Jan. 1, 1998: Kate Winslet talks about filming 'Titanic'

Winslet said her favorite scene to film was the steerage party scene.
3:59 | 09/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jan. 1, 1998: Kate Winslet talks about filming 'Titanic'
When the ill fated Titanic set sail in April 1912 no one could have predicted that faith that a waited at. And the same could be said for actress Kate Winslet when she signed to star director James Cameron's 200 billion dollar epic. Based on the now legendary disaster. The box office sensation the film is catapulted the English actress to the top of Hollywood's A list secured her a second Golden Globe nomination. This later contender for this year's best actress Oscar in Kate Winslet is joining us it's a pleasure to have you here and can can you give me your right hand I send McCann and. And so on this in the Nickelodeon once and I've always wanted to try Bob flat here OK yeah. It's much better when Leonardo DiCaprio does that look like that I can't do it with the same dialogue and aplomb that he doesn't that's really very beautiful scene and that's when it. When it's sunny it's it is it was those set extraordinary rain to shoot everything because. Everything that we were dimming and every scene every environment every delivery. Piece of cutlery was exactly what what would have been on the the ship itself completely wrecked do you have a favorite scene might save my favorite scene is the starent party scene. Because because we just had sex couples on it appeared it was we had such a good timing Layla and I had a great friendship anyway as I think his. And that's been reported sort of again and again and again we love fantastic friends. But that scene was was was hilarious because we was swinging around around around around around he was trying mile over the place and and we have that wonderful Irish band playing the right that in in the room with us. And it was his clay and. Look pretty good bet that I was actually very impressed is that that's hard dancing to do well it was typical Chad Dawson to do with I have to say it was a Honda trying to. Controller Leanne. Because he was just all over the place and throwing me and to different directions and. Titanic first river dance and act that's it he'll he'll be out dancing in the and the Irish dancing government later. But it is that's seen as it is a lot of fun but I Kevin there are some dangerous scenes as well it. Is it true that you almost. Drowned. Well I mean that no I mean I didn't I didn't news drowned sometimes it felt you know it fell incredibly frightening when we look sort of trapped behind. The iron gates and things and we would break free and then that there was a cut that I was going the kept it a critical day since. At that point you know I did sometimes that's how he made admit it and some really panic and your adrenaline pumping and everything that you know I was with Leo and Jim Cameron is of course can be genius at working them into another safety divers everywhere and I mean really everything wants absentee here but I guess Tennessee. Water yet what I mean you know that is the thing it was just being. In the water and to you couldn't touch the Boston and sometimes wearing this period costumes in the war two was a very difficult thing to do and high heel shoes catching in the dressed like couldn't kick some times. But those men sort of untangle in my dress from my legs under the water and and really was fine at the end of the day but occasion need to fit in the bit. Front end at the end when your in the war you really do look cold. Well we I mean sometimes we were out cold and that was actually something that. I said I requested. I said to Jim Cameron a Sydney and things that he the warts too much because. He it use it wouldn't have felt they wouldn't have felt right unit to be comfortable. In in this situation like that within the same year until feel it's obviously a so what they would've been an had a blunt call the full for the people that went onto the ship tours and and so you know you could sometimes use that use that temperature. Men between US pretty freezing we have so according to this happens and how has this changed life for you. I'm when tens of me and my life and my family and friends and everything now I mean you know everything goes on the same period still govern. Do my supermarket shopping and things like that but time and tens of career opportunities. Say. Can analysis of getting greatest going to strike sites will it is very exciting and terrific to watch and to do marvelous job it's a pleasure to meet you mutation can thank you very much Kate Winslet Titanic but. You all know that most of you seen the movie by now.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Winslet said her favorite scene to film was the steerage party scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50104540","title":"Jan. 1, 1998: Kate Winslet talks about filming 'Titanic'","url":"/Entertainment/video/jan-1998-kate-winslet-talks-filming-titanic-50104540"}