LeBron James Opts Out of Miami Heat Contract

The NBA superstar plans to become a free agent.
8:03 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for LeBron James Opts Out of Miami Heat Contract
Not one not two not three not four -- actually maybe just more. After fourth season -- In Miami LeBron James could be taking his talents elsewhere. -- by Matt -- in New York the agent for Miami Heat star LeBron James says his client will opt out of his contract. The -- time NBA MVP. On restricted free agent July 1 so for the second Johnson's twenty the best player on the planet will be on the market. Now -- does is Chris Broussard. Knows everything about LeBron he's live in Bristow. Chris. Pat Riley says who's the president of -- -- says this was not expected. Actually it was expected did not come as a surprise and we heard him give that speech that monologue effectively to the -- say effectively. Saying LeBron please -- should do what's right. And that's the way to win championships is that we think happened here. Well I think that the -- -- is basically keeping his options open if you listen to him at the end of game five when they lost the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals. He said -- talk a lot about flexibility. And LeBron will look -- every situation. And try to put himself in the best situation he can't so wins championships in. Goal -- and enhance his legacy. Pat Riley as you say it gave a very impassioned speech. Last year he challenged LeBron James to stay. And state through the tough times in Miami and make the team better win championships. There. But really what Miami's going to have to do to keep the worm. Is to show him how they can improve their roster and how they can make at a roster that can not only beat the San Antonio Spurs. But -- whoever comes out of the Western Conference. That will impress the -- they have a lot more -- a fiery speech. Chris is that winning combination including. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh if those guys stay does that mean that LeBron James can still win or does he need -- fresh new young maybe more talented players. In the -- there in Miami. Well there are likely to say as president -- -- way. The way way obviously his game is declining to babies seems to be toward detailing of his career. He wrote doesn't have the options. To go elsewhere that the other players Chris Bosh and LeBron James half I mean he could but he -- to take a lot less money. -- -- see him stay in in Miami Chris Bosh. Wants to stay in Miami has said it publicly but a lot of that is based on LeBron James Spain the question with -- Is if liberal and -- and may be a big if at this point. This does not mean he's leaving because he opted out. But if he does leave. Does Chris Bosh stay in Miami or does he try to team up with LeBron James elsewhere. So there are a lot of questions that lot of ramifications. They come into play from this decision about burns it. Chris how much of a king maker is LeBron James. Does it mean if he goes to another team is that team effectively in contention. Well if he goes to a team with any degree of legitimate NBA -- they very likely could become a contender. Abby goes -- -- team that makes in the playoff team there's no question about that. But there certainly over the lower rung teams that you could necessarily make a contender. Even though he'd make him very good team. But let the of the teams he would consider. He could go anywhere -- it would consider you look at Cleveland. Did need to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference last year if they get LeBron James you could argue very strongly. That they have more talent around him now now. Then they had before when he was there and they won 66 games one year 61 another dot of the NBA finals once there were always in contention. Once he got role in in his career. And with -- we -- -- may never had a player of that caliber beside LeBron in Cleveland. So they're the team he would definitely make a contender. Chicago. Would definitely be a contender Houston would definitely be a contender the LA clippers will be a contender. And there a lot of teams around the league that now are thinking. Maybe we can not only get LeBron but we can't get a package deal of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony from New York. Those two would like to play together. At some point in their careers. So any team that could clear the cap space or make the moves to try to get those two. Would certainly be a contender if not a favorite to win in the NBA championship -- -- he is the king maker and wherever he goes next season. Is definitely going to be a contending team because he's not going to -- bottom feeder. How much of this is about money we often tend to associate free agency with higher -- days but do you think this is what it's all about LeBron. I mean -- he's obviously going to get the Max contract offered to hill. He could take a less if he likes but everywhere would be willing to pay him the Max. But let LeBron James is the richest player in the NBA because of his off the court endorsements. End. He could take -- left -- if he wanted I wouldn't make that assumption. But certainly he could decide to -- -- really wouldn't even miss. The extra millions that he was leaving -- on the table. But I think the safest -- right now that -- going to take a Max contract or close to -- with whatever team he does not -- with. How important creates is the next couple of years -- the next couple of years for LeBron everybody talks about the matchup between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. What does this mean for his legacies -- planned for eleven years. How much left as he had been and can -- even get to six championships like Michael -- -- out six who knows about six -- ground today the still firmly in his for a time. You could argue he's playing the best basketball of his career when you obligated the efficiency. He's still got east when he you're though he's still got. Probably at least five years left. In his crime. Probably at least three or four or at this super duper elite levels. -- whether he catches Michael Jordan or not who knows. But he certainly very capable of winning championships. And that's really what it's all about for him and his legacy. You don't get to know what he does his legacy could be many different things that'll be good no matter what. But if he goes stays in Miami wins more championships. That's obviously great for his legacy you could argue that perhaps the best thing -- -- legacy will be to go back to Cleveland his home town. There's unfinished business there because it was there the first seven years of his career. Didn't win a championship. No one. Football basketball or baseball in the major leagues in Cleveland. Has won a championship in over fifty years and so if the -- as we're able to win a championship. In Cleveland. -- that would be -- story certainly great for his legacy. Especially if you win a -- there -- so. His legacy is already what -- topped him players in NBA history maybe -- its top five. And I think that's only going to be enhanced -- I would every -- because he's still very much the best player in the world. So much riding on that decision ESPN NBA insider -- -- -- -- Are right keep up with the bronze latest moves in real time by downloading -- ABC news that and starring this story or exclusive updates on the go for now. -- --

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{"id":24288678,"title":"LeBron James Opts Out of Miami Heat Contract","duration":"8:03","description":"The NBA superstar plans to become a free agent.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lebron-james-opts-miami-heat-contract-24288678","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}