Kristen Stewart Talks 'Cafe' Society' and 'Equals'

Stewart appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' and talks working with Woody Allen, Jesse Eisenberg and Nicholas Hoult in her two films set to release in theaters this weekend.
15:50 | 07/13/16

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Transcript for Kristen Stewart Talks 'Cafe' Society' and 'Equals'
I'm seeing some. Studies trends. I just thought since he had so much free time you. He travels. Minutes and nighttime and I hope that's OK you know you're very sweet you ran out before. That this Daryn thanks. Fine. Well. If I was her boyfriend I was knocked out fourth I did. I have innocent kiss him. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and my guess they Kristen Stewart. Doesn't have one movie opening this weekend she has two aspects just initiatives. In woody ackland Skeptics Society. She's playing someone in the 1930s. In she's in the past and it equals she's in the future but lucky for us I have Kristen Stewart and. When you work for woody. What's that like the first time so. There's this reputation you know wouldn't make one movie here and he actually calls says I can do it tendencies he's ending man saying. Doom line reading street. His line readings are very much in the script you can almost hear his voice and vocabulary and rid them is so particular to him. When we first started I thought maybe there was going to be rehearsal period or that I had to learn my lines. You know. Conclusively word for word and once we got descent he actually is quite the opposite of nine. There's no there's no firm control once he gives you your role he really has given you know your role he and however he instills that home into his movies it's it's and very natural sort of fun. And manipulative thing it really just comes out of him and Blake everyone that's drawn to the project seems right for it and then it comes together in very casual way he's really sort of not precious about things. Once you've gotten all airlines IDs like OK that was fine lets them. But them but please somebody who's really. Light her energy is totally. A little different from mine not that unlike the heavier anything herb poignancy. Is what propels the story forward a little it's late 1930s. You're in a world study is. And so this guy roles in the town and with high hopes ambition. Experiences some serious disillusionment falls and markets is heartbroken by a girl because she actually chooses somebody else. And ultimately they carry on this sort of inner maintenance. Correspondents and sort of chance meetings and they are somewhat related as well technically so they see each other about the course and analyze and make sort of reflect on and reevaluate each other and value each other and hold each other despite their unconventional relationship and placing not only 1930s. And not applying guilt or shame to the woman who's carrying those things. Is really forward and and cool and modern and it was just them. Yes that was what I was mainly into you to even have. Any sense of intimidation about this at all. You just went into it and said this is going to be good experience. I don't know I was dying hunt I can't happen you have done it before they addition after the addition. The screen tests. You know everyone working on the movie is bother all legends you know not not just man so. Who wrote your boss yeah Jesse who now you're like. This new team. This. Jensen. And now we should we're gonna do it that's like all of Hollywood screen couples face do that a lot it's only when people Herat for malls and you have. We would if you don't look at each other and failed me this hour ovary and it is this impossibly big he's and one of the very few people guessing who did it who best to play the woody hour. Doesn't with such back home. He's just thing it's really good. Spain. Lisa some changes in about that he's more comedic he says he's not an actor he's like I'm not an actor and comedian so I hired a very good actor and he brought more. A life and humanity to the part than I ever would because I would've picked plated satirical. Which is interesting money. We. Is an assistant to Steve who else actor who's had a studio B. And basically. She seems to be anti what Hollywood represents. Suggests he's care. And something else happens in the movie that makes maybe not that and talk. And what that you when you were born into this world Los Angeles and make. I was born with a long way to is that what you're feelings about Holland wouldn't. Of a mixed. Or are you just saying this is a place I work. And one I'm from I'll in my mind. My mom was a scripture riser while I was going up and my dad was a first aid to you for life. Television shows very much entrenched in the Hollywood scene because actually he. Does late red carpets and more like television B stuff. Which by the way the rest of my fans all my Brothers are grants my mom scripting in Raleigh oak cooled that might go do your live TV we make art. You have but her discussions. But actually to me it's that have where I live in where I get sad. Do what I really like to do I waved one it's me me since I was nine years old and none. Pat you know all of the sort of floating. Intangible. Sort of found. Is all the book that I care about doesn't really. It doesn't I don't I don't associate out with like Hollywood. It's that's median. It's a business it's it's it's and financially. Fueled Disney's that I really try and just not consider him. Because I get to make movies and imminently and I'm like the luckiest person in the entire world so like. What would in this movie. When Jesse's character move to New York it's cafe society if this whole of the world that it's is never been a part of where you come. You're not this New York. Person at cafe society you know you hear that yes I'm friends and I can mile hike and sometimes violent. No but I it's being done. We would ask what neatly OK so. And the knew that it was entitled before it came. Some enhancement. Because I didn't know cafe society was it really did refer to this group of young sort of shiny. Things he's going bright young things and I am. And I've been asked recently that still exists and it's like now we have done a really good job design breaking. Down after only. And did a dozen of another. But I'm very down yeah that he exactly. What's wrong we hate our young things no but it's actually better honestly in my opinion it's. Not to say that there's any link realism in. There's no there's no sturdy realism. You can believe fully in our. Media obsession. But. The fact that we're not putting people and crazy pedestals. It's nicer there's more you know when you look at this liberty see them do normal things he's is even though it I'll look and butter and their nose old have pimples that in out school and think it's like norm. To me it's better than you have late you know there's like less of a fall if you like becoming human beings public pleas. And yet. With in what your playing here. There's of the whole subject of adjusting to it. We're getting into I had when I mean think you'd never get and it's like. You have a streak of independence a kindness heal. Something so that it. Every time rescuers to even more that it's like a sense of I'm gonna do this my way. And still work with people that you wanna clapper. Are just completely made it. Not that's really plants and maintenance and means things in here I am seeing I definitely say that really becomes a pickle and now it's months IA. Genuinely do this because I I am I like movies and I can tell you that most people are lying when they tell you that they just love. You know actors let's be looked at I want to be as visible as I can be I want to expose myself. I want to have get closer to people through meditating on subjects and being this is and it has my full opens self. And that seems contradictory to somebody who also is lake believe me alone if I'm not doing that and now. I'm and do something really strange I'm going to the future we're equals let's get. And another director that I really strict Arenas who's terrific equals what is what is it you're playing in the future. I'm actually a young woman whose guy it's. Her. Emotions completely shut off genetically they've been altered to. Live entirely progressively. I'm with an intellectual curiosity but with one that's not tied to anything that could resemble an emotion whether it's got her back he loves anything that takes your logic away from you basically. Disease doesn't exist they live in the sort of like utopian society so you're given your sexuality you're giving your taste to your given year. Humanity lake all of a sudden in one moments here kind of born as a hew as an adult baby and what happens is this defects. Becomes something that's rampant that people are starting to feel again so these people start to fall in love and it sat problem and what's great about watching you were Nicholas hold this movie is that it's all of this. Thing that's happening that is in physical eyes until much later. Yet all about restraint it's about denying something really essential. And it's painful is as bad idea is pretty relevant a lot of people from many different reasons solely anytime you have to hide yourself. As the worst feeling you wanna be seen for who you are and you wanna be able to beat up person and be the best version and so if you stifle that. Or if somebody doesn't see it it almost doesn't exist so you want to show yourself to someone so you can exists. How is drink to rudeness different than working for woody down its heat. More hands on in terms of what he's saying to use an act of he shares his sort of it's willingness said. So allow his actors' own parts but at the same time there's a there isn't much more of a process. Rather they constructing. A story or constructing characters. Act stories attributes it was more about. Breaking deconstructing and sort of becoming mostly based version ourselves in light. We did these rehearsal process are these Purcell. Periods where would sit in for each other and say hello hello hello just really went back with legs that's what you're saying yeah as a carolinian homelessness by Nia Silas. Neither drive you crazy or make you better. It seems kind of does both it's weird it's like at first really what are we doing and then all of a sudden throughout the course of lake thirty minutes. You go through lake these peaks and valleys you start to look at them and see some thing. And feel like you know them on this weirdly sort of like soulful level even though I don't know. What's treaty was you know brought home to when he was born what his mom's name is knew nothing about this guy but suddenly I walk out of mr. enough turn our saying hello moto and and it's like I said hello to lament our office in 65 days a year. Without further action so now I have 365. Solos I did it for real. You know naming my second movie really I incredible again yes well. That's another movie you've done that I find canned but. Never seen it yet personal shopper. But Olivier says he did that and we've he did clouds of sills reais the last time I saw a great performance and you not only won the organization warned that I'm part of New York from its ward but this is our only American actress to win the French. What is at ease that pressure does it feel good or what does it. Oh it's totally act. Just kind of crazy there's no pressure is it was weird that it even happens again. It's so cool I don't know I can't get upset right now I just I don't changes you in any ways the way you look at you like fourth. The projects that you choose you seem to be. And I mean this in the most. Admiring way act could about it active doing things it's like you could do a series of other kinds of news you can make. Sort of pseudo faked twice a toll life. If you want to do it genes not the do you. Do you have a do do you people that help you with your career want to do an intervention. Did say if you should you can do comic book maybe now. If it was really good at doing it like I am I what you yes and you turned them. Now lake I. You know give us more money to play it that's awesome more people CN that's prairie as long as it's like what Evers in the center of it is worth protecting its precious and honestly you know hundred people that are willing like jump on and give it meaning they have it you know no big movies can be that as well. A wild though a couple of years ago at Sundance we were talking you were playing Joan Jett and run and you said to me later what was I gonna do and that's that rise is gonna walk up and down and you said. I wish I could -- I can't do that there were people that would come in behind you and you wouldn't have that he hasn't changed. Has the years since twilight now made it easy for you to just get around in the world can live in. And I moved to a nice neighborhood. And we just walk in free. App for you. I. I feel like you know pop sometimes but they're not as consistently bear. I used to live with them in my back pocket several well Michael time. Plan. So that's a little it's it's less it's definitely had yet. Noticeably less also I really like quietly excitement of places like. It's pretty clean. Our right every time have you on the show. I tell you that the show ends in song and tell me to go know what do you yes which is so terrible. So I didn't and sent but meany. What it gives me all eyes on and it we would rehearsing for equals I would seem human what is and I thought maybe you'd have like hum from me. Or something music is I don't know what music is going on here you know is finally Jessica is me is the Mario Brothers and hate unions initially John you didn't. Do you didn't didn't do. You know anti you know. I can't believe I got this thing now I can't believe that happened I then but this is that this. I'm I'd for the first time at a loss for can't do thank you for that. Thanks to him.

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{"duration":"15:50","description":"Stewart appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' and talks working with Woody Allen, Jesse Eisenberg and Nicholas Hoult in her two films set to release in theaters this weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40549339","title":"Kristen Stewart Talks 'Cafe' Society' and 'Equals' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/kristen-stewart-talks-cafe-society-equals-40549339"}