SNL's Former Goat Boy Not Expecting Santa This Year

Jim Breuer, 'Goat Boy' on SNL, Makes Christmas Song 'Santa Ain't Coming to Town'
3:00 | 12/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SNL's Former Goat Boy Not Expecting Santa This Year
He's been in the public's comedy conscious for over two decades -- Stage antics Saturday Night Live sketches infamous impersonation -- At all -- Jim brewer a comedy legend and joining us today the man behind the laughter Jim brewer himself sitting down with us. But from what we snagged yet we we've got to sit dated just long enough to sit along with Sam family announced today -- -- -- third kid them. More Sig for now the truth of the curricula as we will look let's take in the business first then you get your rest after such a big break back in 1995 rejoin the cast of SNL. -- yea and it was -- it was also. It was also confusing and I I auditioned. The next day in the papers said. Chambers -- written off. And they asked me addition again so I was the last cast member hired. On that new cast and it what do casting news. Whose powerhouse -- -- it will Farrell. Sheer Terry Molly Shannon. Nancy Walls of the time and and a gas diaries. Was a powerhouse true. -- -- emotionally though you're going through that you're taking itself off the companies are you thinking that maybe this is the this is the big. I had does get had a leather pants and -- through it but that aside I want to drop -- that cash like snot rockets which is. Who fits that. Please go to television event -- -- is that typically that's what the Ryder generally I'll answer I don't know what you see guys making movies for ten main -- Bateman yeah. That's I instantly thought that's rose -- will go boy obviously was a character that really took a -- that start in the frankly that character of the odds that it frightens some friends a lot of people it was sort of believe that -- but that's I'd be frightened of a goat -- half men and in talking in. So I never thought hanging out as young as young -- trying to free drinks is going -- which -- What was OK but. And and that led to -- guy got a character when he talks he. Does that -- loved. OK we need to close that pared expected. It's a government experiment a failure eighties shows -- -- and then if he told me you know eighteen years later -- -- shop bright New Jersey. Nets down here. And -- it doesn't get old right I mean. Now -- -- walk this way it's my arm -- humor always always sells perhaps Joseph -- your prison -- My my daughter Holly Hughes -- people can't see -- Tennessee. We -- passionately new. I -- good Phillies. Oh rainbow. More money the you'll -- Russia. -- mean the Snickers can -- up. Get this -- others not relate actually do -- I. -- the mold. Well you guys who -- clearly at a moment when -- and didn't hear it showed up first time there has ever been a lot what is that like him either your face to face the big guy to my icon to my greatest -- idols and there are just. You know all the things -- -- most. Patchy colony genie back you're -- it's just. That such varieties like a street got a huge commitment is great Kinney -- NN de Niro -- -- good -- red hot. -- very get a -- And I record. As long as that -- doesn't really get you know that you know that she survives and -- -- accomplished some -- great Mozart not be so fast forward on 1990. Half baked. Also a life changing -- help. How my regular -- and get a BS -- this move act act meaning me I got to saddle up. Yeah if you you huge that -- once it hit. Tapes yes it once it -- its shelves. Ballou you still blows it amazes me how quickly you can just go in and out of this mean he's your brain like at warp speed US Italy 4 o'clock in the morning -- -- certainly it was a parakeet or -- I don't really at the I got a -- prepared you reckon in the and it change it quickly so obviously the -- with a one hour special because clearly it's just not enough if it's like a two minute three minute snippet and obviously you're still on tour but. And laughter for all was just released idea. Let me remote -- -- -- Obama but since 2008. A start going -- do stand and -- and I do you very clean comedy not soft between draws people would have Metallica shirt right but you're right. The first it was called let's clear the -- when -- now this one's called and left her for all meaning everyone to watch it and it was the number one downloaded. Comedy special on Netflix so. I'm pretty excited about it and start seat theaters right multi generation -- -- -- shows which is what I always want -- I wanted. Fourteen year olds with their parents. Forty year olds and they're bringing in their grandparents and their parents -- That's boss let me ask you this and what's the secret -- -- threading the needle is because -- Oftentimes he -- he brought up Cosby you look at may get some of the great to Carol Burnett as those that that have. Been able to make people laugh 'cause he came to me with 2008. And he he said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what is this chapter are and I read it insisted it quits show business. And I. -- know what he's trying to tell me when you read it said. When he started -- make money but he's trying to appeal to something wasn't. -- and until he became and it really need that time because there wasn't. Decibel Gai or guy from have date -- loved it right not that guy I'm a standup comedian does a lot of family stuff -- film stuff so. So with so does not use the -- revelation that so doctor -- double channel absolutely channels that you. I want children all your cable -- who owns I -- -- And he was right and since then put that documentary about -- -- -- -- area. Couple specials and I feel great about it and is the best of -- my life you bald Eagles got a hosting announced that encompasses an eight comedy -- -- light purple. Sandy is counted Talbot his song is my -- and every -- event. Where kids and they don't just hand -- the Christmas list and say. If you get to CNN. You then obligated and you not. -- not deserve to automatically we're gonna go over what you've been doing. So unless you start doing this this and this gets what he company staff. So this song is basically. Every parent I would -- demanding their child and given the warning. If you don't step up sitting incumbent. -- -- For the holiday season that's right we got a clever but I want to play some of it right now. -- -- -- -- -- com. Additionally dog and the back matters that -- the world premiere right there so we if there any scared -- out there. They have you and us to thank for joining us if you want cynic. Better tighten up otherwise sedate him and went out. Musically would have to get here for -- -- you're gonna hear next year and -- do full blown record and tour with some great metal gods in it and it's can be very family based as well even know it's hard rock and medals just like the song right I want to be the wiggles for adults -- cases against an -- man. What a match up that's going to be and it's -- -- get -- and laughter for all -- they of the dvd yet. Buy it and it -- come -- -- -- download it downloaded since my -- redoing the kitchen area. She timber or Victor Hugo continued success happy -- god bless thank you make you are right.

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{"id":21072101,"title":"SNL's Former Goat Boy Not Expecting Santa This Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Jim Breuer, 'Goat Boy' on SNL, Makes Christmas Song 'Santa Ain't Coming to Town'","url":"/Entertainment/video/jim-breuer-goat-boy-snl-makes-christmas-song-21072101","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}