Kate Beckinsale on 'Love and Friendship,' Reuniting with Chloe Sevigny and Whit Stillman

Beckinsale appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her role as Lady Susan in the new Whit Stillman film, "Love and Frienship."
16:56 | 05/25/16

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Transcript for Kate Beckinsale on 'Love and Friendship,' Reuniting with Chloe Sevigny and Whit Stillman
And if you. But asking you. About McCain's we minute details hooked us. You attract me that ladies on at which. Regis. Have you met him. I knew him well I was at the speech is change right. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcomed the popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and to me. If you want something that's the equivalent of a pure pleasure you go see love and friendship. Starting my guest today Kate back and Seau who to me and I mean you may have other picks but to me is the action hero this. She justice till well. How do you think he's seven might I mean tell us a little bit about who eighty season it is. She is speeches when she's with it it's just didn't much like you a while Lex couldn't have known company. She's a quite a recent. Young which do. You know at that time it was very important to secure your future by finding husbands and eighteen cent gas. And say yes it's Jane Austen about about is quite Nolte. I'm Texas if he knows he laments that he would he can use of navigating her way through society and that quite militant way. Well she is in the funny thing is that Jane Austen route this when she was twenty via. And it wasn't published until after she died this thing now so what was it was there some kind of a not of course that you would there discussing this net. I like to feel that I was like I I spit I mean in in my intense the way I think because. Heated time pay for women was extremely constraining intensive that was not komen for the tipped to have an edge higher education it said he wasn't. Come into have a full fitting commander of that stuff and on to oversee Jane Austen being. A brilliant mind but in women I'm sure experience but do the frustration in times of the kind of premise is that she had to put sensation. As I was thinking they season is being have kind of fat ass roar about that experience and that that some of the hash at himself and she was made his and it bit embarrassed massive incentive posted Backus and nephew. Doug average and published it. Good thing too that to have on the road Mueller director and writer with stone and had to take what was essentially a Novella made up of letters yeah. And say I'm coming to make dial adding this to do it now you played. A Jane austen's Emma again as BB CB yeah did you feel really comfortable with this kind of dialogue in this view yeah I'm pretty comfortable. Backing to consider mainly how I stuff that an instant acting in England you know relating relative adaptations of and itching Kingston and when it was Jane Austen or tackle for Shakespeare is sensitive unit that I idea henin got. They use does tools not say Jesus on it height. She's been like kind of justice came in munitions. If he's if it picnic a perfect. I mean she's it's it's disputes that she's on some speed dial and cheese but to meaning what you're doing in the playing of our. Is making sure nobody gets the last word yes that you're going to make sure that this woman is going to and get what she wants. And yet she has a daughter to right. And since she wants to in that world decide what she should do it this way. Yet and I think she's not the kind of warm Fuzzy estimates hand me to let them. My view is that eye and a bit well yes and currency and equipment in case and seventeenth. A half dozen. Did that is that it is not kissing that the department of in this neat but she's. She definitely was to secure had to have his fugitive and and even thinks it what can snuff because she asked me to. You know has time. This is also reunion of sorts review and Coley said right because he did last days of Disco as this illness it was and is with this rebounds to what was it did you most of it is that wasn't just warm they would send food into stance because I you know I think when we when we show. Nothing's disk and it is very much different here the timing. Nicki had a self amid an intimacy you taken it was fine and they need it to an incident but I think we need to know. Paris eyes of being in England. Canoes and Neil I had a baby sentiment surprisingly that or the stuff was going on think it wasn't you detecting heat and you know that. To there was this cut that by running to carry a few times management agency have that we have found themselves and it. How many seventeen and eighteen use place. In essence and the configuration but this time in corsets and an island and it was what was amazing that it felt like such a senate dynamic he's inevitably had to lives. Life happens and detained as it was and and similar dynamic in terms of the work relationship to death and this kind of Evelyn seeming very femininity that which look at this you can't beat that Simpson me. UI I feel we'll have slightly artful CNN and that's and that's always let pretty nicely and you know we have definitely lacking difference acting different. With advocates of comes together with his current fashion. Would you are Americans in the past I was doing it to you slip in the matter that when you're in a movie dealing in American banks and DG staying in. No I didn't and I think I mean that was my fast at a time into an accident and it was a specific team has witnessed from that. Particulate us officials in the new nucleus of of people that he knew very. But now I face you know that the baby and I would be confusing hasn't they had to set. With me if I hit fifteen schizophrenic and that different office and I with I was. And we've. She might have been cleared yet I haven't actually and it but but as for me it's like. Just think it's it doesn't but. It this is she's a round. People in the business. Now. Our fathers Michael seen yet right now my this saddles and another isn't just those hassle having it hasn't knuckle political. Yeah exactly animate the kind of wit I'm waiting night at mine putting Paris. But when you a growing up. Was this in your consciousness really I know you've lost your dad rilya when you went on I was sightings that influences. That. So cents and at that early age because your dad was an IQ mothers against. Did you want to be like them indeed yes. I think that I think so much about wanted to be like. And I think it's witnessing a parents being incredibly engaged with what it dating and you know very passionate validating that's very attractive to them people who pass I'm sure my parents of yet passionate we can physicists at my to keep me in the they've just black community in practice and and you'll feel it so much going case if profession I think it's that having chosen and the lives of other people's jokes assay. You know my I was spent less time in the mountains Jesse Owens in the west and so I've seen it my dad's what kinds of behead the house of so at this as a mother spent as I think tens of children being given a wing that. So I remember seeing on screen the first time in much do about it. Brown so that's your first. Movie role he had made the accusations interagency team it wasn't a CD that an entity that any introduced as a lovely thing now heading into. This is a nice there's been cased as France hasn't been just died but he remembered. This business what committees have had just making them. It was it was an amazing and I I thought only these what I that it has put a shocking. Short is making these glorious looking stated and in Tuscany Wi wet way Emma Thompson and Kenneth and Denzel Washington. I just thought that's how they back. Ken wants it to fail by much like him I think this company I didn't know that people had the assistance of trade missiles. Chance at their names and it just wasn't anything that that does have a pass to Chaz and people lifton house is to get assume we will we may see me and sentinel he's and the Thompson's mother and one of the funniest people in the unit. And now the stone tens of its own management Yoni we will read wheel house says. It is being used candidate to make the dinero he's driving his two that and so it was a pretty nice kind of come rising and that entity you know we just have. Traders have read all the women would have a kind of communal dressing automobile kind of lie on the back in fall asleep at lunchtime. CNN have all lying in bed following so yes it is has hit its Chrissie meticulously rates yet. I think year. In the states when we that it you and him I mean icu and images in movies that last time you are on the show. You did a movie kind of disappeared. Look nothing has an interest in and it it as it does now a lot of movies that are made like this get lost. In some kind of studio shifts that in the film company yet Clinton that. But the bigger ones you certainly were fabulous Ava gardener the easy ones Garces and is remember that scene where. You sort of throw. This sapphire necklace that mean our. Campus face as they got it and behind me you can he but that when you're doing when you're playing this kind of Hollywood icon. The preparation the. Monopoly that's enough to petition stuff to watch me in Damascus and that people on the scene in the Q and then had to put it that at some point I think you have to be packed and greets as a packed. At that as well you. It was just this it was when it was that was another one when he experiencing and creativity to its great that Moscow sent. Knees and places. It's a big deal yet that the accident in the pocket thing. The US Canada. A course everybody. Remembers you wouldn't do excellent that's it that's your image and icon. That didn't see that coming say that as a surprise but not only did come and keeps companies coming in that way this if you won't go away yet to get letters is being vampire. Yeah and you doing inaudible. Dennis you've done to death with a call and it. That was I think. I hate it added quality don't know. Maybe is under consent. About it and expect that it just really like that benefit but how to how did you take that the first time did you think the defense time was. Lydia two Mike I would say you know we've been spending you know he's gained conditions in making this up and might defeat that night as he was. She's very fashion and she's married thank tensions and prop and you know they would send pot had ads to them that I felt that people would just systems being mean paid coach gene. My friend who attendants say I felt like you know nobody get to yes they may penance and gave me a chance to even see if I have anymore. Edge today and I fell hated by effective. And then. It says about the sentence in this threat to hit the things that they were in Sydney which seemed insane he had no experience for the things that he maybe didn't stay until. And then sat at this obtaining pace that was. Unit very vigorous intensity has been bags in hands of what he still let you ride with the next ten. Running electric down in the bid to have fun isn't it Jimmy having wouldn't he from my entire school. Ray wasn't ready for pet that Tiffany and intend to pay an act like it was the same sort of getting as well and I. Not gonna play before and I went to you needed to check of man went into maybe it was in fact it did. It if it felt very much you as possible kind of acting apprenticeship but that's what I kind of want to get to like that it didn't anything anything about it and this isn't that the community. Not realizing that. Days maybe even those on the news of life in comic con men adding apex and it is if you know those things they carrying Tibetan ways I think it was persons than five or six cents an independent films that some people scenes consistency that Isaac Isaac that he anticipates that ticket items were 1450 navies and yes. Four of them until that seems like Clinton they share passionate but I gaining weight to play defense in times of. This of jazz is what would you put. For people that are going to see this him wanna see more view aren't there like three of four movies that you've done that you don't think. Got the break they deserve so. I mean eyes and I think people should concede him and it's me I was. You know is very patina with the chase has really happy about that and I thought I was anticipating this AMOCO with snow angels hadn't put his life has made an impact that. Coca profound for me was that lady stay home. Is the community I thank that witness stand message that ten. Taking it to his found at his house hasn't picked and his front door and 1980 must make sure past Ecstasy is this is my and then be reunited and it worked.

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{"duration":"16:56","description":"Beckinsale appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about her role as Lady Susan in the new Whit Stillman film, \"Love and Frienship.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39365901","title":"Kate Beckinsale on 'Love and Friendship,' Reuniting with Chloe Sevigny and Whit Stillman","url":"/Entertainment/video/kate-beckinsale-love-friendship-reuniting-chloe-sevigny-whit-39365901"}