Kevin Pollack on His Multitude of Celebrity Impressions

Actor on his wide range of impressions and a very special Tom Cruise story.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Kevin Pollack on His Multitude of Celebrity Impressions
We just as a guest couple weeks ago Christopher -- I can't believe you said that because -- -- -- -- this beautiful sat on the wane -- -- expands it really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's impressively painted and everyone gets the feeling. Where -- I quote I'd like to cook -- -- He cheated -- cooked chicken and pants. I got a great recipes -- I asked him indeed the best person. It was well he's very kind -- -- Now all walk around my house as Christopher -- sometimes for hours. Not realizing that I'm doing it until the -- passes out from fear. -- -- In fact as I do -- podcast now. On iTunes -- -- this is called talk and walk talk and just -- rambling as Christopher Walken for an hour talking nonsense. It makes sense when you think about it but we did we just talk about -- everything whatever is on your mind I want to try to Jones unit that. He was there. I was shocked I -- that I Giles. I can't believe you. I assume he'd be out. -- I got a question fully Jones and what's with the green bananas. Why must my groceries -- on my count. It's a legitimate agreements -- -- I got a suggestion. Of possible solution to get to the which would. What is -- you -- your stuff before you sat. Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan he's going to -- -- selection of not for examples -- I had no idea such a variety of -- were available in the entire world go out of all of bush. What he got monkeys -- -- You better hope they'll see those -- but -- it's. That was more -- Crist in the entire. The do you hang with him. The U occasionally get the players countless but handing in Spokane that went backstage -- -- direction -- -- -- we chatted. As walking and no I don't call listen. It's never good idea to do them for them my friends think it is it's a horrible -- is it really problem is there of them. -- you see so it doesn't matter how would you think you are. There better as a rule. You know there better yeah I'm still -- -- impersonation of magistrate. Right it is if I can publish someone that I think you'd like and I can recreate -- in front view I was -- the affection you have that. But at the persons here I'm just the -- You know stand so for example I thought you watch TV show Colombo -- -- jobs and I don't mean -- body can I ask you one question. By the way -- -- store in the book a lot of stories about him because he's been a hero and I get them on the Tonight Show that impression. And Carson -- and I'd and I ran into Peter -- The -- -- story Los Angeles literally stopped me in the -- actions and how do you believe that with the RI. -- -- -- -- -- All these stories -- -- -- in depth look every single story in the book. I am sure it will lead to impressions but I didn't want to talk about your film career sure I mean. I have to say that I don't quite remember you -- well but that was the U member of the film. I do everything they were -- little characters these brownies and acted as the guy sporting willow this hero in the film. Yelling this way. When that was me -- It's with equipment at -- -- -- -- on the -- one. On. Actually my first real -- work it was Ron Howard directed virtual goods producing. His story in -- book -- bring my dad we we shot a big blue screen knowing California. Which -- from originally -- my dad drove up to two visit this -- meant. George Lucas and and true Homer Simpson fashion. Meeting George Lucas said -- -- -- I really loved ET. Yeah. Not done yet. Not now. Link. Via yet doesn't work no it's not that but I -- know right. What the three movies a kind that Kevin -- -- right that any CBS as they call for sure that top one. -- -- -- -- Would need to seek to understand. Taylor -- looks plated is as -- Alan Arkin thumb first of all you want a few little tiny room. Written and directed by rod literate he did -- -- Haaretz determines that the name of the film -- political thriller Kevin please the president. And another film was very Levinson film Avalon was the first dramatic film with Kevin did a lot of -- I would suggest when is quite good and in the film we did together he and I called Indians some. A little film. People went to summer camp together and in later in life they have a reunion. But that he's quite good in that film. I'm better look -- -- feasible. But yes. But you're not mentioning if you get -- -- -- Well I I go after a few people booking call I don't suffer fools like call them on -- -- but then I also championed people who I've found inspiring. And Tom cruises definitely want -- A tremendous professional also just immediately nice -- genuine person. So we're in rehearsal for -- -- brought up to the majors in this film I really wasn't surrounded by giant stars. And I it was where's Waldo in the cast basically. So I was hoping to just fit in some now and he embraced me as an equal one day. Solar and rehearsal for a couple of weeks -- -- -- writing notes -- and with a in his script with a giant pen like a mile long -- steroids. And so I'm teasing -- about the -- comment -- make a bigger I'm sorry. So he very enthusiastically says Kevin got to -- with an Internet pen and -- so I continue to make my government and I eventually right -- -- enough. It's like angel's wings floating class it's ridiculous. The -- costs five -- belt which comic it's like a quarter. But. It's clear to me this is dependent on them so I continue to make -- You know it's the same reason I don't like window shopping -- -- strip clubs if you can't have something like be -- not expect. I never on that it's right into our -- -- I can't these patient -- that. It's so. I admire the patent law making fun of -- -- 34 days into shooting the film as a knock -- my trailer door opener -- it's one of Tom's assistant he has the Iraq if they open up its. It's the pan from from a you know -- same -- and -- But it brand -- now it's -- so later that day and making notes in my script with a different than a regular ball point Tom -- news network. I told Tom no I can't use the pan that was on the mantle was of the Tom Cruise plan. He should not you gotta use it but it indicate to use it should not -- -- I appreciate it. This is it and I will tell stories about for the rest of my life and every one might tell the story to mine will be the best story involving a pan -- understand. Again but come -- use that. Two days later on in the trailer door opened up same assistant -- -- another -- -- open up. It's the same its second second and they assistant says. -- it says Tom wants to use its. Now I promise you he was not -- -- show -- and give by doing it was Toms way of saying I get it. Put this one on the mantle used the -- my experience. And it sounded like you able to keep him you know you were able I was there with what that Jack Nicholson. Jack was incredible. I didn't expect someone to like him to be approachable I figured. So who's cooled by generations. Would -- -- over in the corner bunch of talk of about him not to. But he was the most gregarious and approachable on the set and shockingly a bit of -- goof ball which I did not expect. And I'm -- my mom visited his story now and she ended up hitting on on Nicholson in front of me he saw how disturbed -- was by this. And -- a kid. Wondering if you could do me a favor unions. So -- might be able to get your mom my. My supposed to do I supposed to take your mom back to my -- Okay we Q. Yet so that tough position -- it hit -- well this show always -- this OK in song let them but that's will be cut. It was a -- -- it. I think to -- -- dog in particular not at all in fact you could sing it -- yourself for anybody but it should be something that resonates with. And it might be something your mom what she wasn't hitting -- Nicholson. Might have just -- -- -- you know but we we never letting guests leave without -- Okay. On my fun things to do now -- to do random lyric. Line from a song really as Johnny -- -- -- author -- a simple right now. If you. -- -- -- -- -- -- What more -- I can't really -- more Kevin thank you so much that was great. May this sell billions. I want an --

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{"id":17741887,"title":"Kevin Pollack on His Multitude of Celebrity Impressions","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor on his wide range of impressions and a very special Tom Cruise story.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-pollack-multitude-celebrity-impressions-17741887","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}