July 28, 1982: Dolly Parton on performing

Parton talks about the love and the energy she feels from her audience when she performs.
1:51 | 01/15/18

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Transcript for July 28, 1982: Dolly Parton on performing
The image came from a price it twice you know when. At first I Wear my hair TDs didn't win and make it I was very sincere about it from the have to win at staff. About a kid saying you know you've got to check in about it ever take you serious is an artist. You know you too much he needs to duck status data that day and half. Acting and not I don't know what I'm not changing it now know that even in those challenges many Mormon. The people that that they left patents and that have that blonde. You know you've heard system blows does that bother you at all that kind of if I was them blondes in scared about it I probably due to meet him in that I don't feel the least bit them. And that feel a whole lot blonde in that I think. I got that then people you know can see that there is genuine person. And underneath and I like to think they know that there's some brains beneath the weight and heart beneath the blues. When you're when things are performing. What do you get that what is that like you. I'm Manson it's tightness in its lack then plugging in to. A socket and all the energy just I think it's almost like it's elect to fine. The cost of what I love that form to. The audience. Is the fact that you have a mutual love there Carano if they paid money to conceive and they've done their part. And sent to you because they want to lying to you all linked to that audience and you can net. Without any extra. UT. On the community. If you take and active thing like that they need to show them suddenly and asked about lack of that performance.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Parton talks about the love and the energy she feels from her audience when she performs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52363167","title":"July 28, 1982: Dolly Parton on performing","url":"/Entertainment/video/july-28-1982-dolly-parton-performing-52363167"}