Lady Antebellum talks new album 'Heart Break' and tour

ABC News' Rachel Scott interviews Lady Antebellum backstage at the "GMA" Summer Concert Series.
3:49 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for Lady Antebellum talks new album 'Heart Break' and tour
We need meaning and we heard backstage right now we're here at number experience differently and the report in. OK here you may hear everything on faith I ever felt 81. Partly out now up the heat up and not. Three years and we were. Yeah. Entering their anger. Now. Yeah that's right now. We expect this out held within the important thing producers go it is. It's like has little fresh news. Re hearing Monday. I'm scare me. And I'm sure they are weighing in remaining here that would not like the guy out. Me I'm when we came back in the papers we can't match we had so many songwriting it is. And I knew that that time off work and so we came back at eleven I mean Lebanon urging on this record heroes. And songs papers league and we got back to write the house together to bring this record. It's been a really special. And I'm not backing him in nineteen break in Florida also. I am in all of this thing in the morning rendered we'll look like you won't even feel like her dad. The early days. Yeah. It's okay. It's like. Air and then. It's. Better than they really love the process thinking. It means. A million now. One. Need wild card. Yeah. Renewed South Africa's. This environment in this realized I was originally going South Africa zone acting. It's. Worrying fifty I felt something like 600 screen. I mean for you can't. That. It's awesome it's anything that his anywhere in Syracuse last night in a crowd in Germany Greece must like. The first time ever came to I was twelve and that was two years ago an island we literally permanently. Yeah it's funny or openers we have Brigham and tells Valerie Kelsey. You know. Came for me angry when she was like thirteen. Brighten your starts that is going to be you feel like now we're at a certain become the veterans. And when but it's arguably. Our goal is Islam. We'll. We have witnessed the record we had to start the next chapter related though. Ari I do have a lightning round that what they would. I'm stage and it is really quick and our. Aren't these songs I'm Alan partnering. I mean it probably. Earning who and then you want to. And I'm back experience. Yeah. Yeah yeah very very yeah. The eighties more. Here yeah. We are here are great movie actor and it definitely DA hurricane outlook. Some of the important here in just moments rocket now now I'm going to stop graffiti meaning. Penn.

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{"id":48644277,"title":"Lady Antebellum talks new album 'Heart Break' and tour","duration":"3:49","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott interviews Lady Antebellum backstage at the \"GMA\" Summer Concert Series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lady-antebellum-talks-album-heart-break-tour-48644277","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}