Does Jared Kushner Appointment Present Conflict of Interest?

Donald Trump's son-in-law may serve as a senior adviser in the White House.
4:49 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Does Jared Kushner Appointment Present Conflict of Interest?
We want to take you about trump Sonnen live Jared Kushner. That's perhaps a little cool another line. Another has not can't he's going to be joining the White House as a senior advisor is serving all. Is Sam Riddle outside of the multibillion dollar and his aides. But ex ex pats are still concerned that it back LA's the anti nepotism laws that forbid family member from taking up its a White House Rolf Massey. I think every one has Soto. In their family had people they would like to have put it but then follow these rules again this is no longer apparently going to be. An issue but I do find it an issue for the same reason people frowned I'm Robert Kennedy. An issue. Will the issue is that the security clearances are involved so it's not just somebody you know you're calling on the phone and saying what do you think about this they're getting a lot of access and remain well yeah. He and his particular company has business has relied heavily on foreign investment earned you know although the idea is well I think but and then people say well if trump is involved in policies that involve trade that involved foreign relations and now you have your son along that's gonna have access to this information even if he. Says you know what I'm not gonna make money from this right now can he make a call to somebody else and then benefit his business without actually directly doing it but thank you have an indirect maybe got to follow the rental. Yet they sank found not I always think. I think when Stanley is involved I think he gets tricky I think it really and just the optic summit even if there world way. To doing it. That you actually you know on the books everything looked good I think visually for the American public it looks like a conflict of interest and it's best to just avoid it if you can like you're saying what we're talking about questions and I don't think you. There are millions of people out there who would love these kinds of opportunities thwart capable they don't have these potential problems and address so don't put people in visited other minor Sanjay device sand clay and had. Jared Kushner is that struck trump says he's going to solve them but middle East Asia now carry. IndyCar Derrick Henry Kissinger couldn't solve it. But Jared Kushner who his faith is going to solve the issue and I think I. He had given money. Sue though the West Bank settlements which the United Nations that are our trend are legal so there's a conflict of interest but. And I was really against this but so are you make such a good point to me in our hot topics meetings let me make my point yeah I know I can control who had Donald Trump's the year he's gonna essentially want so. But as a senior advisor with that title we have more power to produce heat against the fire in regard to the optics of a conflict that he's gonna be there anyway he's going to be regardless I don't think that's an important generally yeah when I then yes I think yeah I agree I I think you're saying but what they showed to the public does not always what's going on behind closed doors so if you hold to speak to the fire and then publicly he says. Well look I'm not making any money doing this but behind the scenes it would take off. I just think it's I think if it's a very complex issue that Donald Trump could have easily chosen to put someone that didn't have this problem and did not. But cannot answer that question because I we talked about this will be yes then his daughter has been in every. Made him at every night so do we need to look forward to her also as being the only other cabinet advise likely are she's not going to take a formal role that's what the transition team is SA now what they say any one want to be in there either and now he did look well it's interesting though admit it and get it doesn't seem to be against the anti nepotism law because apparently. When Hillary Clinton was involved in health care panel there was a little little little a lot of there was another loophole they would bury a fair value and then I'm it's OK well I don't know that money if a man's look yeah isn't the out. When people say oh you know what I've had enough of this this is ridiculous. They'll sought salmon YYW. Able to do this and nobody else could because. At least Hillary new low. The landscape. Aria she was in there because she'd worked with children Sam GM workers would lots of different agencies some shot her input would have been and what what big game that sucks. About it and it lasts till this day and it. Some very good initiatives are suspicious that they trying to rush these people throw so then a lot of these people go against the agency's that there red. For instance that the EPA guys is run by somebody who doesn't believe in a climate change the education secretary. What's my name Deborah the bode. She doesn't believe in public educate should. 90% of American children. Go to public schools and then his Mormon only believe in private education it's not gonna works out so they need to be dead it's very very Carla.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Donald Trump's son-in-law may serve as a senior adviser in the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44682567","title":" Does Jared Kushner Appointment Present Conflict of Interest?","url":"/Entertainment/video/jared-kushner-appointment-present-conflict-interest-44682567"}