Kelly Lynch and Danny Huston Talk Mob, Sex and Crime in the 'Magic City'

Danny Huston reveals growing up in his famous family was "hard to depict fiction from reality."
5:13 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Kelly Lynch and Danny Huston Talk Mob, Sex and Crime in the 'Magic City'
The only content presidential -- your manners and ask. A simple thank you would suffice. And get back. Here's what I think. You've been through an ordeal. I think you've forgotten whom -- -- and you can not disrespect but that is a fool's amnesia. Hardship. It's never too late to be taught to Smith can -- -- realities of the stifles. It's a gangsters paradise or should we say magic city star's new period drama about a hotel owner of -- sexy South Beach hot spot in the 1950s called -- -- -- yes. This season premiere kicks off Friday joining me now -- duty are two of the stars of the show Danny Houston and Cleveland. Welcome to you both. Yeah and -- we are watching you very ominous in that scene what is it like playing someone known as the butcher hundreds -- power. -- bottom of the publisher is wonderful. Lunacy yet colorful and intriguing and complicated. Dark character and it's pure -- -- you play well. -- playing well and Kelly. Tell us about your role and what. Is it like it being -- in 1950s period drama that's kind of I would think. The fantasy for many an actress. Absolutely I mean I think we all love our wardrobe I can speak for you know the big guys the guys and gals in the show our cars are -- -- the whole movie brat -- Miami is such a glamorous time to be a part of it. I -- in particular for us girls it's -- women just don't. With the -- into leaving just leaving the house. Involves many layers of things and you know. Hats and clouds and and you know all of it and it's it's the coup was kind of daunting in the beginning and now I I notice and dressing differently in my real life and it's very funny -- a more formal way of being. When you took a look at this script inside kind of hits all the right notes if it's -- -- -- mob elements it's a period piece did you think. Right away that this is going to be something special. Absolutely yes and of the forestry officials from my dear friend -- -- -- the show runner and immediately I knew that this was something that was incredibly intriguing and fascinating and and my character has -- Meyer Lansky Bugsy Siegel. Qualities about it me. Reminds me of actors like Edward G. Robinson us. -- so he -- it -- this wonderful ridge mall like character and had to work with my dear friend Kelly and the whole the whole scenario plays the location was something that I just could -- turned out it was -- -- -- mentioned Mitch Glazer he is your husband executive producer of the show what is it like working with someone you're so close to. Well it's a dream. He is you know create a world that. I mean so layered and so specific. For all of us as actors it's it's kind of like -- let's -- He attended -- -- in -- degree. And I know very well he's cast all of us we -- his first choices it was really important he wrote the part of an diamond for Danny. You -- part of -- for me and -- was very lucky needed to get all of us were most of us do have our film actors are doing. Some of us are very first television ever. And we look at us and -- looks at it as if we're making a movies -- in the production values that -- There's no you you will never find in my beautiful -- -- was this of the Miramar apply which is. 200000 square feet of hotels that you feel like you should. You know checked and visit even as actors were looking around and it feels like -- drive up to the outside you come instead beautiful lobby you can go upstairs and a -- office and -- coffee shops and lingerie -- with a book he works behind it's really like a living breathing place for us and makes. Makes a similar look more real than a lot of other work that we -- him to do. You also come from. Very famous some background -- it help or hindrance when you start out in Hollywood with a history that you have well you have done is very proud. To carry in my. My name and my ground follow Walter Houston my -- John mine's sister Angelica who's my Angel and my nephew Jack well who's. Do tremendously well and board work environment and other things so. It's it's it's great that I have I -- -- problem differentiating. A fiction from reality because there also for the task. Other. And -- we're having dinner. It contains con is joining years past James -- -- our past he's my boss apparently poolside Berman. And -- courts the fraternal and fatherly towards me as a character. And and the way he's. Also Jimmy is kinda the real deal sleeve he lends authenticity to to -- -- but yet he is. He's so -- -- present as an actor and -- the excitement of of which files from these diseases it's very touching were. I wish I was magic city Kelly -- and Houston thank you so much for joining us thank you for ham handedness. -- --

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{"id":19397921,"title":"Kelly Lynch and Danny Huston Talk Mob, Sex and Crime in the 'Magic City'","duration":"5:13","description":"Danny Huston reveals growing up in his famous family was \"hard to depict fiction from reality.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-lynch-danny-huston-talk-mob-sex-crime-19397921","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}