Lenny Kravitz discusses his new book, 'Let Love Rule'

Rock icon Lenny Kravitz opens up to ABC’s Linsey Davis about his incredibly unique life story in his deeply personal memoir, “Let Love Rule.”
9:50 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Lenny Kravitz discusses his new book, 'Let Love Rule'
Oh yeah. And welcome back everybody that is of course Lenny Kravitz with land who love all the iconic rock star has one of multiple Grammy this season's designer and actor and businessman a fan lean man. His life story is a fascinating one and is opening up about it in his new memoir titled let love rule V one that he only Lenny Kravitz. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. It's a pleasure Rory. I am well so this isn't really a very personal book for you want and actually ends before you get famous really about the experiences of your early life in an all the dichotomy is growing up in both Brooklyn and Manhattan dad was waiting Jewish mom black and Christian. In one world here Lanny the other you were Eddie you describe your mother as your heart and I'm dad you write I had to go through dad to become me. When did you come to that realization and what ultimately got you to that place. Com. You know I didn't understand it so well growing up. I just knew that my father and I had a challenging relationship. And we were never really able to. See I'd or to communicate. In a way that I thought were is. Constructive. You know but we left we loved each other. Brett. It's it's it's taken this journey really for me to be able to really understand this I mean in writing this book I learned so much about. My father because I was able to. Not look at him just as my father I was able to back up and see him as a character on a page and through that separation I was able to look at him with different size and with a different heart. And I realized that he. Was doing the best he could with what he had. That he was trying to get through this life. You know and an end and then have a family and raise me in the best that he could. But he had lots of issues in his own demons that he had to work through. Pride. So ask your question you know I mean I'm I'm always stating that this is an ongoing. Relationship and it's very interesting how. Even though people cannot be here on the planet. We few your relationship can continue. Choose. Eve off right. And your mother Roxy was an actress probably best known for her role hell and on the Jefferson's. Talent he's not the first interracial couple to appear ready nearly uncertain time as you know you were born before the Supreme Court made interracial marriage is legal so now gaining this was really a big part of how you were up Blake went. Cheating graceful felt compelled to call you out for having a white father and now Norris mixed race kids are one of the fastest growing demographics. What light reflecting on some of those moments for this book and and what do you think that people can take away or what we do hope that they might take away from your own experiences. And it's interesting because up until the time I was six years all I had no idea. That there was an issue. Regarding race I grew with every. Kind of person. In our home. Between the two sides of our parents and of the Russian Jewish side and the Afro Caribbean. Christian side. There was everything in between because my parents were artists in New York City in the late sixties in the early seventies so. Hadn't I didn't know and he went to an into school. On her first grade when I was six. My parents want me to school my parents I guess we're the only parent that didn't match that day walking in an acute. Jumped out and pointed its finger and said here. Fathers weight in what is black and made a big issue I didn't I didn't understand what that was all about my mother then began to speak to me. About race and about society and how the war and how people's do you this band. But I grew up not having any understanding. Racism. Tom very interesting where we are today in the world where com. It is back in ha it is back in fashion hits it's ridiculous she. We are far more intelligent beings in this. And we need to we need to get to that place where we can live with the differences and respect each other and love each other. I'm. And you know that's what let love rule is all about. Come as far as the message of the book in what people could take away I mean it's my personal story but I think. You know what this book really is about as about a person finding. Their voice their purpose they're there past. And you know. I I definitely learned growing up that even if there are many open doors. In front of you doesn't mean that you should walk through them. On and so I think that anybody can relate to this as far as. You know. People realizing who they are what they're gifts are and finding there there way. Of course since the book is about your life there there's so much here not for music lovers and all your greatest influences are mentioned surrounding weaves together the story James Brown a Jackson 5 Led Zeppelin Princeton John Coltrane playing on your parents state. And you talk on music has been a sort of gluing your life you write that jazz was a thing that kept your relationship. From falling apart with your dad talk about the power of music in your life in and how became such a bonding point. We have music it fit in in our households and that was born. And I quickly realized that music was like oxygen for me. I couldn't live without it these listen to records all the time in my parents we're very cool about taking me out with them still. Where they could have left me home with the baby sitter. He did take me out as much as they could I guess what it was appropriate bomb. And I saw so many of the pioneers. In the worlds of in the world of jazz classical popped. Rock funk soul you know all of it R&B blues. And but the turning point was when my father took me she did you actually five when I was six years old. At Madison Square Garden which is my first concert of that kind and I knew from that night forward that. Music was my life I didn't know what that meant I did know how it was going to be involved brightly that I had to have music in my life. And we and I wanted to express myself through means. In real sort in the book that you were up this year in New York with an apartment filled with records and a piano UN wanted to write a lot of guitar driven songs but but. Getting back to your roots would piano's and designing them tell us about how you ended up in that space. Well. You know I had a design company called Kravitz design and we've been working out for many years and doing all kinds of projects with with different. Companies. And so this partnership. Which stunningly. Came about a couple years ago. They actually TDs about a piano for them in which I was so excited about. Because wherever I can refuse to music and decide if it's. It's always a great project that he had so I designed to piano. Good them caught the crowd that's great and which incorporates. African. Sculpture art. Carvings and also brew religion. Along with Deco. And that that's been that's been a dream product that could really argue that that just came out. In this last a couple of weeks speaking about here. Potential upcoming projects of me you mentioned earlier. And this dive divisive does this divisive time that we live in in this country. And it won't go back to 2011. You had an album that was called black and white America it's been described as Obama Ara optimism. One of the lines in fact says maybe we have finally found our common ground on course that was in 2011. When you think about. 20021. When you get back into the studio what do you think that you're gonna write about what do you think you're going to be singing about. This center is always love. And unity. We need to make some very. Full decision needs right now about how we're how we're going to go forward. With us as human beings and how we're going to learn to live together on this on this planet that need so much care. And darn vitamin and we need to wake up and we need to decide if we want life. Or not because we are at that crossroads. And we are far more intelligence. Than we are. They're letting on to soak. This is it's all about love it's all about understanding. It needed T and figuring out how we can work together despite our differences. Mr. Lenny Kravitz and thank you so much for your time bush and had the force is likely going quarantine in the Bahamas. I had a time when we really thank you for coming on the staff who. Anytime you're welcome.

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{"duration":"9:50","description":"Rock icon Lenny Kravitz opens up to ABC’s Linsey Davis about his incredibly unique life story in his deeply personal memoir, “Let Love Rule.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73847020","title":"Lenny Kravitz discusses his new book, 'Let Love Rule'","url":"/Entertainment/video/lenny-kravitz-discusses-book-love-rule-73847020"}