'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide

Australian singer and songwriter Cody Simpson talks about his upcoming EP with his band Cody Simpson & the Tide.
26:14 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for 'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide
A cat that's on the besides we are live in New York we live from the couch with another. Then Cody since then and the tide of parents are getting that everybody good. Adrian grief and Cody thank you for being here. This is a beautiful day are gonna placing music for it's a little bit as well but we're gonna get to each other parts. Tell me this story and you know how did you did you like him very soul look successful solo career behind you your first time working as a and to have a date you BP under your belt yeah. Out now we've won it won't tell me the story of US patent this happened to come together had to rule. These student each other before. It is played with Cody. For a instantly is. Yet. Who can friends including me he is yeah. Com and meant refund to a OK you're the man. He puts it we put. An and then. We. Through. Is picket when I mean what is set for I don't fascinate I can't come together you also don't look at each other like yes before. Clearest slow motion running along this and enemy we saw each other and that's Cellini on the scene in the background yeah assisted on fire or how exactly. Now I guess I guess I don't know who the first summer senator Jim that we liked we are resisting great flavor it with another band again. We latches viva onstage and we liked eggs and yeah remains in form. We just Andrea the first time we started January every week yes playing all kinds of glues and different music has entry and we vote requirement nutria. And so we sent enveloping all kinds of songs have been recording for the loss year. And wave on these four songs that released last month there the folks like taste and to and we've been working recording innocents. So tell me about that process come about these songs now looking people expect from way for. Let's that's a different kind of lifestyles. Cover present says a group. Got the lord the blues the influences. So my great as the influences. Potential. If figured culmination. Of all sounds. Yet its outcome pavlik feel good rock. You know with them some blues and pop sensibilities. And semi kind of sift music and even like second only a involved. I mean yeah. Smaller list of what John McCain don't cover an indictment that everything in second we don't come on in this is just survives it and you will come from vast background of Jeremy. Welcome Mariah guys show are having confidently and it advisories and incidents it has. Now frontal inherited it around don't do over lives just be happy law. We we have a kind of roster and influence is each of us come from different musical backgrounds and it's created a community and a splint for us. What that is short what is everyone bring to the table. Bring bring. A good time. Acoustic kind of style stuff on the growth you know and some blues AM. Base of this we're. Lots of rock and hip hoppy kind of loan football. Are they Johnson the I call from a light and the united mom from Mexico I was born racer who so a lot of loud music and jazz will cause a split a lot of jazz and those other. Very cool off some nice black and something we haven't heard before you're gonna play on for a few wait in women here. Army and hit a very first. Char half of CD it's called waiting for the tide. Claudia Cody and the tide take it way out. And spent over the. We'll move a mountain. Oh my. That's. Everybody is reason. Full of the moments to. Will be an amount that is. Seattle auto on the who believe is being again. We'll remain he would. He does stocking clinics and handle Iran and others. Armed this are you let he. Influences. I hear. Kobe. Yeah. Past Edmund. Shoot guns that. Without the silence. This. All you each. Handing down zoning to Jeanne. We don't know about you quote. News. Zones. And it's you he. The bad. I'm yeah. Come on come out about besides it and we this numbers this is usually months. This season seasonable. We it's we didn't vote on the size eight amounted. Components and besides it's not every village good to see you zeroed a lot of guys we. And broaden its happily in both today. We're. Leave home. We're saying. We're. A a. We're okay and room. Moon. To. We need here. If that accident that I carry here live from the cat so creepy and how he's and that obvious. I want to ask you guys because Odyssey still many people you promised solo career in the age what thirteen yeah weren't signs and making your music. You rip and tear like you have to do a group of five now this is a question for them you that you carriers for a second. But it's like Hari to work with him coming from a solo background getting into a group I have. Com now and are really it's it's it's cool. Sometimes sometimes Ehrlich on the thinks that. Are there are things in like you come from council a group before it its normal and a and if blue book we also. Well shall. Put put entice them yet it cannot get in he is he's a very humble guys it's amazing. When nominees. 30 yeah I think we are public the image you know Havoc of mutual understanding oval. In what reality of the situation is and raw like a very humble group. And generally yes but I have too many classes also were it is all very realistic and I think and and we can all come together if you look at that picture. Welcome you always had a reputation feelings being very laid back and grounded feels like you guys carry that. I think it's important to you care so how do you do it to give them like they're -- out there if it failed. Yeah yeah. As we get along so could well happen cones and Obama into each other thing you really. Or one week. The end when he says through December surfers. You know. Then he added. At its Everett every everyone none of this oh is part of for me it'd Everett thirty Paris journalists seven January and then. The postal worker gets it and how it seems seems to sellers and must you've beaten assistant US troop them. They'll boot your laid back who's like the driving force as the ones like Isaak added do this now. A manager comment. Drug Macs are good announces and who do let them young Jefferson Fuqua letter. Militants are noticing now and not only O we all I think are motivated like different ways I think we push each of the two black staying on top of it. You know aspects of the kind of cover different ground in terms of where where each of us hasn't motivations what we'll do have different rules to the aging as a production and you know I write a lot of lyrics and all that and we've replacement solicitous production. Julio kind of put we'll put them alive the lunches together you know together so we'll have a non offices. Yeah what do you know what hit a transition been like this only to have a collaborative effort yeah enjoy it out of the parts of that you aren't. No extremely injured red enjoyed immensely I think it's it's just been having natural evolution I've enjoyed everything I've done. Since I was young young boy and I think if anything it's just important to grow and improve and I wanted to play ever since a sad thing lead to tie. Which is about four years ago. Wanted to play in Eritrea and a ban in fields of play blues and like. And write songs and and play everything live with the guys yet it's really nice you know you we re through very happy to have found. Friends and musicians that meant to do with. Beautiful. Chilly for question. What are inning and. Value here's uncle Ramona acts roughly one at the baton. Did you vote on the drums. A home. Briefly in the face. Everybody know let him shut him out. They haven't Jensen doesn't sound job oh. Policy bashing get a job one day. I won't have it any the. Indeed mean I don't know business. They. Lou it's. Billion loan. What that does dancing dog net. Okay. Including its. Some of neon days till the starts on. My hands because a play to Hong. Go to the doctor butted don't. Old ceremony. It's true hands into this. Moved to. William Blount and read them Johnson let me. It is it's. Who plans to it and you know. That hasn't we have a clue. When every single day and Harrison's age. Boy lets you Yahoo! could show and justice. Dave. Period and periods and moon. Here room. Miriam. The carrier the we're it. Com OK. Ramon. Won't simply don't and I'm room. Who gets in the kingdom constantly about a true home. Glad have you seen good debt and hers is a way zooming. Two. As soon as Sunday. Job. A period and we're on the moon. Yeah. Prayer we're. We're through. But it takes. A the. I must say yeah. And boos. From. The barrier. There. Brandon Fahey. Aren't you. June. One. U. Years. And earlier the moon. Appeared. Mama mama can't see it. You got just. Woods yeah hold hands and home. Saying. Thank you so ladies that's been and that had to go in there at the end and Matthew Perry. The wine and who it's from. Its reach the next. Really soon. Emotional other. Of course reckoned of his business and we were as a joke. And none of the speech on the talk kind of joking. The first it's on and off just as the first half of its own thoughts to pot yeah. And we just you know messing around and all that and then it ended up putting in the second half and turning into more serious moment it's that is just you know. Want to get permanent permanent back. There isn't real Ramon. In her. Yeah Atlantic river academy had a response for remote to stop them. OK I went within hours cities in the world. Where the moment shop and zone me he could. There are. Amazon yeah. But did. We did a question about the songs you guys right now together because. You're three young good looking due to rate the people's money here loans on its front unions want. I mean key is that what you're pulling from here's a personal experiences what's feeding these. Yes. There's all kinds of ways we do it AM. Sometimes I take a lot from poetry. So a lot of the lyric lyrical contents on this record and on what we do as the tide stems from. Poems are and things about different things whether it be love and romance or whether the about environmental news in morning. What have a waiting for the time the financing plan is for stem from home about sea level horizon. Ocean. The United Nations ocean advocates. China to. And in. Cooperate those you know those messages throughout the sounds like it says low key it's a very big deal out I'm very thankful to be a distance it all right where. Make sure you know I'm talking about yeah those kinds of things. But otherwise Rios kind of gets you engine and it comes together as you know the production. Marie Ferraro have a something. You know brief further 300. Yeah. So how I need mentioned each you can bring your own style your musical interest and just but those last two songs that they're very different to each other and the other songs on the EPA and listen to their different too. So what are you listening to you look what did you grow up listening to nobody listened to now. But it playlist. That's that's a banner relate it to individuals you'll listen the thing is really since his very different than anything and highly sensitive. Law. Among news producer and like I turley since everything you know slowly come on try to X refresher at him but also in this it's a laudable music. All my own if I had to like shoes in I froze. So where does your son doesn't run that we always have to each other that question him you're trying to. What John Harwood Craig in I just felt releasing it. I would pick. Like old soul you know league test solely at the you know Parikh. Like like 40s30s. Like soul and a yes why because that's that's what feels mean the moss yeah. What about you the. Mind might become. A growth potential of Iran. And route that's a problem too like who ridiculously I. I'm my favorite bed good note was Metallica no way it really. That basis Clinton brand is like a huge influence on me. And just like the way I play else. Children had such a group ahead. Griffith did not sign. By. They're wrapped in who it is enjoys the south of Brooklyn in June whom. Ruth. The refugees will the ground right now. Who once that the album Rowan artist. That can carry it is it to a bar is. Bonus that he with a listen keg yeah. Actually I grew up on that was presently and Johnny Cash. All focused on the scientists are learning and play it into. In his in. And and Elvis kind of was was the the ideals and the most. The most kind of iconic in. Kind of entertainment and idolize and I still idolize. This doesn't employ so. Locally it's that in and also. More classic you know jazz vocalist but I'm. As stars and music in particular from acoustic stuff you know Jack Johnson on Franken writer a as bands as a ban I think we've we take a look from. Sixties. Kind of style style music a lot of the sixties except music psychedelic music the doors the doors into bands like the police. The culture music are some people call sir. Yeah yeah. Yeah. That yeah you know yeah. So you have to take a lot we take on can handle together in a moment. And trash yes okay it is in for their stranded on that. One food. What you. Makes it makes it goes and cut that's out of yeah yeah. It virtually in. We're the. It feels right regularly. Brotherhood and I'm up and I take my income mangoes pineapples and coconuts in the you at least ask you about it yeah. Anyone agreeing to the public through coffee and I'll. Yeah poppycock and I think I witnessed it and as one person. You. And okay did you. Isn't. My Brothers. Here's my veteran. And youth. It's just my brother you know seriously. Yet salute the tree. He's older on the youngest in the family at apartment. To my sister and my brother sort. That's what I tasteful thinly yeah okay you're covered remote. Megan Fox. Influence on it floats. Choose what drugs are winners answers my next batch. Everything. Needed for Iraq they. We can expect another song called it off. No hugs misery. They above estimate on. How partisan and and I'm. The other book. Heads it's about doing a movies in an. Our lives are made you guys right here without pay making Nubian Melancon and it's full form. Defense phones. And no way out are you guys touring enables the we we are going to be stunned to in the the but these are on the states in going to Austria and and places where. People armistice wherever which is everywhere and people who wants to check out we've won now yes Spotify Cody Simpson and the time dance. Everywhere in the US all all or digital book to be spot on yes. That congress into passing goes coming in the Nia what the not yet. Literally whether calling out my. Let remark all the back medical. We actually have a Christmas we have ways to singles of the we have why would cover of white Christmas yet coming out. In a couple of weeks that's different you are you re mixing for you on this kind of acoustic its wood island all alive we do all my house. And the Clinton it and them. 24 about a couple weeks. We single out rule area tour here. It. Isn't it. Usually llamas on the island lot what are here some school tell me why tell. That I think. It. Yeah a. Sound blasts him England. Viewing live and it's doing. Tsunami some. You me that includes doing could. Crap load the young man was radically. Properly healed and was just past. Sound. You mean if it's doing. Sent me. To me Latin these that it probably should read it believes. Indeed Brad. Your. It's yet it suggests. Indecent valuation last we radio station I'm may game. Those. Since she made its attitudes. In its history its use. And sound sound. You mean it's. Some is. You'll. Even. Virginia grabbed the young man was apparently on. Do you own. This time. Ukraine it and let's do not death. Do natural. Now with the masks and and the gas man it's acts and he's put taxes on sex and while it's now would do well yeah. This dramatic static this had exited noting had it. He seemed Z plastic you know a lot of days. You wouldn't. Plus that both Hewlett got to be. That's good that adds that's been advanced to get what you know that's you know best how your being you sound in black so anyway. You it is him it's due. Sounding it's new. You Annapolis and who the young man was we'll. Happily old man his past. It's coming selling flat. You way it's. Osama five's. Q yeah in the yeah yeah. Certainly that's not. You'll win happened don't do not. Losing abdomen relatively young is not a daily home the crowd -- he felt it was just glad he's. Tell me that surrounded by. And you Baylor. Then lets you do not. You brave.

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