Joy Behar and 'The View' Co-Hosts Preview the GOP Debate

What do the ladies think of Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and the rest of the Republican hopefuls who will participate in the next debate in Colorado?
3:37 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for Joy Behar and 'The View' Co-Hosts Preview the GOP Debate
It's medium being in her prime the Republicans get back together and ranks them third debate. And the candidates coming out so I can't give the government John Kasich SA and tickle joke you know how crazy this election is. Let me tell you something. I've about had a these people what does happen to our party. What has happened to the conservative movement I'm done with Libyan polite and listen to this nonsense. I would not a light haired guys he would not seek and to this the first time he's really come on he kind of he threw Tom and Carson and Jeb Bush under the bus load fast tomorrow night tonight right and I got really good he did it together and saying that he doesn't wanna talk about anybody he has that it needs to sped up I agree with and I am so. Over the caddie this and the non political. Talking I can make it better recognition of what went when he what do what do you make him better Richard Illini tonight this is on CNBC at night the economy right all the leap out becoming which I found it in O'Donnell comes we'll house. I think I know what the economy not just got into my handsome man yes I just citing difference between bat and and what he's going to have to deal with. For us as a nation and you know everybody says we wanna cut taxes when I cut taxes. But what happens when you cut tax you'll where they'll lose comic view and guzzling lots to say you have to be really know whether. You're a Republican or conservative but whatever you have to listen very carefully to what people are talking about because all of this stuff affects you whether Europe. You know 25 years old ward two years all our. In 39 yeah. Give me 880s I hate to see tonight how the Republicans are gonna spin like. Believe the economy on women and immigrants like Howard got a bigger at a way open to -- bring other plants are not an office vegetable Obama yeah about that only goes so far right now that slowing somewhat because when. When Obama came and he came into a pool fast yeah right he came in and everything was just that's right in the toilet. You know everybody has yet. Not happy feet is going in the right direction and it puts like what you're a kid you just want to guess all right truck getting shorter it's a problem not all of us trying to. It'd be allowed so you gonna see a lot of fats and this debate is going to be a little bit different and that is only two hours early endorsements and also a few hours ten people there ain't gonna have an opportunity given opening statement and a close not statements now and I stipulations I'd like tether talk we'll add to the dot com does Donaldson has a lot of states and I've got the latest poll as you know have them. It's lives. I adding away. Vander Hart senate. And my god and so is he gonna happen why trade a headache for an upset stuck back. Isn't gonna have to go after congress in the gives numbers I heard that he's been begging the Aya de topics like begging. The eyewitness to vote he was like in a certain way that's me and I don't like to see I'm a grown man that I didn't like it on my honeymoon and I don't quite get. It's. Not even. Police say it isn't a joke is that I would never speak she would if you don't vote for me to get these numbers I probably flattening what a lot of things I can elect our I don't know I don't just cannot tell you I will miss him and you will miss him because he's the most entertaining thing I read that I had an anti. You know what if I want entertainment I will watch the video. I am not.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"What do the ladies think of Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and the rest of the Republican hopefuls who will participate in the next debate in Colorado?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"34799148","title":"Joy Behar and 'The View' Co-Hosts Preview the GOP Debate","url":"/Entertainment/video/joy-behar-view-hosts-preview-gop-debate-34799148"}