Kobe Bryant’s cultural impact

Bryant inspired many with his passion for basketball. After his retirement, he found great success in the business and media worlds.
4:31 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for Kobe Bryant’s cultural impact
They're looking at a very special tribute that is outside of Kobe Bryant's high school of business outside of Philadelphia Toby. Was what are the what are the first of only a few at that time to go straight from high school to the NBA keep in mind he was seventeen years old. Would he blast remains the other. And. We're better. For that he did and no Kobe Bryant he what is basketball star but their soul from sports figures. Wouldn't give a little bit more than their game Kobe Bryant ended up bigger. Then basketball. There are countless athletes who could sell Shuster shoot hoops around the world but Kobe Bryant was perhaps America's most authentic international sports superstar. Because Kobe Bryant could also speak the language and several in fact Spanish to issue but he moved battalion stock and yards Chinese meow. Multilingual multi championships five brings at all for generational figure who emerged from high school and took his game two. And became a seventeen time all star he wasn't fact LeBron before LeBron who even as a teenager. Played basketball like a grown man he was seventeen years old when he was draft. By the NBA. And even in this first year as a Laker he was a star showing this kind of self confidence that you rarely saw in any young player. Historic career complete with unwavering intensity. One of his most iconic moments when Bryant simply refuse to flinch as Matt Barnes pump faked her heart pass to his head. The pair had a series of physical play backfire. Code compliance sale of each other. He never backed down from a big moment he never was afraid to take the big shot that's what everybody loved him specially young people. And in this age with stardom in scandal can be synonymous. Brian had his time in the spotlight. For all the wrong reasons accused of rape after what Bryan described as consensual sex the case never went to trial is the alleged victim refused to testify. Though a settlement was reached in civil court but Kobe retired NBA players around the league expressed their appreciation of. Fond farewell you know and I remember Wednesday's city was like if you wanna try to be you know great edit or wanna be one immigration got to put the working. No there's no substitution work. Retirement Kobe began his second acting caught on that same intensity. To make it in the business and media were. Peer basketball. Don't know which hidden. I love so deep and you often. From Amman embody who. My experience so my little living your job titles won't bad you always tell us to go after our dreams soul. Net up. June 11 that the men out so I had to read out big news in and go for it. A gentler side from the man who was hard as nails his entire career including a night he lit up Jalen Rose in the Toronto Raptors for 81 points. 92 men could joke about later in a promo for ESPN. I mean I was originally. Anyone. Really. I'm sport besides his business he breaks women's basketball passion you share with us daughter. He would be her mentor. Her coach as an athlete Kobe Bryant had few peers child prodigy to a times brooding superstar to successful launch for norm. At 41 he lived a short life and by most accounts he lived it his way. Authentic fears. Without apology. Definitely his way thank you Byron ABC correspondent Chris Connelly is joining us from Los Angeles and Chris. Tell us what Kobe admit to the city of Los Angeles. Yes I think he was the biggest sports are of the Tony for a century here in Los Angeles I think his face was the face of Los Angeles sports. Tactically for younger generation that might not have been as familiar with the work of Magic Johnson or cream Abdul Jabbar he represented for the lakers. Bitter kind of self awareness about celebrity that very much fit as someone who. Who came out of Hollywood and new represented Hollywood and so it's no surprise that he did so well in show business that in fact one. That Academy Award you were mentioning before. Particularly for young people he was the guy they dreamed of becoming. For men and women she was the figure in sports that made them want to pick up a basketball amid the mono excel in basketball. With his drive and his love for the game and particularly here in Los Angeles that will never be forgotten. It certainly will not Chris.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Bryant inspired many with his passion for basketball. After his retirement, he found great success in the business and media worlds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68554445","title":"Kobe Bryant’s cultural impact","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryants-cultural-impact-68554445"}