Jada Pinkett Smith Says She's a Lot Less Strict With Her Children Now

Smith appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her role in the hit drama series 'Gotham.'
19:22 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for Jada Pinkett Smith Says She's a Lot Less Strict With Her Children Now
We'll look at you. Amazing game. What might create this creation. Will greatest creation goals. Well it. You know going to fix me anti. And when that's done you're going to make him nominee. So I can sixteen war and eat. But I can't. Seeks new. Cops while. You have a few minutes to rethink your hands. I suggest you do. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn here where we tell you what's pop and in the pop culture. And my guest today Jada Pinkett Smith just pick anything you know she's acting she's singing she's dancing since an activist. Married to Will Smith you're the mother of two teenagers. And I'll my god haven't owned a deal. You know that but data welcome it's great news with he had so I'll start by being professional and go to. Yeah. Left got them I'm so glad that they decided to resurrect Mike act and bring her yes she was gone I I. That it is not having a good time. It I'm I'm one of the Don and I'll know it wasn't that at all it me at all ways been in agreement that was just going to be. For years that this nominee Eric it was created for the television show basic rights if movie the eighths and in. It's just speak to every resident office. Now as it. But yet you know she uses it and brought there for that first season and that's what the agreement was but then. Who knew that people would lever some less so than in front of backing either love or you love to hate him but add the waves through puts its left and now. Nancy's. Day care come. An apologetic plea bargain and that's the best come at some one that. Have it was that the appeal to you or is that really you are you basically. Behind the scenes is not what the real appeal was was. Wind Bruno talked me about the cared to he really wanted to collaborate. And eating can act. And that was the Q appeal because you don't get that area and how did he pitch you on plane. Time he basically. What she was against their you know basically we didn't know much about her background and that she will. Part of the entertainment business at some point and then the rest weekend crafted. I don't wanna say she's not a real character it's right but she over the time be. Online. Act as it's mean and win win he spoke of the fact that. She was. Intra stated. In. Holly will. Aspect with the entertainment I think it that this was a woman who kind of put her character. Together as it as an old Hollywood. Stock that that's how she thought her views on this very glamorous. You know well to do. L again. Hollywood stock from my fifties and so that's really what they Stan and then also. A little bit of this on the block who was. One of the fiercest mean things to happen. I. And let. And a little bit Edgar ever since spots this was gone and then she was resurrected she's not the same thing it you know she's. I'm free to reach over. I got. He types. The she can change you yes she can control your mind my wife believed that. Every wife believes they can. We did Jiri that we pray that that's a super that we act that I hadn't been this. Well this is insisting to because you're in Gotham yes will assisted suicides. What was going on around us just eating and drinking and living comic book and I wish but be are happy that whipped by the DC fans in these you know you oh yet. On the same family so that's good. So the kids felt good about view of playing freshman all again you know teenagers because I know what that's all you announcing. Yet when they watch what you're doing the adage. Usually there's no critic. Like a unit. Failed doctor right there. The way it is again. So why what to Jane and willow say to TU and well when there when they see. Of the fruits of your labor let me put it that. Well unknown jaded in the first year got them and even so those days like when you bring in me on the gas and second where my white bent Manson. An ugly is only broke the one that we've alibi and I'll bet man is not at its case. Now but you know he definitely wants to participating in the comic book world than in some way and willow just loves fish you can see. It. Will willow really liked then asked win. There and T had you as a role model that pain that would that artist with. So that you come home and I need tag on that way and you. All done as it. Again how much of her eat take home nine I'll come not one minute you're exist. Not one big new eyewitness even when they married in that Witten had to the next to last me about as well as basic motive is not gonna work that's like act there. You leave on that yeah seller have you ever taken any of your characters. And while to be honest with M minus and I LB may be a little bit. All from them making 883 M was a little hard for me because even liked my body and gained about maybe ten pounds of muscle. And so I was constantly working out. Every aspect of my life it's that time. Was 49 LB so it was very hard to disconnect. From that character. Throughout all built the whole filming us as that those last two of the trilogy and shot at the same time at the point is that you were in the video game we did a video game. You know we did a video game as well and and a video game movie in the video game that Nairobi was with a big part. But seeing a mechanic you an eye to see all of these things. It's in this different world MTV RA and then basically you did he do this made me again or you could turn around and have your own mineral bank yeah that it is. That was. I love it so incredible. That was that you have to be completely schizophrenic I'm not. It's not you know what it Willis in the eighties and the same thing is he would odd million women that lived inside me. You act as as well thank goodness there isn't then you know place that I can kind of express. All of those women do our. When it is it's kind of greatest is secure and that there be. Although I don't think all those women inside your get along all the talk about their mouth you little meet Aaron we've learned how to just. Live in harmony all of us we its interest interest you had you know. In summer there's a lot of talk about the movies and they're big and you're in this what everybody thought was a little move that might come and go called Baghdad on. And the world pound the man of specially women began and they said. Dad this is this is how it is definitely now you you are on they Christina Applegate teens yeah the other one where it was going to be guess is the way things should be Friday and the other moms are saying we're so screwed up. We think. This anymore all right so I'm saying the stairs where do you really fitted I. And I think mar in the Mila Kunis lane who has says the rebel though you add the rebel you know let's lighten there's all different ways in which you can be a mom is not one way. To be a month and you really have to fat what works. For you. New Nall and and so definitely. In the extreme case of the Mila Kunis lane. Did the bad moms were definitely I'm definitely a mandolin. Would you say that your strict mom. I would say that. I believe in the earlier stages of my children's lives Alice far more strict in as they got older they wore more and more freedom. I feel as though my my theory is that. YouTube you create strong boundaries and and when there really young. And then as they get all the you start to trust them more and kind of stretch those boundaries out because really. My ideas to get them to independents quickly eaten. By the time you're eighteen I want you to believe that you can handle anything. That's mind believes not statement. As that's raging in this news agency whose eighteenth eighteen is filled and will be 16 October 30 cars. When I was reading a couple of things about you I was really struck by your own. Parents a new yet growing up especially the women end like your mom. And your grandma yes that was made you can you talk of the. He my grandmother was. Of real incredible force in my life as she was a woman who believed in me in a very young age. And my mother was a young parent. Soul what my mother taught me was the the power freed. Because my mom was the young climbs so we were more like sisters so as she was going. Indeed I was going out with her but. I got a lot of freedom a lot of freedom in which I was able to. Find my own way. And and with my grandmother she really instilled in me allowed our values that I kicked Cary with me. As I was finding my way so they were both very instrumental. And me. Having the palette to self. Actually lives in developed and there are currently aids so this confidence in accidentally incumbent that life with confidence. It's absolutely and I don't think if I hadn't had that confidence I would have been able to come to Elliott seventeen years old. I kids Ellie and prevent them from Baltimore will actually came from north Carolina school for the arts that went to north Carolina school for the arts for a year. And I told my mother at the end of my first year in college a set list thinks that gone a Baltimore school for the arts. Before used for high school with two years prior to that for the after school program twigs. So I sit and listen I can either go. To law school and lacking go to LA and see if I can do this acting thing she says with a good LA's CB did. Pivotal moment and the fact that she could steamy. And true costs a separate the annual honor. You now to go to ally. Herself she came out with. Meat but like the first two months and then she went back to LA after I got my birth piling. Deed that scare you when she wasn't there enough now this is I was ready that's what I'm saying and it's like. Because I had head that that she rainy at pets sold much time for self development. And so much independent. And the now that I can have many things of being at LA about myself was really nothing it was much better than be in on the streets of bottom more alone. Amendment you really babbitt's. That's without that would have. All the more. Jobs that it is. Alien life I would live and I think you will so we YouTube and unlike you through that way what's happening. Not was I was on those streets for rim. For Rayon and Yunel and and I'm grateful. For that time to be honest with you because. A lot of things I learns. On those streets that by the time I got to LA. Nobody could pull any wool all of my eyes at all I would read right. That I would I'd I. Doubt. It. It that you're dancing you know again this is. Physical. Means that you're comfortable in your own skin. That you're gonna do this and I if it's at Larry's to me that win. You meet will. You're auditioning to please grow. Yeah where it's on Ellis to. That nobody will believe this. Uh oh that's. About an insult then I showed him and race. What was that like a love at first sight moment now know that not and on all let me I came out of an audition and will was there at the I guess his little technique was he accountant and you know they audition in the girlfriends and cans he was second on bigger than I that he used on a plot to me. You know once I came out of the audition like many things in me and need to get the role that we keep this. Action of course you know of that all the years we became friends and enough time and on line. Friendship and that the sons and I'm Moore we'll that's great gets it sounded like you know we're gonna keep this movement of sound really problem. It must have been very persists then you Obama and -- seem there's this really was I give him that well that's right that this happens but then. Has all of these changes happen in your life and I think. When I'm saying that you're confident I think that's great to see in somebody's thinking and. People have said well she's very outspoken yes I do well house last year when he spoke up about the lack of diversity yet the Oscars. And somebody said well. But she's mad because will wasn't nominated for concur will why shouldn't he. Well you know that's an eight I think that that with. Be honest with you I think that was a way it was to diminish the real conversation which is the diversity which is the diversity issue you now and and and that's really how I looked at that union with interest day. Is when that whole issue came up less than a match is gonna talk the talk on the walked with the walk the talk is well and so. What we're doing through careers in entertainment which is a new initiative that we have through our foundation Smith Family Foundation is that where. Reaching opportunity used to. Educate them about. All the different professions that are available and to entertainment business because I had to tame business can seem really exclusive. And the yen and so what we're doing this year is that we're reaching out to opportunity used to educate them and give them hands on line. Experience. Would different aspects of professions with and then entertainment and we're launching it in Brooklyn with 400 kids in what I'm so excited we're gonna have. Panelists. On the with the kids can ask questions we have like producers. We have writers we have publicists. And then they will experience. What it's like to work a camera or boom operator or understand how to create story through story boards telling people I'm the. And this is I think really fascinating. ID yet to do yes and actually. Way past the notion of educational because what you're trying to do is give them an education Rite Aid in an area they don't even know they want to be attacked. And they find out about CIE toward war. Yes thing Poland enough to do so we helped each about 3000 kids this year we have. Six of the cities that will go to this and will will will create. As we go a lot we want to become in network. You know a place where young people can. Fine job opportunities and and get educated. Yeah and you can dictate in non Gotham. All of that. Let them. I think is. You do these kinds of things and you. With the wave describing being eighteen and going out into that world again being in LA how different. Is Jada now and that eighteen the world what what. Is the difference between the two view I think two of you the same one but now I'm thinking of all those people in here. And end at mesa is worlds apart. New worlds apart I mean the eighteen year old Jean one is. You know that she had one foot still in the streets and one foot believing that she could be far more than what was for her Newton on those streets and I and I have to be us with you I mean. When you look at my life on paper I shouldn't be here a should be in jail or dead. You now and along the way thank goodness ahead programs ahead Baltimore school for the arts a mentors. People that just along a wages kept reminding me of my possibility. And kept pushing me pushing me and pushes me until finally I got to a place understood. I am far more than that I can be far more I can do more for my community then being in on the streets and act increase so. Packet at Grady cloudy with thinking how. They had to do that well. This is the first time he'd been on the show it to you don't know that it always end in song ain't so young when it at once something that's in your hand that just spontaneously erupt. I'm really yes. If. You. Hat be in you know that and it. It yeah. Our plant and if you happy ending though in Daniel ayalon is still at it happy ending now it plant in hand I. That is. All the time it's that the lights may. It's about inspecting her again. I've lost their.

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