Jan. 17, 1989: Mayim Bialik talks about her role in 'Beaches'

Bialik said that she did not get to work much with Bette Midler while making the film but by luck managed to portray the younger character accurately.
3:49 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Jan. 17, 1989: Mayim Bialik talks about her role in 'Beaches'
Anise stars more by ideology it is nice to have you here I think when I see the thing I keep vegan so what are you wanna be when you grow up Bette Midler. I think. I'm out there were Barbara Streisand I suppose either one of those of Louisiana have to be Robert Redford or something he couldn't think it didn't that would be here I can't help. But notice. You're here's that read we. Now know there isn't it was a win again. Have a somewhat vague hint that you don't buy that one office in Iraq mountain where did that we're today when they decide did today to talk about time you. And now they did but at the time I was doing a fact of life pilot. And if the show a gun in my hair and then. Either ran there can't. If if if you know they decided to go with a wink. It was a lot of top about. You know we're walking to the producers I'm sorry I just can't go read because I have other obligations. No you know I ran. And. There is one producer wasn't sure that because my hair wasn't rain and it wouldn't work out. So then rent the unit came to new York and with all over anything that can. You know LA where I live and they said that you know they haven't found anyone that you know. There's an endorsement by. Let me terrific we've looked around we can't let Israel sneer at. That's you know and I thought for a little bit but I realize that. You know. I did continue to live with me after era thrown its own. And it's been neat passing this gets kind of fun to have this. And to have this kind of thing happen in 08 is another thing illustration it's it seems to answer tricky new you don't have any scenes. With that that right but you have to do it. So that people will see traits. In her later on that they saw in you at the beginning. Well you know. People are. Saying. And I must of worked with her but I really kidding if they're not it you know convincing her that I didn't because you know I didn't. The one teen she did help me with was the dance scene. He you know to declare no of the choreography that you know singing dancing Tina but otherwise everything else was basically natural. But did you did you just say okay I'm gonna do this in the scene and and she said okay I'll do that. Later in the know you don't know because I'm the only senior we were together with. It was raining you know as I sent weren't sure if mean canceled in and that was hit the other scenes. She usually wasn't around but you're traits had to show up in her. Later and didn't yeah I guess. But we never worked on it I don't. I don't see how it break out. Hate India it is then just rock yeah. To that let me ask you but some analysis certainly got my MB Alec. I mean I can just see some agent coming insect that's terrific but we got to change at the Susie star struck some mouth. His biggest equipment death her and that slid them mom and dad's name it's going to be. It's gonna be years down through right when he wants do you want you play somebody in the movie. Who grows up. To be in show business you want to do this. Anonymous. I like it I think I just want to stay with that firm. Now when I'm the kid. Yeah you study indicated mentioned this thinking well you know when I get old idea. I'm you know I'm colonies. Really this just a for security. And when he went later. Her own I wanna be marine biologists. CNY where would you just that what's life like now are. I like animals and lying apparently didn't hear while I hope you do that it's a tree can do. Thinking you know in recent. I hope okay polite substantive and thanks to mention.

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{"id":51597052,"title":"Jan. 17, 1989: Mayim Bialik talks about her role in 'Beaches'","duration":"3:49","description":"Bialik said that she did not get to work much with Bette Midler while making the film but by luck managed to portray the younger character accurately.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jan-17-1989-mayim-bialik-talks-role-beaches-51597052","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}