Kate McKinnon Talks 'Ghostbusters' and Its All-Star Female Cast

McKinnon appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' and looks back at the 1980s Classic and back on her SNL career.
18:03 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Kate McKinnon Talks 'Ghostbusters' and Its All-Star Female Cast
Sis I feel like to call it goes chipper. Follow laser technology sucks in the ghost and neutralizes that. Step up to bat and do what you're gonna do. You truly scare me I just want to let you know. NN just. Check Mardi Gras and here. It's approved tongue glove it's gonna maximize flexibility daring him to Specter combat just give it a punch its motion activated. The school. I. Who. Everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome the popcorn way air. As the sheriff says we tell you what's happening at them if there's a little movie called ghostbusters now Kate can. Is in this movie we know her from Saturday Night Live term vast number of any nominations but now. She takes over this green in this game. And critics myself included don't even review her we just right mash notes to our. So hey it's so great that some could be here today and if so much you look look at this play with snack and its work. People aren't Torre. What has that goodness I think they tell you can't look at anything and they they just go home. Who is this goddess. I don't think anyone any single person they kept us in that they can that the. Right now and here you. No donor program. Do you. Yes. You have a did you know it's well look. The movie is so great I love it so much and I don't like the last up. And really yeah well you. Know it. Become on the record like. I'm I am I love mom and I love my colleague Thelma and I think that. For me this movie and a line. It's sort you know slide show of the summer vacation. That was captured on film and we'll be shadowed him hopefully people. But it was the it was the greatest program had. With the greatest people in the world wheat so much fun and it's it's not so. So it sounds so simple late Kiki just happen that you wore as other people who have been on this and now they have. Reached huge success and movies of whom all. Even some of the people that we're in the first ghost busters Bill Maher is incredible it's strange sort of connection it is that connects with those whereas you know kind man. You know the the four of us. Meehan Leisle christened on it for a cast members from the challenger Melissa. But the fact of Catholic every issue posts may time friend of the show are handling in the chef and myself. You know there's a strong yes that's a strong connection. They wait. When people see the visit would. You know is I don't think it's anything. It's totally synthetic. And it'll probably end your interview career for a few. So what you need. What happened with this he is. Nobody writes about it with that thing there'd been horrible. Horrible dude who had to us we. These terrible things before they are and it's it's a quote from I think one of them that basically says no. And a us know. Disgusting things you when you think. I'm not I don't. Really just not. I. You two. I've read the comments. And I each one. What are your main. And surely it out. And I decided never again what I read. YouTube comments. You'll about eating this popcorn to oak. Activists. It will be I will never do that so you have gotten reviews that dame Judi Dench wouldn't. Maybe that's what you nothing you yes and you could be the dean Judi Dench of American com. I was gonna try to do things Judy congressional really would have been trying to do for a lifetime but it can do very hard. You can to anyone. In pune solvent. And that it's not my hair. It's something I. Happen and it. Found. That it can't. Thanks scale. I feel like something like that if I feel like she's here with us. We think he could not play Holtz. I don't think she could do. Well and one could do it in their own what. But your character in the movie is a deer head she knows everything do you know about these things that your character. Yes get comfortable could have uttered room. Yeah. I'm not in a skirt. So I am. I like I'd love astrophysics. And always have been very most of us get some plea got to know. Esther physics cosmology and quantum mechanics have been ops are objects of a fascination for me since I was twelve and so. You know the stuff in the movie is not. Real. I won't say that but you know it's based on someone. Was somewhat conceivable. Scientific principle. By Carville oil mental. Leap. To really. Make it may cost them. A lot of the thinking and the efforts I mean it's such if you think about being. The Genesis of the original ghostbusters. Who sat down I mean we know who 'cause we know who wrote it but. It just that they sat down and thought we'll do comedy. About. Writing ghosts but it's all of this X. If such a strange combination of elements which is what makes it so and during and really how did this. You get the part in this movie how does it suddenly happened where they just say we want you. I happens that's of you have to know what happened is your hero. You know. Paul feet. The director of this and many upper of their beloved American films. Has hurt has doled out opportunity is where before there were very few. The opportunity for instance to play a female scientist. Is they're certainly have been many on film but these. It doesn't happen every day. The opportunity Plano of female person whose character does not involve or romance doesn't happen every day. So he's he's like Justin handed out these opportunities and I guess I've. Got one of a special cards and and here we are but it's because of people who championed. The nail. Like he hats that. And here eating your house and senate in court different. How does it didn't start with you period when you decide I'm going to be funny I'm going to do all this I'm and read somewhere that. Thank you it sounded so much like some beautiful. Wondrous place to be born he couldn't. Mueller who had never heard some of New York he was when one of the Bronte sisters teasing now at. Why was it this childhood that formed. I. That must be a little off and that's. Heat from. Well it's you know it's the town among island natives. A tiny town square mile Dayton. And it's because no one talks about being no one on this show. Hazard. For. It's a it's a hippie town prides itself on its artistic bent. And I grew up there with two parents who are very. Creative and artistic and hilarious. And they encourage. My sister and I who is also stand up comedian fabulously funny. Two. Watch a lot of content. And among other arts my my sister and I both played music and it paints and and that's because we were. Gently encouraged and then found this love of all arts. So it was a varied. Artistic. So you like to run to sisters and I guess when prayer in. I was right he just. Mind and yet that's how amnesty to romantic. Movement is. Leads itself into common. So what was that first time that you stepped in front of the money since I'm gonna make you laugh people I think Lance against Sen. It's. Being at school. Where I was playing like the queen of Reading week or something course and I decided to do it in a British accent. And he owned land wiles I mean. Saying were. Full learn. And I saw that reaction and I ain't I got a real taste for that you do you have you do. The upright citizens brigade try to do that I remember from the B gates sketch. Before we wanted to be cast member on center. It happened. Mild is this dream come true time for you where do you hands so many more mountains you want to con. It's interesting really the only. Job I ever. Why it or thought I might be qualified for was sketch comedy so. I was incredibly lucky to land a job on the sketch show Radenovic Holland's. And then. My. Really my only dream. That I ever had came true when I got cast and personnel. Because it was such a formative. L and parents my persona just watching. And recording and then transcribing. My favorite sketches. It's yes yes I loved him so much that I wanna to. Have their record at them. And they I memorize my still have so many lines memorized from. I guess it was 9697. When I really can't and so to work there was merely my only dream and then and then you know. Thought while much I could it's maybe. Maybe I would act. That would be different and then Paul feed as I said an Angel and archangel hand me this opportunity and so now what can't that. People like me who are obsessive and that person and who watch what you do everything from you. Impersonate so many people food you you can do Justin Bieber who. You know you can do unto generous of you can do. Hillary Clinton. It's just an amazing thing to see the most amazing one to me on Bartok was when Hillary joining. On doing. And we all look at it startled him do it in yet. She have to come through rehearsals would you came here to seeking. She came to what was that like intimidation. And the issue and you're gonna sit there and you're gonna now mark talk show. And thing. I did think about it before hand that morning I was not so much nervous for the life performance but I was nervous for what we were gonna talk about. When they were adjusting to life I think an eight you know in the middle of their earth Keystone Pipeline via. He Nolan a lot dumber than she is she's. An unbelievably Smart woman. And so I was nervous because I can't I can't talk about politics that now. I'm not. That well informed. To have a discussion with. The likes of mrs. Clinton. Some forget what we talked I think we talked about Long Island she that there. Had she been to seek I don't I didn't follow let's ask I wanted to get around for how much I'm and I want to my dream is. Two tests. Go for time. Cash stuffed just hang with him you know but because she was so sincere and so. Wonderful when she came and I'm really. Really loved being around her just her presence was very calming in tender and I love to. I I don't think she has time for a tall does she text. We in my mind where for an intensely commentary I think he retired editor didn't realize basically. And his backers of the people get angry and sometimes when you do an impersonation. Do they say how dare you I'm nothing like that it hasn't happened yet. And that would be. My worst nightmare because when I'm doing an impression of someone it really is he out of a sense of celebration of for that percent. I ate there and people I tried to impersonate but I don't like. And that comes through and then so it's a bad impression doesn't work and on land. But the people. Who I end up doing. Our people that I truly land. And so it would absolutely devastate me if someone I was doing an impression of came to me incensed that they were hurt. So you're lucky hasn't happened yes do you. Everybody need maybe it's just me but I'm sure it's a lot of people who love the alien abductions yet. Diane. Strong and everybody is cranking up. Who had been through seen everything. Think it is now the you have. Do wide ranging blink. I'm frightened to break because we're not spoke stow. So an N I find it's. I find it. It takes people out of that. If it happens too often. When it happens and it's organic and it's every so often there's nothing. Better or more joyful than watching people get so tickled but they've left I sit tickled three times in the center now with a must be something you really line. I hear that you have a cat tow the line. YouTube McCann who is your pants. This is. What that she met jelly pen to the on the once and she thought that he loved. So she married him in her own mind and that's girls Michael mrs. Spann that I don't know running you're cats call. Nino. Yeah comes from he was he was taken from an alleyway behind. The pizzeria called Nina I don't go looking for fair outcasts. I don't believe I would act gently the opposite thing. The that you would do all and that you would go and I might one day you've never been on this ship before now to you don't know. That in some song oh. You have a mixture prepping me an Emmy nomination form. One of the songs you do it. Yes or was it do it in my due in my twin bed which was collaboration. With my colleague eighty Brian France and now yes but in my favorite people in the world and he threw brilliant writers who. Right all of the Hillary Clinton sketches among many others Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider through my other. Over let's go wild in a bid. Was it built for child. Something now let's get why Neil in the Bedford Chinese ill fit. Dozen cameras while I need a bit of a song. You need me to say yeah he thought going to be me I'd like for a look at her she's like such a deep even. It's the whose medium term. What what sort of things to people saying what's in there it. East would just birth naturally and the songs on. This and eat the popcorn. Each if things aren't. Are reasonable people. It's shining. It raises thing do list. But singing in this emerging. During the little. And. Being Kate which is what I'm gonna call the paper that through this I think it ended at my at a. If not he's in today you told me eight and I love it up I just I think. Just who waited Paris on is that good in this all. Thank you thank you for being thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"18:03","description":"McKinnon appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' and looks back at the 1980s Classic and back on her SNL career. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40616950","title":"Kate McKinnon Talks 'Ghostbusters' and Its All-Star Female Cast","url":"/Entertainment/video/kate-mckinnon-talks-ghostbusters-star-female-cast-40616950"}