Kimmel mocks Trump for misspelling 'Melania' in welcome-home tweet

Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Donald Trump on Monday for misspelling his wife's name in a tweet that welcomed her home from the hospital.
3:00 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for Kimmel mocks Trump for misspelling 'Melania' in welcome-home tweet
DC that's weighed about his wife is of the best what in between fits of hysteria. The president welcomes small audience back home after she had a kidney procedures use in the hospital he wrote. Great to have our credible First Lady back home in the White House and Melanie is feeling and he wrote Melanie. He misspelled his own wife's name. And although week. I would say. Cared. He had quite a few wives it's hard to keep track. At first I assume that must have been an auto correct thing it did a but it turns out not only. Doesn't Twitter auto correct to Melanie. Doesn't even highlighted which is so was an auto correct I think this happen really because his fingers or so biggest fans. And when your fans and. Then give me need to either. I and help that you just match the letters all it wants Maloney is. It's a common name but it's out so heart spell. And it we decided to conduct an experiment today we went to every Starbucks in our neighborhood we asked people were going men. To say their name was more money to see if the robberies this could spell out and we didn't cherry pick Dennis. This is everyone we asked and how went for each one. Neighboring pocket severance. Yes we're beginning favoring even there will you order your copy under the name a Lonnie young. OK just stay my money on asking your name then lined a lot of every make you think. He needle in an order coffee inside Starbucks but mortar and under the name malign me out certain like the First Lady again but it gives us some nice hey hey yeah. Fill an order a coffee under the name lining up not calling you re here we do it eight years together. Yeah I what are you order something under the name Barron married yeah OK let's get that goes a lot. So let fear cup what does it sank. Carolina Molina stepped misspelled. It would we have we have on ES. Flat out act says me lot. Perfect and how this bill and aimed dry knows me and hand they misspelled it helps parents. Pretty good day. This evening. No it's not good. Mount Lee. I said no money handling they're should really visit this link and hear it looks like belly there's mostly vacant. They did. Am I can't pay in my name. Let's see turnaround. So close. RA had they give up my. Looks. Hey I'm my guys yeah Greece's smarter than the president United States. Really look a lot like case. And.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Donald Trump on Monday for misspelling his wife's name in a tweet that welcomed her home from the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55346427","title":"Kimmel mocks Trump for misspelling 'Melania' in welcome-home tweet","url":"/Entertainment/video/kimmel-mocks-trump-misspelling-melania-home-tweet-55346427"}