment at all for espionage officers around the world. Think that allow them to do things again you on the road blocks audio and visual surveillance. Like being able to this community schools and it is to get themselves in trouble and do something about it. And of course things like switches. Not as often used in the real world as it is in the movie's been a recent law allows officers needs to defend ourselves. Or there's a government should do use weapons specifically. Right yes and how movies the second sectional for example the secret history history this is a follow through history espionage and most people. Don't realize asking us goes back to the very beginning of time. Since Cubans kind of pull out indicated it wanted to know more information about what was happening. Outside their little world class retreat Fatah Hamas into the distance that's really intelligence that's humans elves. He's we do so just the wrong business stories you want the truth sports business news. Actress Marie school's policy and footwork didn't realize that just class action. You horses US these people and you shall. I'm are actually. Her and her. Yet even eat home. It's constantly. Get. Mars and yes. The real secret is that we have really no idea this is what it will generally known as the pictures obviously other Trojan or so there's really. Cool or school up in Massachusetts that bills. Re all persons us or our parks. And they decided there Spann. You're half researching this wouldn't want to look like looking at literature looking at our gold shoes Turkey going agrees to find out. How it really wasn't or read bill's. A life size work force. Using all the holes people are actually wouldn't visas arms tonight in our schools and I use anymore technology there and do away. The time and that's going to be outside our museum opens uneasy here's I don't nationalist. He wants the plotters Communist whole whole idea. Illness right there we're gonna do it exactly the way that we think it was gone so the first time at the museum to see whether his footwork. All look in real life. And happy talk honestly. All those people. Kennedy's social hall Ian Paul Holmgren bill and talking about a situation where people taxes train or truck. Who we know what was big enough. That Detroit is this all people in Troy Patton T now the wall and anti Carnegie an army unit size of these kind of clues. I think. These is read our studios to figure out our problems. It. Pretzel so you know one of our viewers noticed that you sent this is a plastic kind assignment editors is their Andre how many times throughout history has something my hatred or actually any. Will something like the true horror scenario the discussion is that goes back. Long hot days songs masters. Another story that is patently. He did everything wrong. Tying. Rooms additional resources to me where dusted on his arms and look like gates youth responds yeah. Write a horrible I don't. Just in investing you know he's when it is it is heroes knows what tomorrow horses. We'll let their people salute disorder forces he also sense of the man. Pretending that they were not meant running the town's going biggest honors companies got ten. Peter Hamas. And and that's how this or costs. You know use. It. He could also mean people that you're. Right hasn't he just as you. Sure Vietnamese you knock. Or actually Kate you master capabilities you the end knob. What's contact. Tour and grass or. Heard it right yeah. Well. Yeah yeah these are items that either Plotkin since we opened and we don't have a lot of room to lose things and now. Or other things we want heat all to the side that you might Rosie into the Clarkson but nothing that is actually equals question people like you. I. We'll start small and morally out from there right so pretty average. The cab take the cap off. Problem is. It's not a patent Bryant actually. Stand. The stand actually much started. Actually. A hypodermic needle. CE terrorists in her pocket carry this reverence at a brief case. Fills this is open answered absolutely was choice to. Hand after walking by somebody in the metro subway it's definitely keep on moving. It is horribly violent but that's it. It's Cold War so this credit this particular one went across the board most intelligence agencies had methods for using it. Kind of secret weapons in this case to to dispatch their enemies again like S. Earlier. Knocking people off is not the number one goal must intelligence agencies that people don't talk real whole life it is gather information. But every so often. A government decided somebody needs to be taken out. It's not something we you often anymore and mustard rounds of our missiles. But you this was a relic of the Cold War but it was something that. Was a more elegant way. Of taking out an enemy vs just functioning on the back of the head right. Cool items I mean I'm historian of this time periods of this is from Vietnam. This is yhency prison rules and actually on the back of it is the star of north Vietnam. And what this was was it was given to American prisoners. Who were not captured in uniform and their captured in uniform are POW pitcher captured in civilian clothes you're working CIA. Or some other agency order captured. In military uniform but it's not US army special operations army navy seal you would be given this car. And busily what it's saying is. Your country is denying you exist you have no lights on the Geneva convention. If you don't talk to us your index cheated but he did talk to us we're gonna take care primary and give you better benefits even goes down to saying. If you cooperate you can earn large amounts of money provided what should combinations you we provided with considers writing if you know companionship so. This is a way to try to get Americans. To turn against their country. Answers spot for the north Vietnamese. Smart growth cart. She. Won't. This is rural part of the Vietnam War so. Long and all starters were there as well funny that's the English works just as well for them to use of this is. Primarily for American soldiers who were captured outside of normal military uniform or for American spots. We're operating outside of uniform which means you don't have the protections of the Geneva convention in that case. How this concept in front museum's possession Elliott will add egg captures. Captured individual that's it it's possible means you also understand now that the relationship we have with Vietnam is. Come from dramatically better than it was during the Cold War. Vietnam realizes that interest somewhat coincide with the United States now. Because. But China also during the 1990s when Bill Clinton. Begins youth all the relationships you reopen communications would be an all a lot of artifacts like this started coming out. Vietnam from the Vietnam War period. For people like me his story and it is time it's really need to see some of this stuff right. Speaking earth said. Art this is the most extraordinary things that we have fallen. People might recognize he's playing cards they were given out two or or purchased by most soldiers who went over a fight in Iraq 2003. And at least part of the high value targets. Within Iraq argument. Saw Hussein are now taught baptists and people that we were trying to capture or in the war. The idea was. In every individual soldier he's done and one of these guys and was oh this is the space he somebody's important let's make sure we capture them intact. It's always UT. Pile strategic intelligence neighboring towns and individuals older on the ground so. People like Carter found that it had a lot of attention to it but. What was really interesting is these were brought to us via a former MP somebody who found himself. Actually added Florida when a high value detainees prisons right outside of Baghdad he realized that he was guarding. Publicity people on the horrors. It's is that look I'm here with yet. We assign a car. So he got actually ninety moral showing six and in nineteen. On the high value targets actually signed the wrong particle if you treat disease remember him from time deputy prime minister and the numbers you. Saddam Hussein. It's been the most interest him. Is as vital parts. This is a woman who was considered to be AW on these scientists are biological weapons specialist. And she didn't think that was the case which actually circles. WMD scientists on the top. By no means saying I'm not a WB scientist. And that actually on the back. She wrote a poem. In leadership yes scientists indeed but WMD by no means. The truth that will sign one day by the grace of god not far away and it's aside program. Great a way to try to say I'm defiance against his ideas. I'm building biological weapons I am a biologists and it happens but by no means in my building about a well as it turns out. She wasn't lines certainly the time we talk to us but there was no evidence whatsoever verbally about what is. But that's just kind of wanted to meet things you have here and again there's a reason that he's a ripple office because this man. Was very religious community want people gambling. With the carts is that I'll sign it. But I'll rip off the size of the. Park is I don't want you actually using needs to gamble. I actually have another it's a question relating to the titans. Well you are hate our viewers are wondering if they don't really know he can give us that information but what actually happens to all of these prison this. Saw personal prisoners somehow didn't release some are actually suspect now but. Some worry rehabilitated into the systems on its owners. There's no really ready answer this because a lot of them head case. Some very high level like three disease were disputed produced urgently. Because of his role. Pre war. Others who are lower now you're talking about people who are like the sentences below. They were necessary the worst people in some cases they had hired. High value jobs and see also had been somewhat re re integrated. Into society diploma course is Iraq today. Certainly keep track of who's where because the country a lot of it is being controlled devices. Can change somewhat soon looks like. Bytes and so we have firm grasp on. Where everybody is almost impossible answer question. This is also a whole war on exactly. What Clinton. Tables so this has really two things going on one is what it is by itself what is it salt as a counterbalance. It's to see what you're doing with this is looking for box looking for audio surveillance so. I write so you've seen the movie is where sweeping for dogs loses a key design this week for bugs. This right here. We'll try to pick up electromagnetic. Radiation. Suez saying above sending a signal. And little read army's actual. Things here. On the meters now that's what it is place else. Added steps of that is that this actually belong to a very famous or infamous spot from a Cold War period many of John Walker. John walker art was. As spied for the Soviet union for many many many years. Are actually in the 1960s he wasn't caught on 1985. Walker was an 81 officer here act top secret clearance choose spot every in the navy was doing including. A system called socialists. Which was under water system that allowed us to track almost every Soviet suffering around the world. So it didn't think we knew most of which were silent enough to evade our protection. What they didn't know was avenue all the more walkers and for national allow them tune me. Pretty dramatic measures and me warm apple and much more. Balance really hasn't had a huge advantage before walker gave away this information so you get a lot of the stuff. In the 1980s when the Soviets are trying to build silent submarines are more sounds rates. For October expects. Where they are trying to create ways you played our social system all because of Walker's. Intelligence the Soviets knows probable. Walker was arrested and he was sent to prison. And life in prison he would have been eligible for parole. Wants ago but he and a time in prison. How does that. And he. Not a double obviously never work for double agent is somebody that works or when intelligence agency. In an agrees to work for another imposes a whopper and never was an intelligence specialist. For the navy use actually somebody who was in AB one officer leave you worked in the navy he was considered a spot. So yes or doubles only when you're an agent for two different sides walker never was an agent for the United States you know CIA and DIA girls and intelligence. You're in the navy proper. So used the spot. Com and it actually. Yeah castle walker had a sense of humor. Somewhat sick sense of humor since he was you know selling out the United States her for a lot of money. When he decided to make it on the news it is who's kind of surveillance and double us. Well I think this has been fantastic tour that he sold for your time. They are we are tightly right now but tune in next time Karachi very easy digital and I'll see you next week.

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